Steps You Can Take To Help You Survive A Corrupt Sting Operation!

Sting operatives are corrupt and organized and are used to getting away with framing people and commonly recruit civilians into sting operations in order to frame people and teach the civilians they recruit how to lie and how to plant evidence and how to perform for video surveillance in order to make their victims appear as bad guys!

Everything sting operatives do is staged and faked just like any other sting operation and they put on performances for video surveillance in order to make their targets/victim appear guilty on video by the shear performance of the sting operatives!

Sting operatives surround their target and stage and fake crimes and try to make their target appear guilty by the fact that the target is nearby while the sting operatives fake crimes!

Sting operatives are notorious womanizers and enjoy recruiting their targets wives into the sting and usually gain the women onto their side by instigating an affair with the women by one or more of the sting operatives!

Sting operatives take their time framing their target taking around several months but are also known to target certain people for years, and sting operatives use that time to stage multiple crimes in order to create/fabricate a case against the target and to build a false history of complaints on their target!

Police usually have their civilian operatives to back up those complaints, and cops and news media is notorious for keeping such people anonymous in order to conceal from the general public the complainants connections with law enforcement!

NO ONE takes complaints on sting operatives or on sting operations and 911 first responders will never take a complaint on stings, if you discover you are being targeted by organized people with an agenda to frame you do not expect 911 first responders to take your complaint and expect news media to ignore your complaint entirely!

Sting operations are nothing more than organized criminals working together to commit/stage crimes in order to frame innocent people by association and it’s dirty practices by police, they are literally committing crimes and then giving blame to their targets!

Sting operations have a lot to hide and for good reason, their guilty of criminal conspiracy and they know it therefore they try to hide the details of their operations, which is why news media is so vague in the details of police admitted sting operations!

If you suspect you are a target of sting operations then your best defense is a good offense, you should immediately warn people you may be the target of a corrupt sting operation and warn people those operatives may be turning people against you behind your back with slanderous lies!

It’s kind of hard for police to frame you for a crime when you already warned people your being framed by a corrupt bunch of criminals in law enforcement!

People you should warn, friends and relatives and coworkers and neighbors, do not waste your time warning your landlord or apartment manager because I can assure you ALL LANDLORDS AND APARTMENT MANAGERS lie for police and assist police in any police operation regardless of whether you did something wrong or not, so warning your landlord/apartment manager is the same as warning your enemy you know about them!

Further steps to protect yourself from corrupt sting operations is to publicize the fact you are being targeted, report it over the internet on blogs, if you get admissible evidence that you are being stalked by sting operatives them publicize it on the internet, keep copy’s of any and all evidence you acquire, never surrender evidence to police unless you already have back ups/copy’s of it first and have such copy’s hidden and tell no one3 where it is!

If you are targeted by police and or civilian operatives and you acquire evidence on it if you surrender it to police it is the same thing as tossing it into a black hole, police ALWAYS cover for sting operatives and make evidence disappear just like that, and have no qualms what-so-ever in looking you in the face and smirk and say “What evidence? you never gave us evidence!” so take precautions with evidence!

If you get charged by a sting operation then expect your attorney to be secretly pro-police and will provide you the weakest defense possible to make it easy for police and prosecutors and news media to vilify you and to railroad you into prison, which is why the best defense is to warn people BEFORE it gets to this point, because once police have you incarcerated it’s near impossible to warn anyone, and police and news media will vilify you all over TV news and all over the internet!

If you are innocent and have reason to believe you are being framed and have reason to believe your being railroaded in court while news media and local police vilify you, and no one cares your saying your innocent, then you may need to take drastic steps to draw attention to the fact you are being framed and railroaded!

Maybe kicking the cops buddy the judge in the nuts in open trial may draw attention to the fact your being framed!

Terry Wagar

OJ Simpson Is Innocent Of Double Murders And Was Framed By Sting Operation!

OJ Simpson is innocent of double murders charges and was framed and set up by a sting operation run by local police, and many civilians were recruited into the sting operation including Nicole Simpson herself!

That’s a strong statement made from a man that is not a first-hand witness to OJ Simpson or witness to anyone else involved in that sting operation, but I AM a WITNESS as to how police do sting operations and can recognized based on my own experiences the signs of a sting operation, not to mention what police did to OJ Simpson ALMOST mirrors what my local police and county sheriff’s did to me.

If I was able to research the OJ Simpson case more thoroughly I could probably prove it was a sting operation, but since I proved I was a victim of a corrupt sting operation and nobody cares then that;’s enough for me to know proving it wont change anything.

I do know for a fact that OJ Simpson is a victim of a sting operation organized by police and as usual police recruited civilians into it, just like they always do.

I will not bother with looking up dates or departments and getting into the nitty-gritty of it all, I will spare the readers by simply getting to the point and let everyone else decide for themselves!

Nicole Simpson was recruited into having an affair with a sting operative named Ronald Goldman, and it was him and his buddy’s in law enforcement that made the decision to set up and frame OJ Simpson, and Nicole Simpson and everyone on her side of the family were recruited into it!

Police sting operations tend to be generic meaning police tend to use the same tactics over and over and over again, which is the biggest factor that gives this whole situation away AS a sting operation, and because they tend to use the same tactics over and over again they tend to do things in a half-assed manner, in other words THEY SCREW UP!

After Nicole Simpson was recruited into an affair with a sting operative and turned against her husband OJ Simpson, they hatched their plan to frame OJ Simpson for double murders, and the first thing they did was to tell Nicole Simpson to get one of their operatives onto OJ Simpson’s property, and that sting operative is none other than Kato Kaelin.

After they planted civilian operatives on OJ Simpson’s property Nicole Simpson was coached to cause marital problems, in other words to pick fights with OJ Simpson, BEFORE she leaves¬† him.

After Nicole Simpson leaves OJ Simpson she moves into a condo police pre-selected as perfect for their set up, because the condo had tons of tall bushes and trees surrounding the property, and police intended on staging crimes using a double of OJ Simpson!

While Nicole Simpson was living-staying at that condo she was in regular contact WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT along with contact with Ronald Goldman who happens to be a sting operative, and it is during her time living at that condo Nicole Simpson AND police staged crimes using a double around the condo and Nicole Simpson staged 911 calls to police giving blame to her husband OJ Simpson!

Police did NOT arrest OJ Simpson at that time BECAUSE police were framing OJ Simpson for up-coming murders, they were building their “case” against OJ Simpson knowing they were going to set OJ Simpson up for double murders, so this was the building phase of the sting operation where crimes were staged and complaints were staged, all directed by authority’s!

When it came time for police to frame OJ Simpson for double murders they just brought in a makeup artist that slepped some makeup on Nicole Simpson and her sting lover Ronald Goldman and they laid down on the ground while dertectives took PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S of their body’s on the ground!

After which Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman were given new identity’s and given residence in another country under new aliases while police fake going after OJ Simpson for the double murders that NEVER HAPPENED!

Sting operations tend to recruit as many people as they can against their targets, they recruit targets wives, they even recruit targets best friends, and it was OJ Simpson’s best friend driving the WHITE BRONCO that was directed by police tell to OJ Simpson lies and to get OJ Simpson to fear for his life and it was this best friend Al Cowlings that was driving the white Brono putting on this BIG SHOW for police to further the propaganda campaign that was launched against OJ Simpson!

Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman are still alive somewhere in this world living off tax payers dollars and are under cover using aliases given to them by authority’s and laughing their asses off at the misfortune of OJ Simpson, and it was the coordinated deeds of many people that set the stage for OJ Simpson to be framed!

Because of the complete and total corruption of our government and because of the shear numbers of people that lie for cops, there literally is no one a person can turn to for help, no complaints about sting operations are allowed, no one recognizes corrupt sting operations and corrupt organized police and no one cares if police recruit civilians into sting operations!

A whole bunch of people planned this out, OJ Simpson is the target of it all, too many people joined into it, and when someone with enough balls has the presence of mind to call them out on it they just get ignored, why? because the whole system is corrupt, no one really cares, it’s all a game to police anyway they love doing this shit to people, for sting operatives framing people is a sport, and they enjoy the hell out of it!

I can recognize the signs of the OJ Simpson case being a very large and blatant sting operation with many civilians recruited into it, but that is not proof, what is proof? lets just put it this way, VITAL INFORMATION means a lot, and quite often leads to proof!

By the way did you know when Nicole Simpson lived at the condo SHE was in regular contact with law enforcement? Did you know that police at that time were palling around with a OJ Simpson look-a-like during the times Nicole Simpson made 911 calls? Hmmmm,,,,,,,Hmmm,,,,,,,,,HHHMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Police Sting Operations Used Doubles To Frame OJ Simpson And News Media Tries To Hide It From Public!

This bastard Kato Kaelin is a civilian sting operative and was planted on OJ Simpson’s property BY OJ Simpson’s wife Nicole Simpson BEFORE she left OJ Simpson to stage phoney 911 calls FOR the police to frame OJ Simpson!

Sting operations are always planned out by police and police set 5heir sting operation in motion when they had Nicole Simpson allow a civilian sting operative to live on OJ Simpson’s property BEFORE she moved out, typical of a sting operation, then police and Nicole Simpson STAGED several phoney 911 calls to make OJ Simpson appear angry and violent, then police and Nicole Simpson and her boyfriend at the advise and guidance of police, staged their deaths, and police gave them new identity’s to live elsewhere while police pin the staged/faked crimes on OJ Simpson!

This Kato bastard is a civilian sting operative PAID by police to fake being a wannabe movie star as a cover JUST SO police can have people on OJ Simpson’s property JUST SO he can testify against OJ Simpson!

That is typical of a corrupt police sting operation!

Corrupt prosecutors of the famous OJ Simpson trial being a Fascist dick blaming evidence tampering on the dead defense attorney long after the defense attorney is dead and unable to defend himself!

Somebody punch this prick, this fucking asshole helps police frame OJ Simpson using planted gloves with blood on them put their BY police, and whines like a fucking baby 17 years after it is proved in open criminal court that the gloves WERE NOT OJ SIMPSON’S and thus were planted there by police/civilian sting operatives WITH motive! *HINT HINT HINT!) and the corrupt police own crime labs BACKED UP those PLANTED GLOVES as used in the murders!

So you Fascist police AND Fascist prosecutors are already busted and exposed in open criminal court as corrupt liars and framers!

OH by the way when police use specialized sting operations to target/frame innocent people they always tend to use the same tactics over and over again, and just like they did to me, they were using a double to frame OJ Simpson, and news media is closed mouthed about that as wel!

You can go here to learn a little bit about it!,0,922015.story#axzz2vagXXtxJ

Wherever there are corrupt sting operations then you can bet they are planting civilian sting operatives near their target AND are actively using look-a-likes as doubles and dress up like their target! TYPICAL STING OPERATION!

Terry Wagar

Portland Police And Multnomah County Sheriff’s Pay Females Ten Thousand Dollars To Falsely Accuse Innocent People As Pedophiles!

The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s use body doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame innocent people as pedophiles and they pay females TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to back up false pedophile charges on the police/sheriff’s innocent target!

Police and sheriff’s call this pedofying and they bragged to their girlfriends at Clackamas Walmart that they kill off people by pedofying people, and they usually print out flyers after they build a false case using doubles and getting/recruiting people to lie for them!

Police/sheriff’s usually surround their target/victims apartment by taking over the surrounding apartments in order to control the surrounding area and then they stage crimes using doubles, and police/sheriff’s have no qualms using doubles and paying civilians to back up false charges on their target!

Pedofying is a common form of murder police/sheriff’s use to get away with murder, vilifying their target as a pedophile causes their target to be cut off from help and support, and no defense attorney will ever admit in criminal court police/sheriff’s frame people so it is impossible for framed innocent people to get a fair trial!

The system is so corrupt that everyone involved in courts will not admit or acknowledge that police/sheriff’s use doubles and pay people to lie for them, so almost everyone falsely charged gets railroaded into prison by our Fascist American justice system!

Everyone knows police/sheriff’s have their very own slang terms and many are in dictionary’s, but some slang terms they use are not officially recognized even though police/sheriff’s commonly use them, and the terms pedofy, pedofying, and pedofied are among their common slang terms they use!

They do not want to admit to those terms, but that don’t stop them from pedofying people using flyers and TV news stations and news websites and they even rely on schools to help them pedofy people!

How Many People Are Behind Prison Walls Because Police Used Photogenic Photo’s To Frame Them?

How many people are behind prison walls because police framed them using photogenic photo’s? because I have detective Brian Assmus and officer Eric Carlson and officer John Ray along with several other people admitting they committed a murder and that they got it on photogenic photo’s and that they used a body double to frame me for the crime!

How many people behind prison walls can get a retrial because police are now caught on a audio recorder admitting to killing someone and framing someone for it using photo doubles and photogenic?

Do you people have friends or relatives that are behind prison walls because police got them convicted on photogenic evidence?

Do you realize how common it is for police to use photo doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame/convict innocent people?

How Police Do Drug Busts And Prositution Stings And How They Frame People As Pedophiles!

This is how police frame people and gang-stalk people and harass people and even murder people!

Everything police do they do under the pretense of conducting an investigation! and that is the impression they give other observers to their activity’s! of course the victims of police do not see it that way at all and for good reason!

Under the pretense of an investigation police set up sting operations and busts all the time, and to observers it appears to be a bust or sting operation when in fact police are gang-stalking people and terrorizing people and framing people, some people even get killed by police!

When police stage a drug bust they take over an entire street, they rent out several apartments on that street and maybe a house or two, and they pay several under cover officer’s to pretend to be drug dealers, and they spend several weeks to several months doing street theater performing for video surveillance cameras in order to frame people over drug solicitation!

Everyone knows police do this, they refer to it as drug busts, and even news reporters and even TV shows have demonstrated how police do this, what they DO NOT tell you is how many accomplices police have in order to frame people for drugs!

Police do not tell you that apartment managers and landlords are fully involved and cooperating with police, and they don’t tell you how many other civilians are also helping with their set up, and yes a set up much more accurately describes what police are doing than drug bust does since all the under cover officer’s are PERFORMING for video surveillance cameras!

Once police have taken over an entire street for their under cover officer’s to perform for video surveillance cameras they start harassing people on the street, many people that live in the neighborhood get harassed by those under cover officer’s and they will engage innocent citizens on the streets in conversations for the purpose of getting it on video surveillance!

Everything these under cover officer’s do on the streets is performing, and they will approach innocent people on the sidewalks or stop cars on the street to ask them for a light or for a cigarette or will ask for spare change for bus fair!

They do this in order to get a hand-to-hand exchange with you on video surveillance! after they get that on video and on photogenic they can now accuse you of soliciting them for drugs or for sex or both, so being a nice person can get you framed/accused of a crime and police will have video evidence to back up their false accusations!

It is the job of the performer to do anything and everything possible to make the innocent person he/she is talking to on the street appear to be a bad guy for the video surveillance and that’s what they concentrate on!

Does that sound like a drug bust or a set up by law enforcement?

Police usually have in total around thirty people involved in such drug busts and they have every intention of arresting as many people as possible and they do not care if you are innocent or not!

Police also do prostitution stings and they will usually take over a motel for this with of course the owners and managers permission and will bug every motel room with video and audio surveillance cameras and they don’t care at all if it’s legal or not, they never do! and they will have several females mostly female law officer’s, but they are not above paying their girlfriends to act as prostitutes for sting operations!

These females, mostly under cover law officer’s, are trained by our government to act as prostitutes and are trained in the art of entrapment and are at all times performing for police video surveillance cameras!

They will attempt to engage people in conversation for the purpose of video surveillance and will try offering you their services and try to discuss prices with you for the benefit of video surveillance!

Some under cover female officer’s may hang out outside in front of the motel area in order to attract people and draw attention to what’s going on, police cruisers deliberately ignore them because it is a ongoing sting operation and normal police officer’s will not interfere with it!

Many people innocently go to motels especially travelers and have no intention at all in committing crimes, but because police are running a sting operation and you just happen to be in that hotel then you can bet at least one of those under cover female officer’s will try to engage you in conversation!

Because the female officer’s are performing for video surveillance cameras they will try asking you for a light or for a cigarette or for spare change to get a hand-to-hand exchange with you on video surveillance and on photogenic photo’s!

How much you wanna bet that that female under cover officer will have no trouble at all lying under oath and claiming you tried soliciting her for sex?


Around twenty law officer’s are involved in these type of sting operations! and news reporters and even authority’s themselves admit they do these sting operations and pay female officer’s to pretend to be prostitutes!

Police love to pretend and get paid for it while they frame people and destroy people’s lives!

Here is something police nor reporters admit to at all but is far more common than drug busts and prostitution stings, police frame people as pedophiles, and they do it in a similar way that they do drug busts and prostitution stings!

If police are targeting one particular person then police will take over the surrounding area that person lives in, much the same way they do when they do a drug bust, they take over all the apartments surrounding their target in order to control the area, and they will implant one or two under cover officer’s at the targets place of employment!

Police will spend several months spying on their target, learning what types of cloths he/she wears and what routes he/she takes to and from work, where he/she does grocery shopping, who he/she is related to and who he/she is friends with, and yes they bug their targets home with video and audio recording devices and don’t care at all how illegal it is!

Police will have several female officer pretend to be neighbors to the target and they will over several months slowly destroy the targets reputation with false pedophile accusations, and police may also recruit one or two of their girlfriends that have children to take the apartment next to their target and to also make false pedophile accusations!

These under cover officer’s, just like drug busts and sting operations concentrate heavily on performing for video surveillance in order to portray their target as a bad guy!

Police will coach their girlfriend they planted next to their target to coach her children to play in front of the targets apartment and to make false verbal pedophile accusations for the police departments video surveillance cameras!

Woman that agree to do this for police that in turn coach their children to do these things usually gets paid around ten thousand dollars to back up such false accusations!

These type of operations may last for several months to a couple of years depending on the officer’s, if officer’s are not in a hurry to frame the target then they may take a couple years on and off staging crimes for the purpose of giving blame later on to the target!

These type of operations are called and referred to by authority’s as pedofying, so authority’s will spend several months to a couple of years staging crimes and performing for video surveillance cameras and destroying the targets reputation behind his/her back!

When police frame people as pedophiles they rely heavily on video survilence to back up their cases against their target and police are not above using look-a-likes in order to frame someone as a pedophile!

Police will pick someone within the police department that most closely resembles their target and will even die the officer’s hair if necessary in order to frame their target and the look-a-like swill dress up like the target and will follow children around at parks while other officer’s take photogenic photo’s of the look-a-like from the sides and the back!

This is how police frame people a pedophiles!

When the target is out of town or at work then police will enter the targets apartment and not bother with a warrant and will plant child porn inside the targets home and may hide other paraphernalia within the home for when police come back with a warrant!

By the time police are ready to make an official arrest of their target they have already destrtoyed their targets reputation with false accusations (pedofying) and police have spent several months building their case (paying people to perform for video surveillance and photogenic photo’s) and are now ready to formally charge their target with felony crimes (crimes that look-a-like officer’s committed with their girlfriends children) and police and news reporters will pedofy the heck out of that person on TV news and on news websites and many many anonymous people will post blog posts clamoring for the blood of that person and wanting that person dead JUST BECAUSE POLICE SAID HE/SHE WAS A BAD GUY!

OH and yes the apartment managers and landlords are fully aware that police are framing the person/target and take part in helping the police to frame people by allowing police to surround their target/victims apartment and even give police the key to the target/victims apartment so that police can bug it!

One of the biggest secrets police have is that almost all apartment managers and landlords cooperate with police when police frame/entrap people and news reporters are completely mums the word on it because our Fascist system does not w3ant it’s sheeple to wake up to the organized crimes our government commits and they sure don’t want anyone knowing that many people not in law enforcement such as news reporters and apartment managers and landlords help police in framing people!

People that are framed for drug busts or for prostitution stings usually end up taking a deal from the prosecutor in order to avoid trial/jail and plea guilty even though they did nothing wrong just because it is easier than trying to fight authority’s false claims in court!

Many people already know this happens it’s not hiddee4n and people know full well the system is corrupt!

Most people that get framed as a pedophile by authority’s usually end up dead within five years whether there is a trial or not! so pedofying done by authority’s is organized murder and premeditated murder and police frame people as pedophiles knowing it will get their target killed off, and all the false accusations on their target sure as hell turns other people away from the target thus denying the target/victim any form of help/support from other people!

All of these so-called operations done by police are done under the pretense of conducting an investigation! you would be amazed at how many people police can frame and kill under such a pretense! and you would be amazed at how many civilians join in and help police to frame and kill people!