Sting Operations And Gang-Stalking Are The Same Thing And Motives Are The Same!

Gang-stalking is done by police/sheriff’s or any other local law agency and by their bros and girlfriends, they gang up on their targets similar to a police sting and use sting type tactics to surround their target in order to control the area, and they are known to use street theater tactics to harass, menace,entrap,frame,provoke, their target and they do this for video surveillance!

If you want to know what gang-stalking is then I suggest you learn everything you can about sting operations by police, police use these tactics in sting operations and police and news reporters admit to sting operations, well police use same tactics when they gang-stalk people but refuse to admit to it and news reporters are mums the word on police tactics when police target specific people!

There are many people that cooperate with police sting operations, well those same people also cooperate with police when police gang-stalk people, apartment managers and landlords are good example’s of people not in law enforcement that cooperate with these operations!

Remember people your police and news reporters know about this and are deliberately vague about details of investigations, now you know why they are vague!

Many people that are gang-stalked get gang-stalked because someone in law enforcement has it out for that person and does not want that person knowing it, police try to hide their motives when they gang-stalk people from their target!

The goal of gang-stalking is the same for sting operations, they want to either prosecute people or they want certain people dead, and remember when police kill someone they never stand trial for it and police PR people and news reporters put out immediate spin telling people that police are justified in the shooting!

Police do not stand trial in criminal courts and are never cross examined because of that therefore they are free to lie all they want to with impunity!

Many professionals lie for police, people that are relatives/friends/girlfriends to police tend to get high paying jobs at utility’s and as managers in stores or as apartment managers, so police always make sure there bros and girlfriends and relatives get high paying jobs in the community’s!

It is these people more than anyone else that get summoned to serve in jury pools, and this is why most all courts are stacked right at the very beginning of the trial, and that is why anyone police have it out for gets railroaded into prison whether they are guilty or not!

This is also why when public pressure forces prosecutors to prosecute a police officer that the police officer always gets acquittals from jury’s regardless of how guilty the police officer is!

Law enforcement are the ones that decide who goes into the jury pool and therefore control the jury and the outcome of any trial!
Many trials are a farce in the USA and the term Farce has been used for many decades to describe how the courts are corrupted!

When police control the jury pool then it does not matter how guilty a cop is or how much proof you have of a police officer’s crime, because the jury will just give an acquittal for the officer each and every time!

Governments all over the world are like this, it has always been like this, police have always done things this way, courts have always been controlled via the jury pool, news reporters have always looked the other way, police have always ganged up on people, police always label themselves justified no matter how many people they murder, and police have always used street theater tactics to frame,entrap,menace,harass,terrorize people, and Hollywood throughout it’s entire history has always lied to people telling people that police are the good guys when in fact police are the ones that run and organize crimes!

One strong point both sting operations and gang-stalking have in common is both use under cover police to act as doubles and they use doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people!

Terry Wagar