How Do You Know You Live In A Fascist Contry When Fascist Country’s Lie To You?

How do you know if your country is a Fascist country or not? do you rely on your schools and news stations and news papers to tell you what your country is? Do you think your schools and news stations and news papers will be honest with you if your country was Fascist or do you think they would lie to you and try to hide the Fascism from you with propaganda?

How do you think Fascist country’s gain power over it’s citizens and how do you think Fascist country’s portray themselves to their citizens? Do you think a Fascist country would try to portray itself as the “Good Guys” compared to other country’s in order to gain allegiance with it’s citizenry?

Do you think a Fascist country portrays itself as the “Good Guys” in order to justify wars to keep the citizens loyal to the government? Do you think a Fascist country will lie to it’s citizens about other country’s in order to justify going to war in order to appear to the citizens as justified?

Do you think that a Fascist government will take control over news papers and news stations in order to control what citizens know and do not know? Do you think if that happened that news reporters would tell you about it or would they join in on the Fascism and only report what government WANTS them to report?

Do you think Fascist country’s control schools in order to indoctrinate people into accepting government power and control so that when those children grow up they are already steadfastly loyal to their government even though the government did nothing to earn such loyalty?

Do you think that professional people such as doctors and attorney’s and most other high paying jobs benefit the most from Fascism and thus protect government protect and lie for the government in order to maintain their power and to maintain their positions in power?

If you discovered your country was Fascist and tried to tell people about it do you think people with high paying jobs will care? at all?

Do you think people that live in Fascist country’s get fair trials when accused of crimes or do you think a Fascist system by design will just railroad innocent people into prison while the propaganda TV portrays the system as just in order to conceal the injustices from the masses of people?

Do you think in a Fascist country you could get a police officer arrested if you backed up charges on the officer or do you think your charges will be ignored and not acted upon by authority’s?

Do you think in a Fascist country that a defense attorney paid for by the government will do everything in their power to defend you justly in a criminal court of law? or do you think a defense attorney will just put on a weak show of defending you just for appearances sake before the government railroads you into prison?

Do you know how your system works based off of first hand experiences or do you rely on TV and movies to tell you how courts and police and law makers operate?

Do you think that Fascist country’s murder off it’s citizens do you really think it will admit to it? or do you think government will hide such organized murders by keeping the murders separate from one another so as not to alarm the public as to how organized their Fascist government is?

If Fascist governments round up people and put them into camps and then kill them off is that not organized murder done in a hurry? if Fascist governments did not round up people into camps and instead just systematically killed off those people one at a time in different locations then would that not be organized murder done discretely so as to hide it from the m,asses?

In either scenario would it not be officer’s that carry out such orders? Do you think in a Fascist country government would take your complaints if you had evidence of such crimes? or do you think officer’s would just cover up such evidence and then have their buddy’s at the hospital whip up paperwork on you labeling you as mentally ill to discredit you as a witness?

In a Fascist country do you think your government would suppress most complaints by labeling the person complaining as mentally ill in order to discredit the person as a witness? is it common for Fascist people to label people that complain as mentally ill?

Do you think Fascist country’s have a lot of supporters that benefit from Fascism and will attack and label anyone that opposes them and or complains about them?

Do you think it is common in Fascist country’s for groups of people to gang up on someone that complains and such groups attack the character of the person in order to defame and to discredit the person? do you think such activity’s are organized gang-stalking?

Do you think Fascist country’s allow and encourage such gang-stalkers to target/silence people with complaints and that news reporters are mums the word on such organized crime?

Do you think Fascist country’s always needs a “Bad Guy” to go after in order to justify all it’s wars and deaths and to make the Fascist country appear to it’s citizens as the “Good Guys” in order to keep the favor of the citizens?

Do you think Fascist governments practice terrorism under the pretense of war games? Do you think Fascist country’s engage in terrorism and conceal their involvement in such crimes by labeling their activity’s as “Covert Operations” in order to hide from it’s citizenry the corruptness of their country?

If you think your country is not Fascist then why does your government conduct “Covert Operations” and why does it hide the details of such activity’s from it’s citizens?

Are you easily fooled by government propaganda and believe anything your government and anything your news reporters tell you?

Do you really believe that Princess Dianna was killed by paparazzi chasing after her? Do you really believe that the Princess of Wales had no security at all to protect her out on the streets? are you that ignorant?

Do you honestly believe that there were NO SECURITY CAMERAS within that tunnel Princess Dianna died in and that her death was not caught on film by city CCTV or whatever name the city security goes by?

In this modern world we live in where cameras are everywhere you honestly believe that Princess Dianna died in a tunnel with NO SECURITY GUARDS protecting her and that none of the streets in that town are on video surveillance? you honestly believe whatever a lying Fascist news reporter will tell you even though it goes completely beyond common sense?

Does Fascist governments even care if their lies are blatant? Do Fascist country’s lie blatantly knowing the majority of people are so distracted with work and life issues and entertainments to really care that their government lied to them?

Do you think a Fascist country would care that one man is pointing this out to people on the internet? or would a Fascist country not even notice because there is so much on the internet that not many people would even bother reading this let alone care about the point I am trying to get across to people?

Do you think a Fascist country would hide and conceal it’s Fascism by constant distractions to keep the masses opinions on other things so as to keep most peoples awareness to a minimum?

Do you think a Fascist country would portray itself as a free country and constantly pressure people at the same time to be loyal to it?