FBI Ignores Complaints On Cops And County Sheriff Officer’s And On Their Civilian operatives!

Since Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s admit to cover up of my complaints I am forced to formally charge them publicly just so I can prove I am charging them!

The FBI ignores any and all complaints on cops and county sheriff officer’s and their civilian operatives and refuses to respond to formal criminal complaints I make, so I chose to report/post these crimes ON THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE to show and demonstrate how law enforcement agency’s ignore and stonewall any formal criminal complaint s on officer’s!

I as a citizen have the right to report crimes such as murder and criminal conspiracy’s and poisonings and criminal actions of law enforcement officer’s and I am exorcizing that right publicly since police/sheriff’s and their civilian operatives bragged on audio death threats my calls for help are covered up by police!

Here is a screenshot of me calling out local authority’s on the FBI Facebook page on their crimes!

FBI Ignores Complaints On Cops 08-14-2014

This screenshot was taken by me on August 14th 2014.

Terry Wagar


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