Sting Operatives Target And Frame And Poison Six Year Old Children!

1971 the Dunham family was rounding up neighborhood children FOR the Multnomah county sheriff’s and brought the children to a house where the county sheriff’s were framing a neighbor as a pedophile and a county sheriff officer in uniform was inside the victims home waiting for the Dunham’s with the children to arrive!

When they got there the mother of the Dunham family told the childrem to cross the street and to play in a strangers yard, the young children averaging 5-6 years old did as the adult told them to, and once in that yard the county sheriff officer yelled out a window telling the children to pick up the candy bars and the county sheriff began tossing candy bars out the window trying to keep ONLY his bare arm visible, and while the children picked up the candy bars the mother of the Dunham family was grinning across the street and taking photogenic photo’s of the children picking up the candy bars!

One of the neighborhood children that was unaware these people were framing the person that lived there got too close to the window and saw the county sheriff officer sitting just to the side of the window and was in uniform, and the county sheriff officer ordered the 6 year old to back away from the window, and then continued to toss out candy bars!

Then the sheriff told the children that’s it and closed the window but kept himself away from the window to avoid being seen in uniform, and the mother of the Dunham family ordered the children to come back to her!

The children of the Dunham family and the mother of the Dunham family began laughing and celebrating and talking about going out for a pizza after they drop off the neighbor kid that knows nothing about this, the neighbor kid did not understand what was going on and was repeatedly asking questions trying to figure out what is going on, the Dunham children began saying “That person is a pedophile!” and was laughing about it, the neighbor child, not knowing what a pedophile was, asked “What is a pedophile?” and the Dunham family children and the mother just grinned and then ignored the question and began talking about going out for pizza again!

The mother of the Dunham family was carrying a camera belonging to the Multnomah county sheriff’s, and she was looking at the photogenic photo’s she took and began stuffing them in an envelope, the neighbor child, not understanding what the photo’s were for, asked if he could have one, and the mother of the Dunham family grinned and told the neighbor child “These are SPECIAL photo’s, you cannot have these, maybe another time!

After the Dunham family dropped the neighbor child off at his home the neighbor child’s mother was in shock at the bundle of candy bars her son had and asked “Where did you get all those candy bars?” and the neighbor child, not aware he witnessed a crime taking place said, They took me to see a nice pedophile! he gave them to us.” while munching on the candy bars!

The neighbor child’s mom’s jaw dropped at that statement and said “You stay right here!” and she charged out of the house to talk to the Dunham family about this! When the neighbor child’s mom came back hone she seemed to be relieved by whatever the Dunham family told her!

A week or two later a county sheriff officer in plain cloths came to the neighbor child’s home and demanded to be allowed to enter the home to “INSPECT THE BASEMENT!” and more or less pressured and bullied the child’s mom into letting him into the home!

From this point forward the Dunham family took great pains to befriend the neighbor child’s mom and got her to allow the Dunham family to have continued access to her son and the Dunham family began taking the neighbor child to the movies with them!

The Dunham family was taking the child to movies that are inappropriate for children, they took the child to see movies such as spring break type movies with boob scenes at the very begining of the movie, they took the child to see horror movies that had rape scenes and boob scenes and graphic murder scenes!

Each and every time they took the child to the theater the Dunham family INSISTED that the neighbor child sit ONE SEAT AWAY from the Dunham’s, and eaxh time the Dunham family insisted they all have the exact same seats, each and every time! and each time ussually near the beginning of the movie a plain clothed county sheriff officer would walk into the theater and get about 8 feet ahead of the neighbor child and would turn and snap a photogenic photo of the child sitting watching these horrable movies and it would obviously appear on the photogenic photo’s that the child is alone! After several trips such as this THEN the Dunham family began inviting the neighbor child’s mom to come along, this time the Dunham family took the neighbor child and his mom to see Disney movies, and this time the neighbor child’s mom was sitting in that empty seat, and this time when the plain clothed county sheriff officer came into the theater that is when the mother of the Dunham family distracted the neighbor child’s mom as the county sheriff turned and snapped a photogenic photo towards the neighbor child and his mom!

1972 The Dunham family was planting stolen property onto the neighbor child’s property and were setting up the neighbor child’s brother to get the blame, when the neighbor child’s father reported the planted stolen property to the police the police officer SMIRKED and IMPLIED it must have been the child’s older brother! and after this the Dunham family committed a garage fire on the property behind the neighbor child’s home!

1973 The Dunham family realized that the neighbor child still remembered what happened in 1971 and that’s when the Multnomah county sheriff’s used their power of influence at schools to get the neighbor child kicked out of school and the neighbor child’s mom was told by the school she had to put her son on a prescription before he can come back to school, so she did, no one in the neighbor child’s family knew what it was, it had a weird name, the neighbor child did not find out what it was until he was 18 years old, it was speed!

The neighbor child’s brother and his father in 1973 were being heavily gang-stalked and targeted by groups of people in 1973! The neighbor child was being poisoned via prescription drugs, his older brother and his father were also being poisoned and gang-stalked and the neighbor child does not have all the details of it but was aware that many people were ganging up on the family and was afraid as was everyone else in the family!

By 1974 the neighbor child lost his older brother to organized stalkers that were setting him up for crimes, and he was complaining about being poisoned, and no one cared, the child’s father was also poisoned and he went to the hospital and the hospital covered it up by pretending heart attack!

All the male members of the family including the children were being gang-stalked and framed for crimes and were being poisoned and denied any form of help or recognition!

The neighbor child’s older brother was committed without ever getting a trial after he was framed and gang-stalked and blame-stalked by organized people and was severely retarded and mentally diminished from being poisoned, and government covered it up by committing him without ever giving the family any say or any way of fighting it or any way to even testify on his behalf!

By the time this neighbor child reached ten years old he was alone in his home, his whole family was destroyed and devastated by what happened to them, the child’s father was debilitated and disabled from being poisoned and got no recognition for it, the child’s mom had to work and all she could get was minimum wage jobs, and the neighbor child went years without ever seeing his brother and did not fully understand what happened!

Schools never cared about what happened to this neighbor child nor did they ever ask! Sting operatives frame people for sport and target anyone that witnesses their crimes!THEY EVEN TARGET 6 YEAR OLD CHILDREN! That neighbor child was ME! I never forgot what that damn county sheriff camera looked like nor did I ever forget any of the conversations back then! I can point out the damn house the county sheriff’s and the Dunham family went to to use doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people!

Terry Wagar


2 thoughts on “Sting Operatives Target And Frame And Poison Six Year Old Children!

  1. Guest says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about what happened to you and I pray that you will be able to find peace. What causes people to act like animals? I, too, am a victim of stalking and I pray every day for the courage and strength to endure. I was feeling sorry for myself until I read your story. You are very brave in telling it. I wish I had that kind of courage. I believe things happen for a reason and I hope this is just a test of my faith. God has always been in my life and at first I was tempted to blame him for not protecting me from these evil doers, but I can see now all the ways he still is with me and even though they have almost killed me, I’m not going to, or I pray I will not lose my faith in Hod.

    • I am beyond saving in this situation, they have already mortally wounded me by poisoning, only my anger and need for justice is keeping me going, there are a lot of fine people in this world, most of whom are not violent, who just want to live honest happy lives and not bother other people, and wish other people will allow them to be left alone, I used to be like that, until they targeted the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Portland police and their buddy’s/relatives/girlfriends targeted me and every member of my family in a sting operation and they began poisoning off my relatives and me and they even blackmailed me with threats and demands!

      I no longer have family members, they are either murdered by the sting operation or they were recruited into the sting becoming girlfriends to people in law enforcement, I no longer have a reason or purpose to live/survive in this world, I have lost everything I care about in this world, out of shear necessity I am now a warrior fighting for a just cause, I am fighting against my own fascist corrupt government and their so-called policing agency’s and demanding justice, not just for me, but for everyone else they have destroyed/framed/murdered in sting operations!

      If you truly believe in God then I encourage you to continue to believe, some people are destined to live quiet gentle lives, while others are forced to give up on peace and to become warrior’s fighting for the good in this world, I have already lost blood in this war in the trenches fighting corrupt police/sheriff sting operations and I will not cower to these organized killers, someone has to stand up to them, even if it gets me murdered off by them, and by God I will stand up to them!

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