Short Explanation Of Police Sting Operations!

ALL sting operations are about organized people in law enforcement and their civilian operatives which usually consists of people that are either buddy’s to law enforcement and relatives of people in law enforcement and girlfriends of people in law enforcement and the purpose of all sting operations is the organized targeting of individuals for the purpose of framing/entrapping.murdering of their targets!

Sting operations have been done by authority’s and their civilian operatives for many decades, with no oversight into their practices, and their is no limit to the amount of civilians police can recruit in sting operations, which is WHY they tend to recruit anyone they are buddy’s to or people they are related to or even people they have sexual relations with!

Common tactics of sting operations consist of but not limited to taking over the surrounding area surrounding their target where their target lives, an example would be if a target lives in an apartment, then sting operatives would take over around 4 to 8 apartments surrounding the target in order to have full control over the area!

Sting operatives tend to stage in a street theater fashion crimes using operatives whether they are under cover cops or civilian operatives, and do so with intent of framing/blaming the target!

Police rely on surrounding their target with civilian operatives so that police can use them as witnesses in a trial and to testify against the target and give blame to the target and to back up the lies of authority’s in t5he prosecution of the target!

Another common tactic of sting operatives is to use doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame their targets and use such photogenic photo’s to vilify in the eyes of other people so people will view the target as a bad guy without even bothering with a trial, and police use those staged photogenic photo’s to vilify their target on TV news stations and on news websites all the time!

ALL sting operatives are paid, trained, liars and are immune to prosecution because government allows and permits police to keep their sting operations covert and therefore they are not required in courts to admit to such operations and because of this any and all complaints on sting operations tend to get ignored and suppressed and stonewalled and victims of sting operations have no recourse at law for remedy should they become victim of a sting operation!

Many victims of sting operations get poisoned by the operatives that are surrounding them, victims become ill, and police use their power of influence at hospitals to cover up the poisonings and because of police influence with doctors at hospitals the hospital will not take a toxicology test and will pretend on their paperwork to not know what is wrong with the patient!

The way average people would hook up a water filtration system to their sink to purify their tap water just so happens to be sting operatives favorite way of slowly poisoning to death their targets, sting operatives will hook up a water filtration system to their targets water tap line and will hill it with concentrate poison, thus the target each and every time he/she makes a meal or makes a pot of coffee is getting slowly poisoned to death!

Dirty trick of sting operatives is that most all apartment managers/landlords tend to be people that are either related to people in law enforcement or are buddy’s to people in law enforcement or are or were past girlfriends to people in law enforcement, in other words their sting operatives!

Most people working in the news media tend to be either people that are buddy’s to people in law enforcement, or related to people in law enforcement, or are or were past girlfriends to people in law enforcement, in short they are also sting operatives!

Because of this organized corruption running rampant within our system most people know little or nothing about sting operations, and that is by design because the system does not WANT people to know or understand in detail what a sting operation is or what they do or what they are about!

Terry Wagar


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