So-Called Gang-Stalking Is Actually Police Sting Operations!

All gang-stalking is police sting operations carried out by police and by their civilian operatives, and their civilian operatives tend to be people either related to people in law enforcement or are friends to people in law enforcement and or are girlfriends to people in law enforcement!

All so-called gang-stalking methods are actually police sting operation methods and it is our government that invented the term gang-stalking as a way of hiding the fact it is police sting operations!

By tricking victims into referring to the actions/deeds/crimes as gang-stalking the victims of such crimes are duped into NOT blaming police/GOV for the crimes!

There is no limit to the amount of civilians police can recruit into sting operations, and once a civilian becomes a sting operative they tend to be so for the rest of their lives!

Police sting operations have existed for many many decades, but because of the invention and common use of the internet many victims began sharing their horror story’s over the internet and people began comparing notes so to speak, which is WHY our GOV invented and POPULARIZED the term gang-stalking so as to give people a way of describing the crimes and actions and deeds of the perpetrators WITHOUT ever giving actual blame to the people responsible, the police!

People that try to popularize the term gang-stalk or gang-stalking tend to NEVER say anything about police sting operations, and that is intentional on their part because they want to distract people away from the issue as to who is responsible and how it is funded and how they recruit people into it, by calling it a sting operation you now know how they do it and how they get away with it and how they fund it and how they recruit people into it!

ONLY law enforcement in an organized manor targets people, and it’s government/police that recruit civilian operatives into it! under the pretense of conducting an investigation police can freely stalk people and terrorize people and stage crimes near their targets home to frame their target for crimes and police regularly use street theater tactics in sting operations!

Even retired cops continue to stalk people and to act as sting operatives for police, and so do most apartment managers, most apartment managers ARE civilian sting operatives and many have been so for many years!

Civilian operatives tend to get high paying jobs because of police influence with corporations and get high paying jobs at utility’s or as managers in grocery stores or jobs as bank tellers and or bank managers!

Civilian sting operatives get paid cash along with getting benefits from law enforcement such as free house’s taken by law enforcement and or get high paying jobs and they get the perks of being immune to prosecution because police do not arrest their civilian operatives no matter what complaint someone makes on them!

Civilian operatives are paid trained liars and deceivers and spend their whole lives as part of their Fascist government system as loyal to their system and will tell any lie police want them to tell, and police regularly use their civilian operatives to back up false complaints on their targets!

The idea that people try to cover up sting operations by inventing new terms to describe old organized crime tactics is disgusting, sting operations have been used to target people for many decades and the idea that this government tries to hide and conceal the fact that sting operations are targeting and framing and even killing off people by renaming the deeds gang-stalking is outright enraging!

If you think of your police and your first responders and their buddy’s and relatives and girlfriends as (The Clan) then it all gets a lot easier to understand, just because police stopped wearing their hoods and robes in exchange for badges does not change the fact police nowadays target people in much the same way the KKK did back in the 1920’s, they vilify the hell out of their targets and murder off their targets!

In the 1970’s the police and their civilian operatives targeted people then using sting tactics which consisted of street theater performances and they even staged/committed crimes using officer’s as photo doubles and would use civilian operatives to take photogenic photo’s of the double near children so that they could frame their target as a pedophile!

In the 1970’s the civilian sting operatives always owned and used police scanners in order to keep track of the people police were targeting and would help police in framing people in their neighborhoods that police had it out for!

That’s the 1970’s people, and there was no such thing as the term gang stalking, but the term sting operation or “sting” was very well known!

The system literally gangs up on their targets and will vilify their targets via word of mouth accusations behind their targets backs so that they are unaware they are under attack, and police and their civilian operatives tend to take their time setting up their targets and will stage several crimes and give blame to their target WAY before there is a trial or before it goes onto the news!

The whole time under cover police and their civilian operatives will Gaslight their target inside and outside their homes, making their lives a living hell, and it is intentional on the part of police to do this because if the target complains about it it makes the target appear mentally ill to other people that are not witness to what the target is experiencing!

Sting operations tend to recruit whole neighborhoods partially into the stings, police and civilian operatives spend a great deal of time vilifying their target behind their targets back to other people, and it is THAT process that sting operatives rely on to isolate their target from any form of help or support from neighbors/friends!

There is virtually not much difference from sting operatives and the KKK from the 1920’s, they both are organized and are imbedded within our government, they both have/had influence with news media of the times, they both police of today and the KKK of the 1920’s had the community’s support, so all they needed to do was vilify their targets so that they appear in the eyes of the masses to be justified in targeting of their targets!

Recent government propaganda wants people that try to warn people about being targeted to be tricked into referring to such organized crimes as gang-stalking so that GOV can continue to hide the fact that it is police sting operations that are responsible, and news media contributes to the propaganda as well and also helps the government to conceal most sting operations and news media is notorious for not disclosing DETAILS of police sting operations when they are admitted to by police!

I compare modern sting operations with the KKK of the 1920’s for the simple reason that they both are organized and both during their time targeted people and both during their time had the support of their community’s and both had the news media on their side and both vilified the hell out of their targets in order to appear justified!

Both modern police and the KKK of the 1920’s see themselves as the law and do not impose the law onto themselves and both had the support of their relatives and their friends and even their girlfriends, and just like today with modern news media being biased in favor of police in the 1920’s news media was biased in favor of the KKK!

Both police and the KKK targeted people and both are known to murder off people, and just like the police of today, it was impossible in the 1920’s to get a member of the KKK arrested, any complaints on the KKK in the 1920’s went ignored and not acted upon, which that is how it is today with modern police!

Police of today are much more covert in their operations than the KKK was in the 1920’s, the KKK back then was openly Fascist, while modern police of today is covertly Fascist!

Under the pretense of a sting operation police are free to engage in any criminal activity they wish with immunity to prosecution, they are free to lie to people and are free to deceive people with immunity, all for the purpose of framing/entrapping their targets for prosecution!

Police sting operations have no limit to the amount of people they recruit into sting operations, and because of this they regularly try to recruit their targets friends and relatives and coworkers into the sting, and it is that process along with the covert vilifying of their target that is the main reason police take their time framing their targets!

If the police’s target has a wife then police will definitely try to recruit their targets wife into the sting, and the beginning stages of such a recruitment as that begins with operatives getting close to the targets wife, such as getting jobs where the wife works, and they try to get her into an affair!

Once they have the wife of the target onto their side then the targets wife begins vilifying the target to others in the family and sting operatives coach the wife as to how to do it!

They vilify the hell out of their targets, and if they recruit family members of the target into the sting, then they can easily set up their target much easier by coaching the targets family members as to how to do it!

When police frame people they tend to frame people for the most horrible crimes you can think of, such as sex crimes or robbery’s or break ins, anything they can think of to make their target appear as bad as they can to other people! and they usually have their civilian operatives to back up false complaints on their targets so as to give the appearance to others that the target is a monster, so no one will feel sympathy for the target if the target gets shot by police!

Most websites on the internet pushing the term “gang-stalking” are actually sting operations in and of themselves put in place by GOV and are designed to frame/entrap anyone that goes to such websites!

Most websites that push the gang-stalking term usually never makes mention as to who the people responsible are and prefers to only make mention of some of the deeds committed by gang-stalkers (sting operations)because they have no intention of identifying who the perpetrators are!

Such websites tend to give vewry little information and instead want to talk about nonsense stuff such as “Brainwave Torture” or other such nonsense, as a matter of fact almost all websites pushing the gang-stalking term usually also pushes garbage in order to make visitors of their websites appear to be mental, which is the intent of sting operations on the web, to discredit sting victims as witnesses!

Most gang-stalking websites want so-called TI’s to join in on conference calls with other so-called TI’s and that’s because it is a sting operation and they want to make their targets appear as bad as possible, and anything you say in a conference call can be used against their target in court, not to mention police sting operations have no qualms what-so-ever in tampering with such audio!

Gang-stalking websites are just more sting operations run by people in law enforcement or are connected to law enforcement, and their purpose is to confuse victims of sting operations by tricking them into thinking of it as something else, while the sting operation further destroys their target via the targets regular visits to websites talking about “Brain chips” and other such nonsense to create a appearance in court their target is mentally ill, and to use so-called meetings and conference calls with so-called other TI’s to further frame/entrap/discredit their targets!

Police have no qualms in prostitution stings in pretending to want to have sex with their targets in order to frame/entrap their targets, well police also have no problem creating websites designed to further harass and entrap and frame their targets that are seeking help online and will direct them to such sting websites in order to further frame/entrap/discredit their targets as witnesses!

Yes FBI is most definitely involved in sting operations, they tend to have bigger/larger targets and stings going on than local police do, but most sting operations target normal average people, and it is local police and local civilian operatives that do most all targeting!

One last thing, websites that push the term gang-stalking also push the term TI’s and they want people that are victims to refer to themselves that way, that is a mistake, if you are a victim of sting operations then you are a VICTIM! NOT a TI!

The more you know!

Terry Wagar


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