Police Sting Operations Used Doubles To Frame OJ Simpson And News Media Tries To Hide It From Public!

This bastard Kato Kaelin is a civilian sting operative and was planted on OJ Simpson’s property BY OJ Simpson’s wife Nicole Simpson BEFORE she left OJ Simpson to stage phoney 911 calls FOR the police to frame OJ Simpson!

Sting operations are always planned out by police and police set 5heir sting operation in motion when they had Nicole Simpson allow a civilian sting operative to live on OJ Simpson’s property BEFORE she moved out, typical of a sting operation, then police and Nicole Simpson STAGED several phoney 911 calls to make OJ Simpson appear angry and violent, then police and Nicole Simpson and her boyfriend at the advise and guidance of police, staged their deaths, and police gave them new identity’s to live elsewhere while police pin the staged/faked crimes on OJ Simpson!

This Kato bastard is a civilian sting operative PAID by police to fake being a wannabe movie star as a cover JUST SO police can have people on OJ Simpson’s property JUST SO he can testify against OJ Simpson!

That is typical of a corrupt police sting operation!

Corrupt prosecutors of the famous OJ Simpson trial being a Fascist dick blaming evidence tampering on the dead defense attorney long after the defense attorney is dead and unable to defend himself!

Somebody punch this prick, this fucking asshole helps police frame OJ Simpson using planted gloves with blood on them put their BY police, and whines like a fucking baby 17 years after it is proved in open criminal court that the gloves WERE NOT OJ SIMPSON’S and thus were planted there by police/civilian sting operatives WITH motive! *HINT HINT HINT!) and the corrupt police own crime labs BACKED UP those PLANTED GLOVES as used in the murders!

So you Fascist police AND Fascist prosecutors are already busted and exposed in open criminal court as corrupt liars and framers!

OH by the way when police use specialized sting operations to target/frame innocent people they always tend to use the same tactics over and over again, and just like they did to me, they were using a double to frame OJ Simpson, and news media is closed mouthed about that as wel!

You can go here to learn a little bit about it!


Wherever there are corrupt sting operations then you can bet they are planting civilian sting operatives near their target AND are actively using look-a-likes as doubles and dress up like their target! TYPICAL STING OPERATION!

Terry Wagar