Doubleclick And Mrs Dash The Walmart Serial Killers Use Those Nicknames!



I was battered by the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s when my wife Joan Wagar was having an affair with Portland police officer Eric Carlson and I was denied emergency services and no ambulance was called for me even though I had a broken rib and a messed up knee and my wife Joan Wagar took me to her mothers apartment thus I got no medical attention!

My wife Joan Wagar and our daughters were meeting secretly with police and county sheriff’s for the next week and were being wined and dined by them while I was debilitated and unable to leave my mother-in-laws apartment, and my wife and everyone on my wife’s side of the family gave the police signed waivers saying police did nothing wrong!

So I was battered by my wife’s f-buddy’s in law enforcement and debilitated with broken rib and denied emergency services while my wife and her side of the family palled around with officer’s and my wife and her side of the family behind my back gave the police signed waivers to protect police!

After I lest my mother-in-laws apartment I was being gang-stalked by the county sheriff officer that was responsible for me being battered and by officer Eric Carlson and my wife was with them as they gang-stalked me!

After I discovered my wife was hooking our daughters up with these officer’s I tried to warn people about it and my wife poisoned me with antifreeze in my coffee, and once again I was severely debilitated and surrounded by my wife and daughters and they pretended nothings wrong to cover it up!

Everyone at the time at East Port Walmart knew of my wife Joan Wagar’s affair with officer Eric Carlson and knew my wife was hooking our daughters up with officer Eric Carlson and knew officer Eric Carlson dyed his hair blond so that he could act as a double to frame me, everyone at Walmart was calling officer Eric Carlson by the nickname Doubleclick because they knew police was using him as a double, and after my wife Joan Wagar poisoned me everyone at East Port Walmart was calling my wife by the nickname Mrs Dash!

Both officer Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar adopted those nicknames and used those nicknames Doubleclick and Mrs Dash in love letters and in their cellphones contact lists!


Almost everything in Joan Wagar’s denial letter is a provable lie, she admits to her affair with officer Eric Carlson, but she lies about when her affair with him started and she lies about officer Eric Carlson’s appearance, and she lies about his true employment with the Portland police!

Joan Wagar refers to three men that I accused her of sleeping around with, she admits all three of those men are connected together, she says one of their names is David, what a coincidence that one of our daughters happens to be pregnant by one of those men named David, so Joan Wagar is trying to hide and conceal the fact that she and her daughters were sexually active with these men, what a coincidence they are cops!

Since Joan Wagar is lying about virtually everything in her denial letter she might as well have just confessed to their murder conspiracy as well as to heir motive for murder!


I was so badly poisoned at the time Joan Wagar wrote this that I never read it that year, I was bedridden when Joan Wagar burst into my room and she scribbled this note out in front of me and she tossed it at me like it was a Frisbee and said “Go ahead! use that against me!” with a mean-grinning smirk on her face and then she left the room!

I was so debilitated and so badly poisoned by her that I could not even read it, my vision was that bad from being poisoned!


The Portland police and the OHSU hospital are threatening me and admitting I am not welcome to help from my hospital and that the police and the hospital admits in writing to covering up all my calls for help!

My 911 calls were covered up by police and by hospital and they admit I am not welcome to any form of help, they are also covering up Joan Wagar’s written confessions to using pills and antifreeze as poison!

The body double Doubleclick A,K,A, officer Eric Carlson and the poisoner Mrs Dash A,K,A, Joan Wagar were having an affair and they had a plan of murder and they brag to Joan Wagar’s coworkers at Walmart and it was Walmart employees and managers that coined their nicknames of which officer Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar adopted!