Body Doubles And Poisoners Pedofy And Poison People In Portland Oregon!

My name is Terry Wagar, I was married and raised three daughters, and I became a victim of a very sick and very large murder conspiracy!

My wife Joan Wagar was having an affair with a Portland police officer named Eric Carlson, and they decided to arrange to have their buddy’s in law enforcement to batter me to death!

I was battered by the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s, I had at least one broken rib and a messed up knee from the battery, and I was denied emergency services at the hospital and the police blackmailed me for signed waivers a week after the battery!

I did not give them a signed waiver, so the police and county sheriff’s spent the next month sleeping around with my wife and palling around with her side of the family and they all were pedofying me publicly with false pedophile accusations while I was stuck at home debilitated from the battery and injuries!

Two months after I was battered my wife Joan Wagar was openly cheating on me with officer Eric Carlson and my wife already admitted he was a twin, and when I caught my wife hooking our daughters up with this look-a-like cop and found out that my wife was bringing our daughters to meet up with that officer at the very place I was battered by police I knew I was being framed and tried to warn people about it!

An hour later my wife poisoned my coffee cup with antifreeze and I was severely SEVERELY debilitated from that, and I was surrounded by family members that pretended nothings wrong!

My wife Joan Wagar’s coworkers at East Port Walmart was already calling officer Eric Carlson by the nickname Doubleclick because they knew he was impersonating me and framing me as a pedophile! and after my wife Joan Wagar poisoned me her coworkers started calling my wife by the nickname Mrs Dash!

I know of the nicknames because my wife admitted before she was openly cheating on me that officer Eric Carlson was a twin, and after that Joan Wagar was openly referring to him by his nickname and I overheard her telling one of our daughters that it was her coworkers that coined the nickname!

Two weeks after my wife Joan Wagar seriously poisoned and debilitated me with poison she announced to our daughters within my hearing presence that everyone at Walmart now gave her a nickname and she told them what it was, and our daughters were giving their BLESSINGS over the nickname!

Several family members died during my wife’s affair with cops and police did everything in their power to deny me emergency services and to interfere with me getting any help from any hospital!




Joan Wagar Admits She Is Poisoner Hospital Refuses To Help Victim![]

Poisoning And Pedofying People Is Organized By Local Authority’s And Done Under The Pretense Of “Conducting An Investigation” And Many People Not In Law Enforcement Join In On The Targeting/Murder Of People!

Cops are the biggest bunch of liars and murderers there is and they enjoy battering people and killing people and framing people, and the whole system is so corrupt that if you get battered by police no first responder will help the person battered and no hospital will treat the persons injury’s and this is how must police battery’s end up being covered up!

Police love to womanize with other people’s wives and they give those women permission to poison their husbands to death for life insurance money’s and police make sure the victim cannot get help at any hospital by coercing the doctor into NOT helping the patient and by NOT taking a toxicology test!

If you get poisoned and the doctor refuses to take a toxicology test and only orders an x ray and then pretends to not know what’s wrong with you then you can bet the police are having chats with your doctors out in the E,R, hallway coercing the doctor into NOT helping you and interfering with you getting help!

Whiles the wives debilitate their husbands with poison their lovers in law enforcement will pedofy the debilitated victim with false pedophile accusations and will destroy the victims reputation publicly to isolate the victim from help/sympathy from neighbors and friends and other relatives, and this mostly occurs while the victim is debilitated from being poisoned and is unaware that these rumors/allegations are even happening against him!

Murdering people and framing people more often than not is sport to police and their bros and their girlfriends, and under the pretense of “Conducting An Investigation” several officer’s and their bros and their girlfriends will stage crimes near their target/victims home using photo doubles and photogenic photo’s in order to maker their target/victim appear to be a pedophile!

So while the poisoned/debilitated victim is bedridden police will stage crimes over a several month period using look-a-likes and take side shots and back shots of look-a-likes dressed like the victim/target following children in the neighborhood!

Police have done this to people for many many many decades and they have it down to an art and they have many bros/girlfriends that help them do this to people and are willing to lie for cops in order to set people up, people that do this for police but are not police themselves usually get paid TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS by police to set people up as pedophiles, and they have a name for this type of framing they call it pedofying and or pedofied!

Innocent people police pedofy usually end up dead within five years after they are first pedofied, and the pedofying of the target/victim is an ongoing attack and never really stops, until the target/victim is dead!

Woman that poison off people for police AND help police to pedofy/frame people get more than just TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS and they usually are given a house by local police or by cou8nty sher5iff’s for their “services” to the “Community” and yes they kind of think of it that way!

When police pedofy innocent people they have lots of volunteers join in on the pedofying including news reporters and news stations and news websites, they pedfofy people by showing a large photo of the accused and repeatedly name the accused but they never really identify who the accusers are, they don’t even name the officer’s that are charging the accused and t5hey don’t even name the investigators, and they never name the so-called victims!

So pedofying consists of dozens and dozens of people that DO NOT WANT TO IDENTIFY THEMSELVES publicly destroying the name and life and reputation of someone they want dead!

Back in the 1930s the KKK was very open in publicly killing people and were not trying to hide the fact they were organized and were killing people and were concealing their identity’s, well in 2013 pedofyers are very much like the KKK because they are organized and they are causing people’s deaths and they want to stay anonymous while doing it!

Police and the pedofyers that work for them are organized and don’t care about law or the courts and they relay on whipping community’s into murderous mobs with constant never ending false pedophile accusations on their targets/victims and they do not fear prosecution because it is police/county sheriff’s that pay for and organize such criminal activity’s and they are the ones that use the terms pedofying and pedofied when they discuss with their co conspirators their actions/activity’s!

People that own police scanners in the 60s and 70s were pals to police and they used those scanners back in the day to know WHO in their neighborhood to target for the police, and these pedofying activity’s went on back then, so this has been a ongoing thing police has done to people for many decades!

A gang of police officer’s along with several of their buddy’s and girlfriends can easily stage crimes and give blame to innocent people, and when it comes to pedofying people the pedofyers can care less if they can prove anything, it’s not about court to pedofyers, it’s all about DESTROYING their targets life and reputation, and pedofying people does indeed get people killed and we all know this, which is why corrupt police and their accomplices love to frame people they have it out for as pedophiles!