I Told You People Sting Operatives Are Murderers And I Back That Up With Evidence! 10-05-2014 VLOG!

Organized sting operatives commit gang murder shooting multiple people at Soobies Bar and Grill in Portland Oregon and it’s connection to me being victimized by sting operatives! and VLOG!


Terry Wagar


7 thoughts on “I Told You People Sting Operatives Are Murderers And I Back That Up With Evidence! 10-05-2014 VLOG!

  1. Kate says:

    love your material….I doubt many white people got dreadlocks….you got a good bunch of information….

    • I do not bullshit people, I say it as it is, I have a history of saving lives and standing up to thugs whomever they may be, The people I report on are cops, officer’s, people in law enforcement, along with their civilian buddy’s and relatives and girlfriends that regularly join in with cops to frame and murder people, I am one of their victims, I am not their only victim, they rape and murder people, they poison people and vilify their debilitated victims, they brag to me on audio death threats because I stood up to them, I lost everything important to me, my life and my family and my health, I want justice, and I will not shut up about these murderous bastards and pedophiles.

      ANYTHING I say I can and will back up in a court of law, my formal charges on them are just that, no threat or gag order can shut ME up.

      After my wife poisoned and debilitated me she bragged in writing I cannot get help from police, and police themselves bragged in writing to covering up my 911 calls and threatened me, and the county sheriff’s were taunting me via emails at the time.

      These “people” and I use that term LOOSELY are murders, they target men and women and even children, they frame people using doubles and photogenic photo’s, they poison off people and cover it up at hospitals, they batter people, they vilify their victim’s to isolate their victims from help from neighbors or coworkers, and they rape and murder people and commit break ins and they treat all these crimes like it is a SPORT!

      I have around a dozen people, both male and female, bragging to their girlfriends and buddy’s they committed a break in and a rape and murder and that they used a double to do it and that one of the cops was acting as the double, and they bragged to an entire Walmart store full of employees while they printed flyers giving an innocent person the blame.

      I was that innocent person, their break in woke me up, thinking I was catching my wife in her affair with a armed cop, I put a audio recorder in my wife’s purse!


      It’s an all day long recording, those cops and their civilian girlfriends spent the whole day partying and celebrating and printing flyers giving me blame and recruiting WALMART employees to lie for them, so their crimes they commit ARE sport TO THEM!

      • Kate says:

        hmmmm…..well, ive never been popular in society, so ive always hung out with the homeless….especially when I am homeless too, but even when im not….and strippers….I met this stripper, right?
        so, shes telling me how to dress and I think it was to look like a body double….and I know she got me on camera….ill bet that was a huge blackmail operation….if u go there….your on camera….now, I feel they have videotaped this last sexual encounter for some reason….im debating why they have cameras in my home….is it someone old and impotent obsessed with me, so they need films to get off on?
        or to blackmail me?

        because im a Christian, I can see that one….I guess they can whip out a wide variety of material…ive done it all basically, not with kids like the politicians, but adults

        you know how preachers always have some sex tape that appears, so I guess they did that to me, this last time….im not sure who would care….id do it in front of a live study audience!

        the old me was a porno star anyway, now I don’t feel much into these people, they are sick….I guess my eyes wide shut days are over….I feel more introspective about it all

        its lost on me what the point of all this actually was….why didn’t they just kill me to begin with?

        is it like sadism to torture someone, they tell me its like “hunger games” the movie and now im in part two…

        so they will try to kill me with new tactics?

        then if I still don’t die….round three?

        how sick can you get?

        im sure the Christianity will repel most of them far far far away….none of these people want to hear about jesus

        should I expect to be assaulted, raped, framed, murdered?

        years ago I expected to be murdered….I went through a phase of thinking each car might fire the fatal bullet….back before I had a car…I still walk some, and that’s when they really troll hard….I guess I mostly find it humorous….but im on camera

        one follows me into a store and says, the only woman I ever had a relationship with was miss Clairol…and they laugh about that

        but I mainly just don’t get it….that’s SICK to study someone’s sex life and troll them on it in public….don’t they have anything better to do?

        weird to me, I just don’t understand what they are getting at

        to see if ill get mad on camera?


      • It is sport to them, they have used these tactics for many decades, for them it’s fun to spy on their targets and to troll their targets and to harass their targets, their just as sick and twisted as the KKK were back in the 1920’s, and all their targeting of people usually leads to their targets being incarcerated on false charges or dead.

        Their like cats that toy with their caught mouse, they want to have fun with it before they eat it.

  2. The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s and their civilian sting operative girlfriends committed a break in and a rape and murder of a child and they photographed it and they bragged about it all at Clackamas Walmart and I caught the whole damn thing on my audio recorder I put in my wife’s purse!

    I want their asses PROSECUTED and I am not taking NO as an answer! I will act in self defense if I have to to get their asses prosecuted and I will kick a judge in the nuts JUST TO DRAW ATTENTION TO THE TRIAL!


  4. 1971 the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family framed a neighbor as a pedophile and the mother of the Dunham family rounded up neighbor children that knew nothing about it anf brought her children and neighbor children to a house a block away where a Multnomah county sheriff officer was waiting for them in a house!

    The house belonged to the person they were framing as a pedophile, and the sheriff officer was inside the house and was acting as a photo double!

    When the mother of the Dunham family brought the children there she told the children to cross the street and to play in that yard and pointed out the yard and the children did as they were told!

    Once the children were in the yard the county sheriff officer ordered the children to pick up the candy bars and began tossing them out the window, and the neighbor children that knew nothing about what was going on asked the mother of the Dunham family if their supposed to pick the candy bars up, and she yelled from across the street saying “Yes! Pick them up!” and she was grinning at the time and she had a large green camera in her hands and was taking photogenic photo’s of the children picking up the candy bars!

    When they were done the mother of the Dunham family took the neighbor child home and told her children their going out for pizza to celebrate!

    The neighbor child was me, I was only 6 years old at the time, I had no clue what was going on and was too young to realize they were framing someone as a pedophile!

    From this point forward me and my older brother and my parents were being targeted by the Dunham family and by the Multnomah county sheriff’s!

    Ten days after this occurred a Multnomah cdounty sheriff detective came to my door and was coercing and pressuring my mother to let him into our home to inspect our basement and bullied his way into our home!

    After this the mother of the Dunham family began befriending my mother and was wanting further access to me, the mother of the Dunham family asked my mother if she could take me with her and her kids to the movies, and my mother agreed not suspecting anything!

    The Dunham family on and off were taking me to see very bad movies that are very inappropriate for small children, she was taking me to see movies that had boob scenes and sex scenes and rape scenes!

    Each and every time the mother of the Dunham family insisted on having the same seats over and over again, and insisted I sit one seat away from the Dunham family, we had to have these same seats over and over again each and every time!

    Each time she took me to the theater usually right as the movie is starting and the beginning commercials start that’s when a plain clothed officer would step into the theater, get several feet ahead of me, turn around quickly and snap and photo of me sitting in the end isle seat and then would walk back out of the theater!

    The last bad movie the Dunham family took me to this dude that was repeatedly snapping photo’s of me was sitting in the seat in front of me, and when the mother of the Dunham family told me to cover my eyes that’s when the dude in front of me turned around and started snapping photogenic photo’s of me!

    The dude laughed thinking I was peaking at the movie and told the mother of the Dunham family I was peaking at the movie, I was not peaking at the movie, I was peaking at the dude that was snapping photogenic photo’s of me!

    After this then the mother of the Dunham family invited my mother to come along, and this time we went to see Disney movies, but the mother of the Dunham family still insisted on the same seats, only now my mother was in the usually emty seat!

    When the dude that repeatedly snapped photo’s of me walked into the theater the mother of the Dunham family distracted my mother by pointing out something to her on the other side of the theater and did this right before the dude turn around and snapped a photo in our direction and then he left!

    I was too young to understand what was going on, I did not realize they framed a neighbor, so I had no reason to suspect these people of crimes, but at my young age I perceived their behavior as odd!

    1972 the Dunham family was planting stolen property onto our property, when we found stolen property on our property my parents reported it to police, only the police officer was the entire time smirking and trying to imply blame on my older brother, my brother was like twelve years old at the time, we already knew he was innocent!

    The Dunham family then staged a garages fire behind our house, and behind my back they gave me blame for it!

    1973 The Dunham family went through a phase that gave me the impression they were trying to recruit me into something, they did not say what it was but were making certain things known indirectly, but this changed when they found out I remembered what they did in 1971! After they realized I remembered what happened at that neighbor house I was shortly kicked out of school, at the age of 8 years old, and my parents were told by my school I cannot come back to school until I get placed on a prescription that the school demanded.

    My parents complied not suspecting foul play and got me on the prescription the school wanted me on, O did not find out what that prescription was until I was 18 when I questioned a doctor about it, it was speed!

    So the Dunham family and the Multnomah county sheriff’s after realizing I still remembered what they did in 1971, arranged to try and destroy my memory’s with drugs!

    It was also 1973 that my brother and my father were being poisoned, my father was being gang-stalked at his place of employment, and my brother was being gang-stalked in our neighborhood and was getting battered by teenagers way bigger than him, and he was being poisoned as well!

    By early 1974 my father was dropping to the floor and was repeatedly going to the hospital, and my brother was debilitated and did not understand what was wrong, he did not realize he was being poisoned and neither did it, but he described the systems to me, and as an adult now I know damn well he was being poisoned!

    My father lost his job, he was disabled now, and my brother was being heavily gang-stalked and harassed by organized people that were trying to frame my brother as a stalker!

    My brother eventually got locked up without ever having a trial, no one ever questioned me as to what was going on back then, all my brother ever did was try to find help, and each time he left our home he would get ganged up on!

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