Out Of Control Sting Operations Are Killing Off People For Sport! Civilians Recruited Into It By Authority’s!

My wife Joan Wagar and her buddy’s in law enforcement coached our daughters to make false pedophile accusations about me after they murdered my father Don Wagar and they poisoned my mother Valerie Quigley and the police covered up my mother’s 911 call!

Our daughter admitted in writing after the fact her charges were false!


Officer Eric Carlson starts calling my wife Joan Wagar by the nickname Mrs Dash in love letters he writes her AFTER she poisoned me with antifreeze, I was a active plasma donor at the time!


Joan Wagar admits she is a poisoner of a plasma donor in her diary and she also admits to her affair with a cop and admits I cannot get help from police and I cannot get a toxicology test at the hospital!


After my wife bragged she is a poisoner in her diary and she battered me and her buddy’s in law enforcement assaulted me and covered up my 911 call Joan Wagar writes her infamous denial letter where she denies being a poisoner!
Everything in her denial letter is a lie, the three men she names off as coworkers are actually the cops she and her daughters were sleeping around with, and at the time Joan Wagar wrote this denial letter one of her daughters was pregnant by one of those officer’s at the time of writing this denial letter!


My wife brags she is a poisoner and admits she uses antifreeze as poison!
I was bedridden at the time my wife wrote this, she tossed it at me like a Frisbee knowing I was so badly poisoned that I could not even read it at the time let alone get out of bed to find help!


The hospital admits I had abominable pain and internal bleeding but fakes not knowing what’s wrong!



OHSU hospital and police threatening me and covering up all my calls for help, even my 911 calls!
Sgt Walker of the Portland police admits to covering up my 911 calls and calls for help and is admitting I am not welcome at my hospital.
Sgt Walker is pretending nothing is wrong with me and is covering up the fact I was poisoned and is ignoring the fact my wife already confessed she is a poisoner and Sgt Walker is ignoring the abominable pain and severe internal bleeding I suffered!



Police made sure I could not get help from any other hospital as well and no one will take a toxicology test!



Officer Eric Carlson’s Death Threat He Put On Our Computer!


Officer Eric Carlson And Joan Wagar Caught On Video Trying To Kill Me They Are Armed With Guns And Recording Devices And Their Caught Hiding In Ambush By My Front Door at 5:45 am and they are armed with guns and recording devices and flashlights and are using hand signals!

Officer Eric Carlson and her lover my ex-wife Joan Wagar, now Joan Carlson were waiting in ambush on stairs next to my doorway!
They would have shot me if I had not noticed people were diving behind that van and trailer across the street!

Officer Eric Carlson stepped into sight after he realized I am not coming out while my wife continued to hide to shoot me if I did step outside, and after officer Eric Carlson got out of sight and in a shooting position my wife stepped away from the stairs and at first walked wanting me to recognize her and then she bolted into a run!

Joan Carlson had a gun hidden inside her shirt in her left hand and she is recording with her cellphone in her right hand!

The tall dude in the baseball hat is officer Eric Carlson’s partner Shannon and he is in law enforcement a well and he is not even hiding his face nor is he hiding the fact he wants me dead!

None of the people in this video live there they were waiting for me to step outside to shoot me!


Eric Carlson’s Buddy’s Caught Pedofying Me Outside My Home!
These people were being paid by Portland police to pedofy me outside my apartment!


Officer Eric Carlson and his partner Shannon brought over a couple of their girlfriends that have children and they were coaching those children to hand around the front of my apartment and officer Eric Carlson and Shannon and the females with them were coaching the children to call me a pedophile in front of my apartment!

They are staging street theater tactics and staging crimes in front of my apartment and officer Eric Carlson is once again acting as a body double he was dressed up like me that day, and he was outside telling those children to look at his dick and such!

The children were being coached by those officer’s and by the females with those officer’s to slap my window screen and to repeatedly harass me by ringing my doorbell!

The children admitted in-between being directed by those officer’s that they were being paid ten thousand dollars to make me look like a bad guy and that I was going to be shot if I went outside to confront them!


No one will take a complaint from me, all my calls for help are covered up and suppressed by police/local authority’s, and doctors refused me emergency services because of my wife Joan Wagar’s affair with a cop!

I am not their only victim on average one family member per-year died during my wife Joan Wagar’s use of pills and antifreeze as poison, and three plasma donors lived under Joan Wagar’s roof when she tossed her written confession to using antifreeze as poison at me while I was bedridden!

Terry Wagar

Sgt Walker Threatens Me In Writting With Arrest And Is Covering Up My Calls For Help!

Sgt Walker Threatens Me In Writting With Arrest And Is Covering Up My Calls For Help!

I am a victim of a murder conspiracy, my wife was having an affair with a cop that was a close look-a-like of me, and when I caught my wife hooking her daughters up with that look-a-like I tried tyo warn people about it, and my wife poisoned me with antifreeze in my coffee!

For the next couple years I have been gang-stalked by my wife’s lover and by his buddy’s in law enforcement and I have been repeatedly poisoned by my wife and her lover in the Portland police department and the police repeatedly interfered with me getting any help from 911 or from a hospital!

To be poisoned is much like being shot with a gun, there is bleeding and organ damage, but the wounds are internal not external, but because poisoning does damage on the inside it is very easy for cops to ignore and complaint about being poisoned and police in Portland cover up poisonings by pretending the victim is mentally ill.

At the hospital the police repeatedly interfered with me getting medical treatment, at one point my doctor realized I was poisoned and he ordered a toxicology test to be taken.

But five minutes later police officer’s were in the hallway outside my e,r, room and they were labeling me to my doctor as a bad guy, repeatedly, until my doctor got the hint to walk off and to not take a toxicology test.

In 2006 my wife Joan Wagar confessed in her diary she is a poisoner and she admitted to my face she is a poisoner, I called 911, and while I was talking to the 911 operator my wife attacked me and tried to knock me down the stairs, I calmed her down by talking to her until police arrived, and when the police arrived they started treating me like a criminal and were assaulting me and threatening me, and my wife was smirking during this.

No first responder took my info no one asked me if I needed help and I was left there completely denied emergency services and the first responders left without taking any info from me at all about my 911 call.

In 2007 my wife poisoned me again and I went to the hospital, and I had severe internal bleeding, and the hospital admitted to that on there paperwork, but the hospital once again refused to take a toxicology test and only took an MRI and then the doctor started acting like he did not know what’s wrong.

I was never even given an examination by a doctor, I was just given liquid to drink and then had an MRI taken, at no time was my vitals taken and no examination took place, I was lat out denied any help because of their cover up of me being poisoned.

In 2008 I was desperately trying to find help, I was badly poisoned and debilitated and knew 911 will not get me help and in 2008 I did not have use of a phone, so I did the next best thing I could, I sent emails to police and state police and to FBI and to INTERPOL and to local hospitals and any other place I thought at the time might help me.

I sent copy’s of my wife’s signed confessions that she is a poisoner and I sent copy’s of my wife’s lover’s love letter to show that my wife was having an affair with a cop, I was asking my hospital for help, I even left phone messages with my hospital telling them that police will not help me when I contact 911.

This document is a Portland police officer’s response to my calls for help, a Sgt Walker of the Portland police and a representative of my hospital is admitting in writting that they are covering up all my calls for help and my 911 calls for help and my emergency visits to the hospital by pretending that any contact that I make with them is “Electronic Harassment” and they are pretending to know nothing about me being poisoned and they are covering up my wife’s signed confessions that she is a poisoner and they are acting like they know nothing about the severe internal bleeding and severe pain I was in!

In WRITING they are admitting to covering up ALL MY CALLS FOR HELP AND EMERGENCY VISITS TO THE HOSPITAL by pretending all contact with them is “Electronic Harassment” since when is calling 911 or going to a hospital or reporting a poisoner amounts to “Electronic Harassment”!?

Sgt Walker is guilty of denial of emergency services and is an accomplice to my wife Joan Wagar and her lover officer Eric Carlson’s crimes and Sgt Walker is covering up all my calls for help and is covering up my wife’s signed confessions that she uses antifreeze as poison!

A lot of deaths occurred in our family while the Portland police covers up ALL MY CALLS FOR HELP!

Sgt Walker does not want me as a witness she just wants me dead, and because of this ALL hospitals in my area are refusing to help me.

A family member that was living with my wife at the time of this document died around this time.