My Wife And Her Daughters Joined Into A Murder Conspiracy With Authority’s And I Was Surrounded By them While They Had Me Debilitated By Poisoning Me! I Have Video Of Portland Police And County Sheriff’s Secretly Meeting With My Daughter Shawna Wagar And She Is Caught Lying About Them And Lying About What Stairs Their Using!

My wife Joan Wagar was having an affair with a Portland cop named Eric Carlson and she was hooking her daughters up within this cop along with other officer’s, when I discovered this and discovered officer Eric Carlson dyed his hair blond so he could impersonate me I tried to warn people about it, and that’s when my wife Joan Wagar poisoned me with antifreeze!

I was denied emergency services at the hospital and police used their power of influence with the doctors to cover up the poisoning, I was debilitated and could barely walk or talk, and I was surrounded by family members that were sleeping around with cops and were responsible for poisoning me and pretended nothings wrong knowing I could not get help by reporting it or by going to a hospital!

I was repeatedly denied emergency services and police repeatedly covered up my calls for help, at the beginning of my wife’s affair with this cop she was calling and referring to officer Eric Carlson by the nickname Doubleclick, and after my wife poisoned me officer Eric Carlson was referring to my wife by the nickname Mrs Dash in love letters!

Joan Wagar was not hiding her guilt from me and neither were her daughters, and because they knew I was severely debilitated from being poisoned by them they knew I could not leave the apartment, and they knew I could not get help from police!

Two years later my wife and her daughters and their lovers in the Portland police department and their partners committed a murder, and they tried framing me for it, and once again officer Eric Carlson was impersonating me for this and he and one of our daughters were posing for photogenic photo’s so that they could frame me!

I caught them all in the act on a audio recorder, which is how I know about it, and the audio recorder I put in my wife’s purse not only caught them in the act of a murder, it also caught them bragging about it shortly afterword’s at Clackamas Walmart to Walmart employees, and they admitted their setting me up to get the blame and were recruiting Walmart employees to lie for them while they printed flyers giving me the blame for what they just did!

All my calls for help were covered up by police over that as well, and I was still severely debilitated, I was at this time under the care of our oldest daughter, Shawna Wagar, who at the time faked being on my side while she secretly worked for the police as a sting operative and was helping them to murder me off by keeping me poisoned and debilitated!

In 2009 I caught under cover plain clothed law officer’s that were renting the apartment above mine meeting with Shawna Wagar outside our apartment and they were trying to hide it from me!

The three people going to the stairs next to my doorway are in law enforcement and are partners to officer Eric Carlson, the man in the white shoes IS officer Eric Carlson, and their renting apartments surrounding mine because these officer’s already committed a murder and were trying to frame me for it and already gave me blame using flyers, and their renting apartments surrounding mine to further frame me and to keep me debilitated by repeated poisonings and to coach and direct family members that joined into it as to how to frame me for their video surveillance cameras!

There were four people in law enforcement in front of the building waiting for Shawna Wagar to come back from walking the dog, three of whom headed to the apartment above mine, taking the stairs next to my doorway, while the forth officer waited in a car with a generic “pizza” sign on the roof!

When Shawna came into view the cop in that generic “pizza” car flashed his lights at Shawna Wagar calling her over to him and Shawna Wagar went to the car and got in!

The “pizza” car then went to the intersection down the street and turned around and Shawna Wagar got out of the car, and then both the pizza car and Shawna Wagar come into the parking lot together but separately and are trying to hide the fact they know each other!

The cop in that car goes up the same stairs the other three law officer’s took, the stairs next to my doorway, and my camcorder caught this, and after Shawna Wagar stepped through the door I asked her “What stairs did he take?” and Shawna Wagar outright lied about them saying “He took the other stairs next to the stairs by our door.” and that is an outright lie!

These officer’s and their civilian girlfriends are murderers and they frame people using doubles and photogenic photo’s and they poison their victims so they cannot get help!

I caught them in the act on video right after Shawna Wagar left the apartment to walk the dog, just so she could get further orders from her F-buddy’s in law enforcement!

Cops already edited this video altering the video and audio, and I am in too much pain to bother digging out a copy of the original, but their edited version is still good because it shows and demonstrates how authority’s and their civilian operatives surround their targets/victims and demonstrates how organized they are in their meetings and Shawna Wagar is still caught lying fore cops butts which makes her THEIR accomplice in murder and attempted murder!

I would love to upload the original but police already demonstrated how easy it is for them to alter video and audio and will just replace any original I upload so there is no point in uploading it!

Terry Wagar


3 thoughts on “My Wife And Her Daughters Joined Into A Murder Conspiracy With Authority’s And I Was Surrounded By them While They Had Me Debilitated By Poisoning Me! I Have Video Of Portland Police And County Sheriff’s Secretly Meeting With My Daughter Shawna Wagar And She Is Caught Lying About Them And Lying About What Stairs Their Using!

  1. Almost all evidence I upload about these cops and their girlfriends crimes gets edited and or altered or changed by authority’s immediately after I upload it!

    So if I say there is something specific on a video or on a audio and it is not there then you can bet authority’s altered it!

    • Kate says:

      Love your sites Layout….guess many fake ones will pop up now…just never seen it now….always on a cellphone….

      id meet up with you, if you wish….my last cross country trip I almost made it to Portland….im new bern nc

      I haven’t really done anything to the cops….they just like to bully people
      trolled them the other night….but they didn’t really say anything to me back, yea and nay
      I asked if the plural of cops is like cactus

      cacti copi

      whatever, I shouldn’t have said anything

      they are paid to hate me for ,datamining the internet over the years, so the power elites are scared of me, its pretty pathetic

      they claim im an anarchist, schizophrenic, a jewish neo Nazi and all kinds of bizarre lies they peddle to keep their budget

      you have one of the most informative sites, going on “gangstalking”

      believe EVERY single other one is FAKE
      although when I first read that on this site—-I didn’t want to believe it

      I believe the murder part….ive seen it go down, more or less

      it didn’t work, but they tried to kill the man anyway

      this was early on in the gangstalking….or mid way I reckon

      because im transgendered I just thought theyd gossip a lot about me

      at that business the stalkers…..really multiple felons paid to harass me for the police on Wilson nc

      over real or perceived sleights

      these worthless cops take themselves pretty seriously

      I like some of these local cops….once my boyfriend got arrested and the cop came and brought me all his stuff, and I can tell they are honest people

      another time, I found a wallet nd turned it in, and they were less friendly

      next time, this cop glares at me in recognition, but ive never been arrested , so I don’t know what his problem was, other than being a psychopathic African American police officer

      I guess he has to impress the others?

      why don’t u move if its so bad there?

      might be what I do…..I drove from NC to Colorado, and a undercover cop shows up and does a bunch of mimicking routines…..vague death threat type stuff////

      you might enjoy the “peace fresno” segment of “Fahrenheit 911”
      where this cop is hit and killed while speeding on his motorcycle

      and “peace fresno”
      learns hes a cop for the first time

      I totally dislike cops now

      another shooting in st Louis

      people will rise up, but how this will all play out I don’t know

      Ebola outbreak is doing good

      Are you a Christian?
      I believe we live right on the edge of the endtimes rapture or execution of the true church

      reading your blog is a real eye opener
      I didn’t know all the fun I was missing out on, with sex and drugs and murdering people!

      I think they found me so sociopathic, I could’ve become a gangstalker myself

      I almost joined the marines just to kill people, who are ostensibly communist or arab

      anyway, Jesus saved me from all that, I never got into the military
      or the police

      just never got arrested for anything

      had I been arrested, id have been a gangstalker

      truly God has a shield over his followers and saints

      you have nothing else to lose by accepting Jesus

      they want us both dead, no doubt

      im VERY skeptical gangstalkers….have a personal relationship with Jesus….so see, its actually pretty cool again like in pagan Rome, or Greece as I prefer ,as all the sex is sleazy like Greece

      my gangstalkers have sex with me, and tell me off the wall stuff
      but im not snitching on and framing people
      ive dumped my boyfriend and im pretty isolated, it sucks

      go out today and NOW, they get groups of young men to give me dirty looks and say awful stuff

      im not answering the door anymore

      BUT, i went into the national forest and got these targets hunters had shot up, so he might have thought I have a gun and he could get shot?

      they are pretty cowardly people
      I feel sorry for them, I know the cops are gangbanging them or giving them traffic tickets until they can

      sad….its human trafficking for them

      all over stuff like DUI, and seatbelts

      that’s why I witness to you to accept Jesus as your savior

      NONE of these folks are born again Christians

      im 37 years old this year, and have started really getting serious about my Christian faith…..and I just don’t think most Americans are born again

      we all sin, sin can be forgiven, but they are lukewarm about their faith
      if they even have any to begin with

      awesome if you ask me

      they could use a little stimulating race riots and terrorism

      I share that much in common with the power elites, except for what are usually poor americans, I hate the middle class and all their narcissism and asshole ness

      but ive been living at poverty level a long time, and survived suicidal years, psychiatric drugged out years, alcoholic years
      gangstalking by the rednecks for years

      its helped me….maybe military veterans have endured the stress of constant stalking and harassment in a combat zone, but these police and stalkers couldn’t be me


      they would blow their brains out, hang themselves

      they couldn’t do it

      that’s why the black community has some strong women, you know, youll be a mean son of a bitch after years of “gangstalking”

      ive noticed….here and there, talk of killing these people

      im not sure what form all this chaos will take, but keep in mind who has wronged you

      one man is saying hes going to beat them to death on their lawn

      they probably do live in fear

      im leaning towards mass cyanide poisoning the whole crew

      they truly are worthless people with no souls

      that’s how they got into it I guess

      and some may be demonic possession

      it takes a psychopath/sociopath

      which I thought I was one at one time
      but I was wrong
      but if you do this stuff for long enough
      your EVIL

      you don’t have to burn in the lake of fire with the police and their whores(TM)

      accept Jesus
      think of moving, I am

      anywhere I go, they send out even more crazy undercover cops
      Bakersfield police were talking about setting me up for a bank robbery

      and other mischief, so i fled the state

      they are REALLY obsessed with me, for some reason

      im not sure why

      I guess they fear I might be right about all this second coming of Jesus business and they are about to be punished for their wicked lifestyles?


      • My blog is not a “gang-stalking” website, just because I pointed out what those sites are does not make me one of them.

        Virtually all “gang-stalking” websites are about sting operatives trying to cover up police sting operations and to further terrorize and entrap anyone that is a real victim that goes to those websites.

        I am not a sting operative, I am a pissed off angry victim of sting operatives that wants justice, not just for me, but also for everyone else these people destroyed/murdered.

        I expose their crimes publicly without fear of death even though they repeatedly tried to kill me and I most certainly do not fear their courts either.

        I would like to point out that you are labeling yourself as schizophrenic which does not help you or make you believable in the eyes of other people.

        If you want people to think of you as a credible believable person then I highly recommend you stop labeling yourself as mental.

        You ask me if I am a Christian, I cannot answer that question, do I believe in God? Yes I do.

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