To Be Under Investigation Is The Exact Same Thing As Being Gang-Stalked!

Gang-stalking and an investigation mean and are the exact same thing, which is why law enforcement covers up and ignores complaints about gang-stalking because most of the time when cops are investigating someone cops themselves are committing crimes and therefore do not want to admit they are stalking so-and-so so gang-stalking is generally ignored by police and by news reporters!

Police do not think of themselves as gang-stalkers, they think of themselves as investigators conducting an investigation, and yes cops many times ADMIT TO THAT NOW DON’T THEY, but to the person being targeted it appears that multiple people in plain cloths are following them and interfering with their daily lives, so from the targeted person’s perspective it appears that multiple people are gang-stalking him/her.

Even when multiple under cover officer’s are targeting one person and these activity’s become noticed by the target the target notices that these plain clothed people are secretly communicating with other people via hand signals, well police are trained to communicate with each other via hand signals, especially for under cover work!

Targets of gang-stalkers quite often notice that their life is being turned upside down and that there is multiple people involved in and are the cause of it, and when the targeted person notices that multiple people are indeed following them and stalking them and even notices that people are breaking into their home when they are not there immediately perceive themselves as being targeted, it’s called DUH!

Because people that are targeted are like most people, blindly trusting their government, raised on propaganda all their lives, that they assume they are victims of a cult or gang, when in fact it is local law officer’s that are doing it all along with those officer’s buddy’s and girlfriends.

The only groups of people that are paid to target people in the USA is law enforcement and whomever law enforcement hires to “investigate” you, and that’s it, there is no other groups of people in the USA that get paid to target someone, and unless you are a high profile celebrity or a prominent person in your area then nine times out of ten FBI has hardly nothing to do with it!

That don’t mean FBI don’t target people, on the contrary the FBI target people all the time, they just go after the bigger fish in the sea and don’t waste their time with small potatoes that’s for local authority’s!

Let’s get something straight here, law enforcement’s only job in this world, when you really think about it, is to target people, that’s it, they exist for one reason and one r4eason only, to target people!

Their source of income depends on how many people they can put behind prison walls, and they get rewarded for busting people in ways you cannot even understand because it is never made public!

Suffice it to say they think they ARE the law, and they do as they please, and if one local cop has it out for you then you can bet you are on a list and because of it ALL LOCAL COPS have it out for you!

That is all it takes for you to be gang-stalked/under investigation, and if it is personal on the part of law enforcement then you may be stalked/targeted/harassed/menaced for many years, and no one will take a complaint from you over it because there is no such thing as a cop that cares what other cops are doing!

Our governmental system is so corrupt and Fascist that officers are allowed by our government to do whatever they want to, and any complaints made by victims of such officer’s are ignored and the system will label the victim mentally ill to discredit the victim as a witness, and the vast majority of people cops label this way end up getting battered by police and usually die from a coma induced by the beating!

You can Google Youtube video’s of “police batter mentally ill person” story’s and you will discover that almost anyone police batter to death gets labeled after the fact as mentally ill by people in the medical professions that are buddy’s to police!

So it is common for police, when they batter someone to death, to labeled the murdered victim as mentally ill, they do this because the victim, when alive, was telling people their complaints about the police, and the police were actively gang-stalking and harassing that person and menacing that person, so police batter the person to death and publicly label the person as mentally ill to not only discredit that persons complaints but also to give a message to anyone that victim spoke to about their complaints to STFU or this will happen to you too!

When police batter their victims to death they are flaunting their Fascist power by publicizing it on the local news, and the local news demonstrates it’s cooperation with police by helping police to publicly label the murdered victim as mentally ill, and our Fascist system flaunts it’s open Fascism by having several people in the medical fields step forward to ALSO label the murdered victim as mentally ill.

That’s a lot of people that are publicly battering and killing unarmed people on our streets and flaunting the fact that they get away with it and that the system will not cross examine these officer’s in a criminal court of law and instead will have a bevy of medical professionals step forward to back up the false claims of the police!

When police/government can batter unarmed innocent people on the streets to death and not stand trial for it and have a gang of people in the medical profession slander/label the murdered victim as mentally ill and rely on that as a justification then yes that government is openly Fascist and is flaunting their Fascism!

Most people that are gang-stalked by police end up being either framed for someone and get railroaded into prison or they get killed off by the police, how many times have you heard of a killing in your town nd never did the police find out who the killer was? it happens all the time, your news stations just don’t make mention of all the unsolved killings, there is a reason for that, because most of the killings in any given town is done by police themselves!

Police run organized crime, police control crime, police profit from crime, and police themselves commit crimes all the time, and many times police will kill someone execution style, and police will report that killing publicly, but pretend to not know who’s responsible, when in fact they do because it was an officer that did it, and then two years later when police are targeting someone new they may decide to frame their new target for the murder5 they committed two years back!

This kind of thing goes on all the time with law enforcement, it is law enforcement that controls ALL CRIMES and ALL EVIDENCE of crimes, it is easy for cops to kill someone and then a few years later frame an innocent person they have it out for for the crime, and it’s all done under the pretense of plain clothed officer’s conducting an investigations!

Hve you ever watched the propaganda TV show “Perry Mason”? does that show give you the impression that innocent people are vindicated and get fair treatment and justice? does that show portray police and prosecutors as “good guys” making honest mistakes? that’s intentional since the whole show is propaganda!

The reality is if you get unjustly accused of a crime you did not commit you will get framed for the crime and police and prosecutors will FABRICATE evidencve backing up their false complaints against you in order to pin the crime on you and to railroad you into prison, and if you have evidence that you are being framed and surrender it to police then police will just either throw your evidence away and pretend to know nothing about it or they will edit your evidence in such a way as to cover their butts and to make you look bad with it!

That’s the reality of our country and that’s how our police and prosecutors work and that’s how it has always been in this country, YOU were just fooled all your life by propaganda TV into thinking you have an honest and fair government for the people and by the people!

There are many people that are not in law enforcement but are friends and or relatives to law officer’s that help police to gang-stalk people and to set people up, apartment managers and landlords always cooperate in investigations and the stalking of people law enforcement officer’s have it out for and many apartment managers and landlords will spy on you for police because they are brown nose to the police!

Police have many many girlfriends that will help police to frame people, and police love to use their girlfriends to set people up on video surveillance cameras, and in these situations you would be right to deem such woman as prostitutes because they are being paid by law enforcement to perform for their video surveillance cameras in order to make an innocent person appear guilty of a crime!

You think they don’t do that? well guess what, it is common for police to use under cover female police woman to act as prostitutes and to stand at street corners to solicit Johns on the street and police always use video surveillance when they do that and this is open knowledge everyone knows police do this and police openly refer to these situations as police busts!


If you are being gang-stalked by police and you have an apartment, then police will take over all the apartments surrounding yours and they will occupy those apartments and police will pay their girlfriends that have children to move in to one of those apartments and police will direct their girlfriend and even their girlfriends children to “PERFORM” for their video surveillance cameras and they will do this right in front of your home!

Police will coach their girlfriend and her children to hang out in front of your home/apartment and to verbally make false pedophile accusations about you, and their being recorded by police doing this, and it is police that are telling them what to say and what to do and it is their girlfriend and her children that follow their instructions!

Police have a name for this they call it pedofying, so in essence police are pedofying you with false pedophile accusations right in front of your home, and everything the woman and the children are doing is being directed by law officer’s that are next door to you and are staying inside the apartment so as not to be seen by the video surveillance cameras!

Woman that “perform” these services for police can and should be deemed prostitutes and they train/teach their children how to pedofy people, and people that do this for the police get paid lots of money by police to pedofy someone!

Police did this to me and police paid their girlfriend and her children TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to hang out in front of my apartment FOR ONE DAY and to make false pedophile accusations about me while police recorded the woman and children’s performance with their video surveillance!

It was the male law officer’s that decided when the children got breaks, after all they were working HARD for the police and it’s a tough job for those children to hand out all day long in front of my apartment and to constantly follow orders yelled at them by male law officer’s next door to do this or that for their video surveillance cameras!

How thoughtful of police to give those children breaks after a couple of hours of none stop pedfofying!

Now I do not fault children for this, at all, children are innocents, and if children do wrong because of the verbal direction of an adult then it is the ADULTS FAULT FOR CORRUPTING A MINOR AND WE ALL AS ADULTS KNOW THIS!

So the same way police frame people on the streets using phoney prostitutes to engage in conversations with men on the streets is the same way police frame people as pedophiles at their homes, each time police use phoney persons that put on false pretenses and they perform for police video surveillance in order to make a innocent person appear guilty!

You don’t need to look for prostitutes to be framed as a john, because police will simply have sexy dressed woman approach you where ever you live and will ask you for a light for their cigarette, if you give them a light, then police now have you on film making hand to hand exchanges with a sexy dressed woman, guess what, police can use that in court to make you appear to the jury to be a John looking for prostitutes!

Well police frame innocent people as pedophiles in pretty much the same way, police will put woman and children in an apartment near yours and the woman and police will coach the children to play in front of your apartment and to make verbal false pedophile accusations about you!

This happens all the time this is a common form of framing and there are a lot of people that do this for police and they get paid a lot of money by police to perform for video surveillance cameras and to back up false pedophile accusations against someone!

As a matter of fact this happens more frequently than police staging prostitution busts, but it is prostitution busts that get news coverage, whereas all the pedofying cops do to people go completely ignored by news reporters!

Remember people, our government has always been corrupt, there never has been a time when it was not corrupt, and police are known to stage things in order to arrest someone for such and such, and over the many decades of cops staging things police have learned that they can easily frame someone by staging crimes and then falsely blaming i9nnocent people for the crimes, and police for many many decades have been doing this to people and there is no one a victim of police can turn to within our system to get help!

If you are being gang-stalked and followed then you can bet it is police and their minions doing it and that they are staging events around you for the purpose of video surveillance in order to build a case against you, and don’t ever forget police are so corrupt that they have no qualms at all in paying woman with children to run around and make false pedophile accusations about you, it’s a part of their gang-stalking and police love pedofying their targets because they know it turns everyone against you, thus isolating you from any form of help!