October VLOG And Current Events! Stabbed And Harassed And Stalked By Cops Walking Past My Window!

Early this October near the beginning of the month I was sitting at my desk by my computer and felt an itch on my right shoulder in the back, I reached back there thinking it just needed scratching, and felt a large scab back there, so I grabbed my cellphone and went into my bathroom to look at this scab in the mirror, to my shock and surprise I was stabbed back there!

The only person in my apartment that could have done this was my daughter Shawna Wagar, and it had to of occurred while I was asleep in my living room where my bed is!

Nothing woke me so she must have used a razor on it while I was asleep or she used something to prevent me from waking up, either way that’s a big cut but it did not go deep, at least it does not fell like it’s deep, which is why I suspect she used a razor!

The very next day there was a lot of pounding noises coming from the apartment below mine, and it caught my attention enough to try and recording the loud pounding noises they were making, and I used my cellphone to record what was going on outside and noticed the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s have one of their pedo-white-vans outside and pointed out the fact that the plain clothed cop that hangs around here with his red pickup truck was outside and parked right next to that van!

I sat my phone down on the window sill and continues to talk while my cellphone was recording and as I got to my chair to sit down a cop in a black uniform walked right past my apartment and then walked down the stairs!

I told you this whole side of the apartment building is FILLED WITH POLICE/SHERIFF STING IOPERATIVES and these people are already guilty of murders!

And today on October 15th I notice that red pickup truck owned by a Portland cop that hangs around here in plain cloths was outside parked in visitors parking section of the parking lot and got it on video hoping to catch this murderous cop that is connected to my wife and her lover officer Eric Carlson on video!

This cop does not live here, he is acting under the pretense of a sting operation, many apartments in my apartment building are currently being rented by sting operatives, and from time to time the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s show up here to talk/confer with these sting operatives and they try to hide it, but I am already aware of their presence and their crimes and I have been repeatedly victimized by these people!

These are the officer’s that were sleeping around with my wife and her daughters, these are the people that were helping my wife to frame me as a pedophile, these are the people that gave my wife permission to poison me to death, these are the people that were sleeping around with my wife and daughters while I was severely debilitated from being poisoned, these are the people that were poisoning off other people as well and these are the people that tried to frame me for a murder!

These are the people that vilified me publicly for crimes THEY ALL COMMITTED and they want me to be stuck with the blame, they already vilified me behind my back, but they are aware that I caught THEM IN THE ACT on a audio recorder admitting to their crimes and caught them admitting their framing me to get the blame!

These sting operatives have pretty much this entire apartment building taken over with mostly civilian operatives, people that are either friends of authority’s or relatives of authority’s or girlfriends of people in authority!

I already caught the cop that drives that red pickup truck on video earlier this month and here it is again, the cop that drives it does not live here, but he oversees what the civilian operatives here are doing and from time to time pays them a visit, and of course he tries to hide the fact he is a cop!

He never came out for me to catch him on video again, but he IS parked in the visitors parking area, which is more than enough to know he does not live here!

This is just the first half of October in 2014! I suspect it will get worse in the later half of October!

Terry Wagar


4 thoughts on “October VLOG And Current Events! Stabbed And Harassed And Stalked By Cops Walking Past My Window!

  1. 1971 the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family framed a neighbor as a pedophile and the mother of the Dunham family rounded up neighbor children that knew nothing about it anf brought her children and neighbor children to a house a block away where a Multnomah county sheriff officer was waiting for them in a house!

    The house belonged to the person they were framing as a pedophile, and the sheriff officer was inside the house and was acting as a photo double!

    When the mother of the Dunham family brought the children there she told the children to cross the street and to play in that yard and pointed out the yard and the children did as they were told!

    Once the children were in the yard the county sheriff officer ordered the children to pick up the candy bars and began tossing them out the window, and the neighbor children that knew nothing about what was going on asked the mother of the Dunham family if their supposed to pick the candy bars up, and she yelled from across the street saying “Yes! Pick them up!” and she was grinning at the time and she had a large green camera in her hands and was taking photogenic photo’s of the children picking up the candy bars!

    When they were done the mother of the Dunham family took the neighbor child home and told her children their going out for pizza to celebrate!

    The neighbor child was me, I was only 6 years old at the time, I had no clue what was going on and was too young to realize they were framing someone as a pedophile!

    From this point forward me and my older brother and my parents were being targeted by the Dunham family and by the Multnomah county sheriff’s!

    Ten days after this occurred a Multnomah cdounty sheriff detective came to my door and was coercing and pressuring my mother to let him into our home to inspect our basement and bullied his way into our home!

    After this the mother of the Dunham family began befriending my mother and was wanting further access to me, the mother of the Dunham family asked my mother if she could take me with her and her kids to the movies, and my mother agreed not suspecting anything!

    The Dunham family on and off were taking me to see very bad movies that are very inappropriate for small children, she was taking me to see movies that had boob scenes and sex scenes and rape scenes!

    Each and every time the mother of the Dunham family insisted on having the same seats over and over again, and insisted I sit one seat away from the Dunham family, we had to have these same seats over and over again each and every time!

    Each time she took me to the theater usually right as the movie is starting and the beginning commercials start that’s when a plain clothed officer would step into the theater, get several feet ahead of me, turn around quickly and snap and photo of me sitting in the end isle seat and then would walk back out of the theater!

    The last bad movie the Dunham family took me to this dude that was repeatedly snapping photo’s of me was sitting in the seat in front of me, and when the mother of the Dunham family told me to cover my eyes that’s when the dude in front of me turned around and started snapping photogenic photo’s of me!

    The dude laughed thinking I was peaking at the movie and told the mother of the Dunham family I was peaking at the movie, I was not peaking at the movie, I was peaking at the dude that was snapping photogenic photo’s of me!

    After this then the mother of the Dunham family invited my mother to come along, and this time we went to see Disney movies, but the mother of the Dunham family still insisted on the same seats, only now my mother was in the usually emty seat!

    When the dude that repeatedly snapped photo’s of me walked into the theater the mother of the Dunham family distracted my mother by pointing out something to her on the other side of the theater and did this right before the dude turn around and snapped a photo in our direction and then he left!

    I was too young to understand what was going on, I did not realize they framed a neighbor, so I had no reason to suspect these people of crimes, but at my young age I perceived their behavior as odd!

    1972 the Dunham family was planting stolen property onto our property, when we found stolen property on our property my parents reported it to police, only the police officer was the entire time smirking and trying to imply blame on my older brother, my brother was like twelve years old at the time, we already knew he was innocent!

    The Dunham family then staged a garages fire behind our house, and behind my back they gave me blame for it!

    1973 The Dunham family went through a phase that gave me the impression they were trying to recruit me into something, they did not say what it was but were making certain things known indirectly, but this changed when they found out I remembered what they did in 1971! After they realized I remembered what happened at that neighbor house I was shortly kicked out of school, at the age of 8 years old, and my parents were told by my school I cannot come back to school until I get placed on a prescription that the school demanded.

    My parents complied not suspecting foul play and got me on the prescription the school wanted me on, O did not find out what that prescription was until I was 18 when I questioned a doctor about it, it was speed!

    So the Dunham family and the Multnomah county sheriff’s after realizing I still remembered what they did in 1971, arranged to try and destroy my memory’s with drugs!

    It was also 1973 that my brother and my father were being poisoned, my father was being gang-stalked at his place of employment, and my brother was being gang-stalked in our neighborhood and was getting battered by teenagers way bigger than him, and he was being poisoned as well!

    By early 1974 my father was dropping to the floor and was repeatedly going to the hospital, and my brother was debilitated and did not understand what was wrong, he did not realize he was being poisoned and neither did it, but he described the systems to me, and as an adult now I know damn well he was being poisoned!

    My father lost his job, he was disabled now, and my brother was being heavily gang-stalked and harassed by organized people that were trying to frame my brother as a stalker!

    My brother eventually got locked up without ever having a trial, no one ever questioned me as to what was going on back then, all my brother ever did was try to find help, and each time he left our home he would get ganged up on!

  2. My wife Joan Wagar was having an affair with a Portland cop named Eric Carlson and he was acting as a double to set me up as a pedophile!

    When I found out my wife Joan Wagar was hooking our daughters up with a cop that was acting as a double I tried to warn people about it, and that’s when I was severely poisoned by Joan Wagar!

    All of my wife’s coworkers at East Port Walmart were calling officer Eric Carlson by the nickname Doubleclick because they knew he was acting as a double, and after my wife Joan Wagar poisoned me everyone at East Port Walmart started calling my wife by the nickname Mrs Dash!

    Police used their power of influence to cover up the poisonings at the hospital and I was repeatedly denied emergency services because of police influence and interference at the hospital!

    Shawna Wagar admits in writing to making false pedophile accusations about me and this occurred when my mother and father were poisoned and murdered by local police and by my wife Joan Wagar!

    April 2005 officer Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar adopted and actively used the nicknames Doubleclick and Mrs Dash in love letters and in their cellphones and it was East Port Walmart employees that first coined their nicknames!

    December 2005 I confronted my wife Joan Wagar with a audio recorder over that love letter Doubleclick the body double wrote my wife and she admits it’s her love letter but refuses to admit to her nickname because she is trying to hide the fact she is a poisoner and that it is open knowledge at East Port Walmart, she still also is trying to hide the fact Eric Carlson is a cop and a look-a-like to me!

    2006 because of police influence Joan Wagar aced a lie detector test I payed for!

    2006 Two months later Joan Wagar A,K,A, Mrs Dash admits in her diary she lied on that lie detector test and admits to her affair with officer Eric Carlson and admits to using pills and antifreeze in her diary and admits to mixing drinks with poisons and admits she is a liar and a psycho and admits to poisoning a plasma donor and admits I was ill at the time and admits I cannot get help from police!


    Near the end of Joan Wagar’s diary she admits she is a plasma donor intending to DONATE PLASMA!

    A day or two later she outright admits she is a

    poisoner at the end of her diary!

    2006 A week later Joan Wagar writes her infamous denial letter denying her ongoing affair with officer Eric Carlson and denying she is a poisoner, everything in her denial letter is a lie and even her daughters were sleeping around with officer Eric Carlson and his partners, one of her daughters got pregnant at the time of Joan Wagar writing this by Eric Carlson’s partner David!

    2006 By the time of Joan Wagar writing this written confession that she uses antifreeze as poison I was so debilitated at this time I was bedridden, Joan Wagar tossed this at me like it was a Frisbee because she wanted to see if I could get out of bed to try and find help or not, I could not!

    2007 the hospital admits I had abominable pain and internal bleeding but fakes not knowing what’s wrong and once again refuses to take a toxicology test and ignores my complaints and covers up Joan Wagar’s written confessions she is a poisoner!

    2007 Officer Eric Carlson brags to Clackamas Walmart employees he’s a twin and an alter ego and Walmart employee makes it known it is open knowledge at Clackamas Walmart he is a look-a-like to me and is using my wife Joan Wagar’s locker where my audio recorder was!

    2008 Portland police and OHSU hospital admitting to covering up my calls for help and threatening me telling me I am not welcome to help at a hospital!

    2008 Multnomah county sheriff’s covering up my calls for help and emails for help and are taunting me via their personal Blackberry emails!

    2009 Police made sure I could not get help from any other hospital as well and no one will take a toxicology test! Officer Eric Carlson is one of the first responders to respond to my 911 call and he was NOT there to help!

    2009 officer Eric Carlson and his bros in the Portland police and Joan Wagar made a audio death threat and broke into my home and put it on the computer, their using sound boards to say goodbye in multiple ways!
    The same day I found their audio death threat the police parked a black car with the Oregon license plate “SAYLVU” on it in front of my apartment!

    2009 Another Portland police officer caught on video acting as a double of me outside my apartment and he is with a female that is acting as a double of my daughter Megan Wagar, here is a picture of Megan Wagar with officer Eric Carlson’s partner David!

    And here is video of a police officer acting as a double of me and he is with a female acting as a double to my daughter Megan Wagar!

    07-10-2009 Officer Eric Carlson caught on video paying children TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to frame me as a pedophile outside my apartment and children admitted I will be killed and admitted my family members were involved!

    2009 Two weeks later Officer Eric Carlson and his partners and my wife Joan Wagar are caught outside my apartment building trespassing and waiting in ambush to shoot me, they are armed with guns, recording devices, and flashlights,their car with the license plate “SAYLVU” is in the parking lot!

    06-01-2014 Female sting operatives renting apartment below mine are deliberately placing small children in my path and then falsely labeling me as a pedophile!
    They continue to frame me as a pedo with intent of opening fire on me!

  3. 1971 The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family were framing neighbors as pedophiles by using DOUBLES and PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S! A neighbor child witnessed these crimes and he became targeted by the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family!
    The Dunham family befriended the child’s mother to gain access to him and the Dunham family began taking this 6 year old child to see inappropriate movies that movie theaters that has boob scenes and sex scenes and rape and styrangulation scenes in it and the Multnmomah county sheriff’s was photographing this child while he is in the theater!

    Doubles and Photogenic Photo’s were constantly being used by these people!

    1972 The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family were targeting children that witnessed them frame a neighbor and were planting stolen property onto the children’s property to frame children and even set a garage on fire near the children’s home!

    1973 The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family began poisoning the children and the children’s parents and were gang-stalking and vilifying the children in the neighborhood!

    1974 The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family caused one of the children to be committed WITHOUT A TRIAL and the other child was constantly harassed by authority’s and by the stalkers and had no one within the system that gave a damn enough to even care to question the child and the child was traumatized by how his family was openly destroyed by organized people!

    That child was me, Terry Wagar.

    1999 Terry Wagar is a grown man with a wife and three children, and his wife Joan Wagar got a job at the Multnomah county sheriff’s as a prep cook in the county jail kitchen!
    County sheriff’s recruited Joan Wagar into sting operations and decided to frame Terry Wagar as a pedophile, sheriff’s told Joan Wagar to quit her job to hide her connections with authority’s while the sheriff’s arranged to take over several apartments surrounding Terry Wagar’s apartment!

    At the same time county sheriff’s selected someone they can use as a DOUBLE of Terry Wagar!
    After the county sheriff’s had their operatives surrounding Terry Wagar’s apartment they coached Joan Wagar and her family members to turn Terry Wagar’s yard into a playground before they bring in the DOUBLE and authority’s dunded all the money for Joan Wagar to put multiple large pools and large trampolines onto the yard!

    After Terry Wagar’s yard was turned into a playgroud by Joan Wagar the county sheriff’s arranged to get the DOUBLE onto the property to impersonate Terry Wagar!

    While this DOUBLE was on Terry Wagar’s property the county sheriff’s were sabotaging Terry Wagar’s children’s bicycles and were stealing their bicycles and even staged a full-blown car fire thirty feet away from Terry Wagar’s apartment of which he had to deal with!

    After Terry Wagar kicked this DOUBLE off his property all hell broke loose, two weeks later that DOUBLE battered Terry Wagar’s disabled mother Valerie Quigley and she lost her motor home to this DOUBLE with aid by Portland police!

    One month later Joan Wagar poisoned Valerie Quigley and Valerie Quigley called 911 to report it, police and sheriff’s did nothing on her complaint and in effext covered it up!

    Three weeks later Terry Wagar found out from his father Don Wagar he was being gang-stalked and was poisoned by people in law enforcement that werwe in plain cloths and he feared for Terry Wagar and his family’s safety, and three days later Don Wagar died!

    Multnomah county sheriff’s came to Terry Wagar’s door and told Terry Wagar his father died, and then hinted their responsible by making the statement “Before I came over here to tell you of your fathers death I entered your fathers apartment to remove his meds.” and I already knew my father was not on any meds!

    The county sheriff officer was smirking when he said this!

    From this point forward Terry Wagar was being blackmailed and threatened by the very officer’s that murdered his father Don Wagar!
    Two different officers were calling Terry Wagar daily and repeatedly and lied about who they were and were making threats and demands!

    Terry Wagar was scared for his family’s safety he already knew his whole family was surrounded by these people and already knew his wife and her side of the family was recruited into this when she worked at the county jail!

    Fearing for his own children’s safety, already knowing sheriff’s and their operatives have no qualms poisoning children, shut the fuck up in fear harm will come to his children!

    Authority’s and his wife and her side of the family were at this time vilifying Terry Wagar behind his back and were openly filling his home with porn and life sized Barbie dolls and not caring if Terry Wagar knows he is being set up!

    They just battered his disabled mother using a double, then they poisoned his mother and covered up her 911 call, and then they murdered his father after he warned Terry Wagar what they did to him!

    The whole year of 1999 the Dunham family was involved in this and bought a house several blocks away from the Wagar residence and their children were palling around with Terry Wagar’s children and they were trying to hide this the whole time from Terry Wagar!

  4. 1971-1974 The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family were using DOUBLES and PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S to frame people as pedophiles and were framing children that witnessed them using DOUBLES by planting stolen property on the children’s property and even set a garage on fire that was behind the children’s home!
    By 1973 the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family began poisoning off the children and the children’s parents!

    1999The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family began targeting that family again, this time the child that witnessed them using a double was grown and married and had three children of his own, and this time they used the same tactics as before!

    The arranged to get a double onto their victims property to frame him as a pedophile and were stealing property of their victims and they staged a full-blown car fire thirty feet away from their victim’s home!
    While this was going on the Dunham family’s children were palling around with their victim’s children and they were trying to hide that from their victim!

    When the victim kicked the DOUBLE off his property that’s when the county sheriff’s and their civilian operatives began their poisoning terror!

    They used a DOUBLE to batter their victims disabled mother and the mother lost her home over that, and a month later the county sheriff’s and their civilian operatives poisoned their victim’s mother and father at the same time even though they lived separately!

    Police/sheriff’s covered up the victims mothers 911 call, and three weeks later the victims father warned the victim what authority’s did to him!

    Three days later the victims father was dead, and for the next five days in a roll the victim was getting daily, multiple,threatening phone calls from two different cops that were making threats and demands!

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