1971 Stings! Doubles! Photogenic! Poisonings! Planted Stolen Property! Fires!

1971 the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family framed a neighbor as a pedophile and the sheriff officer broke into the home of the person their framing and was acting as a photo double tossing out candy bars out of the house window, and the mother of the Dunham family brought her children and a neighbor child to that location and told the children to play in that yard and to pick up the candy bars that get tossed out the window!

While the sheriff officer was acting as a double inside their victims home tossing out candy bars to the children the mother of the Dunham family stayed across the street and was taking photogenic photo’s of it using a camera that belonged to the county sheriff’s!

When the county sheriff officer was done he said he was done and closed the window and the mother of the Dunham family yelled for the children to come back to her, and she proceeded to take the neighbor child she brought along back to his home!

The Dunham family was laughing and celebrating and cracking jokes and talked about celebrating and going out for a pizza after they drop off the neighbor child to his home, and the Dunham children were calling the person that lived in that house a pedophile during the walk!

The mother of the Dunham family was grinning from ear to ear while taking the photogenic Polaroid type photo’s she just took and stuffing them into an envelope, the neighbor child witnessed this, and the neighbor child being only 6 years old, not understanding what just happened, asked if he could have a photo, and the mother of the Dunham family told him he cannot have one, because those were special photo’s!

The neighbor child noticed the heavy metal camera the mother of the Dunham family was carrying and asked if he could hold it, never seeing such a camera before, and the mother of the Dunham family grinned saying that she borrowed it and it’s not hers and she has to return it after dropping off the child back to his home!

The neighbor child did not understand what happened and did not realize a crime took place and was surrounded by the Dunham family of which was celebrating and laughing and talking about going out for a pizza after they drop off the neighbor child, the neighbor child did notice a yellow/gold insignia on the large metal all green camera that belonged to the county sheriff’s but did not know what it was or what it stood for, the neighbor child was ONLY SIX YEARS OLD AT THE TIME and did not even know what a pizza was and did not know what a pedophile was!

After the Dunham family dropped off the neighbor child to his home he walked inside his home eating candy bars, and his mother asked him “Where did you get all those candy bars?” and the child said while munching on a candy bar “They took me to see a nice pedophile, he gave them to us.” and the child did not understand what was going on, but his mothers jaw dropped to the floor in shock, and she said “Stay here!” and she bolted out the door to talk to the mother of the Dunham family about what went on!

When the neighbor child’s mother came back she did not seem angry and did not further question her son any further, I must presume the Dunham family told her lies and she believed them,if she had questioned her child further she may have would have saved her family from a murder conspiracy, because from this point forward the county sheriff’s and the Dunham family focused their attentions on this little child and his family, and were using photogenic photo’s to frame the child and his parents right after this indecent!

That little child of six years old that was used by sheriff’s and civilian sting operatives to frame a neighbor, became targeted by those very people right after the fact and two years later that child and his older brother and his father were being poisoned by the sheriff’s and by the Dunham family!

That six year old child had no idea what was going on, had no clue he witnessed a neighbor being framed, and as a consequence of not knowing, he and his family became targeted by these very people that framed a neighbor!

I was that six year old child back in 1971, and me and my family became targeted by police/county sheriff sting operations ever since, and the Dunham family befriended my mother in order to gain continued access to me and was taking me to the movies on a weekly basis, and they were deliberately having me sit one seat away from the Dunham family so I would appear to others that I was alone, and the sheriff’s used a plain clothed officer to come into the theater and to snap photogenic photo’s of me while I was in the theater!

The Dunham family was taking me when I was only six years old to see movies that had sex scenes, murder scenes, rape scenes, they took me to a spring break type movie where a woman topless laying on the beach had her top stolen by a dog at the beginning of the movie, The topless lady chased after the dog down the beach topless, The mother of the Dunham family waited for that entire scene to finish before taking me and her son out of there, and only because other movie goers noticed and complained she had small chioldren watching THAT type of movie!

later on on another trip to the movies she took me to see the movie Basket Case! Their were nude scenes and rape scenes and scary scenes not appropriate for a child,she made me and her youngest son sit through the ENTIRE MOVIE while a plain clothed cop/sheriff sat in front of me,and only one time during that movie did she tell me to cover my eyes, and while my eyes were covered by my hands the plain clothed officer sitting in front of me turned around and was snapping photogenic photo’s of me!
That officer cracked a joke during that with the mother of the Dunham family, he was amused by the fact that I was peaking through my fingers thinking I was watching the part in the movie, when in fact I was peaking at the man snapping the photogenic photo’s of me and became aware at this point every time some dude took photo’s of me that the mother of the Dunham family knew the person, and each and every time they took me to the theater they were trying to hide this from me!

All the other times she took me to the theater a man would walk into the theater before the movie started and would walk several feet ahead of me and would turn and snap a photo of me and then would step out of the theater again!

This process was repeated over and over and over by them!

Each time I was taken by the Dunham family to the theater the mother of that Dunham family INSISTED on all of us having the same seats each and every time! and she insisted I sit one seat separate from her and her family!

One time we got to the theater there were other people sitting in those seats, most of the theater was empty, there were plenty of other seats, but the mother of the Dunham family was insisting on having those same seats, she asked those people if they could move somewhere else, and they refused, so she told her son to take me to the bathroom, and when we got back she managed to get those exact same seats!

Each and every time the Dunham family took me out somewhere there was some sort of weird behavior going on that I did not understand, I was too young to know what was going on, but it was all so weird that I NEVER FORGOT ABOUT IT!

After several trips like this over several months the Dunham family began inviting my mother to come along, and when that happened the Dunham family took us to see a Disney movie with Tim Conway and Don Knots, and right as the man that kept snapping photo’s of me walked in the mother of the Dunham family distracted my mother, and the man snapped a photo in our direction, and then walked out of the theater!

My mother was sitting in that empty seat the mother of the Dunham family always insisted stay empty this time, and once again we were in the same seats the Dunham family always insisted on, only this time my mother was in that seat the mother of the Dunham family insisted stay empty!

Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family greatly rely on and use PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S and DOUBLES to frame people, and me and my family became targeted by them right after they got done framing a neighbor that lived a block away from my home!

BY 1972 the Dunham family and the county sheriff’s were planting stolen property onto our property, and when my father reported to the police we found what appeared to be stolen property on our property the cop just grinned at my father an evil implying grin and implied that my older brother must have been responsible, my older brother was partially retarded and was like 13 years old at the time, we knew he did not do it, but it is around this time people were giving us blame for things, rumors were being spread about us behind our backs at this time, and it was the Dunham family that was fostering those rumors, it took me years to find out about that!

The Dunham family also started a garage fire shortly after this right behind our house on another lot that was near our house!

By 1973 my brother was around thirteen years old, and he was being gang-stalked and harassed and beaten by people in the neighborhood, me and my brother went to the park to go swimming, and me and my brother were being harassed by organized teenagers that deliberately had it out for us, we left the pool and tried to leave the park but were followed and ambushed by those teens, their were four of them, all of them way bigger than me!

They deliberately picked a fight with my brother, they even were picking a fight with me as well, and I was way younger and smaller than them, they attacked my brother as a group, and in a panic knowing I cannot help me brother I ran home which was two blocks away to tell my mother!

Later that year the children of the Dunham family asked me if I remember what happened in 1971, I told them I did, and it was shortly after that that my school dropped me out of school with no warning and told my mother in a letter I cannot go bacvk to school until I go on a certain prescription, so my mother took me to a doctor to get the prescription so I could go back to school!

I found out when I was 18 years old that prescription they put me on was speed, they were trying to destroy my memory’s and were poisoning me with that crap, and I WAS ONLY EIGHT YEARS OLD AT THE TIME!

It was also in 1973 that my older brother and my father were being HEAVILY targeted by the Dunham family AND by county sheriff officer’s and by police officer’s!

My father in 1973 was surrounded by sting operatives at his place of employment and were deliberately trying to set him up at work and were at the same time destroying his name and reputation at his place of work, he lost his job over it, and my brother was being terrorized by people in our neighborhood, the Dunham family and anyone else in that neighborhood that was connected to people in law enforcement were terrorizing him every time he left our house, he was stocked by multiple people that vilified him behind our backs, and neighbors refused to warn us this was happening to him!

We knew he was being terrorized by bad people, my brother told us about it, but no one warned us organized people were vilifying us behind our backs, so these organized people rely very heavily also on vilifying the people they target!

While I was being doped up on crap drugs to mess up my memory my father and brother ended up poisoned as well, but in their cases they ended up going to the hospital!

Because it was sting operatives that did this to us no one at any hospital would help us, no one would take toxicology tests, and me and my brother and my father were ill from being poisoned, AND NOBODY IN THAT FASCIST NEIGHBORHOOD CARED!

Terry Wagar


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