The Myth Of Gang-stalking vs The Reality Of Sting Operations!

There are a lot of people on the internet pushing a newly invented term on the internet in order to hide and conceal police sting operations and that term is Gang-stalking!

Police sting operations have been done by police agency’s for many many decades and do not hide nor conceal the fact they target people in sting operations and do not hide the fact they recruit civilian’s into sting operations, but what they do hide is the fact when they target people they are usually framing their targets and using sting operatives to terrorize and harass their targets and even commit murders, so police try to hide THOSE type of sting operations!

Because of the invention of the internet many people that get targeted by sting operations started networking on the internet and comparing story’s and were trying to figure out who is doing this to people and why are they doing it!

Because the actions and deeds of sting operations are not hidden many people on the internet were exposing these actions and deeds, and police agency’s felt the need to invent a mysterious boogey man group in order to give blame to without pointing fingers at authority’s!

So the federal government invented the term “gang-stalk” and “gang-stalking” and popularized the terms over the internet and gave the newly invented words credibility by putting definitions of the term in official dictionary’s as a way of giving the newly invented term an official backing BY the government!

By doing this the government has successfully conceal organized police sting operations from exposure by inventing and creating a new term to describe the deeds and actions of police sting operations and succeeded in hiding the fact such operations are in fact police sting operations.

The federal government, in support of this new invented term, began funding sting operations of organized operatives to launch fake gang-stalking websites in order to gain control of how people view these organized crimes, and to continue to further terrorize anyone that seeks help from such websites!

When people, real victims, speak out about being targeted by organized people, they describe the deeds and the actions of the organized criminals, but because they use the term gang-stalked they are in effect concealing WHO the guilty party’s are and concealing their motives!

In other words real victims get tricked into NOT accusing local authority’s and their civilian operatives and instead blame a mystery group of people with no motive or funding!

Now sting operations have targeted people and harassed people and terrorized people and framed people and even murdered people and police have been doing this actively and openly since the early 1970’s, so these tactics and crimes are not new at all!

Because of the internet people, for the first time, were able to share their horror story’s of being targeted and compare them to other people’s horror story’s, and because of this networking the government felt the need to INVENT a boogey man group and a new term to use to describe the actions and deeds of the organized people WITHOUT GIVING BLAME TO POLICE!

So when someone tries to describe these crimes as gang-stalking then there is a good chance that they are either tricked  by the government to refer to these crimes as gang-stalking, or they are sting operatives trying to further popularize the term gang-stalking as a way of concealing police sting operations.

Police do not admit they gang-stalk people, but they DO ADMIT to sting operations, and police from time to time even admit they recruit civilians into sting operations! and everyone knows sting operations are funded by the government!

So to refer to the deeds and actions and organized crimes these organized criminals commit as sting operations, you are now identifying WHO the stalkers are, HOW they are organizing it, and HOW they fund it, AND HOW they get away with it!

Sting operation tactics are nothing new, police have used their tactics for many decades to target people and to harass people and to terrorize people and to even frame people and murder people!

So now you know what gang-stalking is and why your government WANTS you to think of the organized criminals actions and deeds and crimes as gang-stalking and why they desperately DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW IT’S POLICE STING OPERATIONS!

Someone by the name Eleanor White coined those terms gang-stalk and gang-stalking, and she herself is a sting operative FOR the FBI!

Terry Wagar


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