Steps You Can Take To Help You Survive A Corrupt Sting Operation!

Sting operatives are corrupt and organized and are used to getting away with framing people and commonly recruit civilians into sting operations in order to frame people and teach the civilians they recruit how to lie and how to plant evidence and how to perform for video surveillance in order to make their victims appear as bad guys!

Everything sting operatives do is staged and faked just like any other sting operation and they put on performances for video surveillance in order to make their targets/victim appear guilty on video by the shear performance of the sting operatives!

Sting operatives surround their target and stage and fake crimes and try to make their target appear guilty by the fact that the target is nearby while the sting operatives fake crimes!

Sting operatives are notorious womanizers and enjoy recruiting their targets wives into the sting and usually gain the women onto their side by instigating an affair with the women by one or more of the sting operatives!

Sting operatives take their time framing their target taking around several months but are also known to target certain people for years, and sting operatives use that time to stage multiple crimes in order to create/fabricate a case against the target and to build a false history of complaints on their target!

Police usually have their civilian operatives to back up those complaints, and cops and news media is notorious for keeping such people anonymous in order to conceal from the general public the complainants connections with law enforcement!

NO ONE takes complaints on sting operatives or on sting operations and 911 first responders will never take a complaint on stings, if you discover you are being targeted by organized people with an agenda to frame you do not expect 911 first responders to take your complaint and expect news media to ignore your complaint entirely!

Sting operations are nothing more than organized criminals working together to commit/stage crimes in order to frame innocent people by association and it’s dirty practices by police, they are literally committing crimes and then giving blame to their targets!

Sting operations have a lot to hide and for good reason, their guilty of criminal conspiracy and they know it therefore they try to hide the details of their operations, which is why news media is so vague in the details of police admitted sting operations!

If you suspect you are a target of sting operations then your best defense is a good offense, you should immediately warn people you may be the target of a corrupt sting operation and warn people those operatives may be turning people against you behind your back with slanderous lies!

It’s kind of hard for police to frame you for a crime when you already warned people your being framed by a corrupt bunch of criminals in law enforcement!

People you should warn, friends and relatives and coworkers and neighbors, do not waste your time warning your landlord or apartment manager because I can assure you ALL LANDLORDS AND APARTMENT MANAGERS lie for police and assist police in any police operation regardless of whether you did something wrong or not, so warning your landlord/apartment manager is the same as warning your enemy you know about them!

Further steps to protect yourself from corrupt sting operations is to publicize the fact you are being targeted, report it over the internet on blogs, if you get admissible evidence that you are being stalked by sting operatives them publicize it on the internet, keep copy’s of any and all evidence you acquire, never surrender evidence to police unless you already have back ups/copy’s of it first and have such copy’s hidden and tell no one3 where it is!

If you are targeted by police and or civilian operatives and you acquire evidence on it if you surrender it to police it is the same thing as tossing it into a black hole, police ALWAYS cover for sting operatives and make evidence disappear just like that, and have no qualms what-so-ever in looking you in the face and smirk and say “What evidence? you never gave us evidence!” so take precautions with evidence!

If you get charged by a sting operation then expect your attorney to be secretly pro-police and will provide you the weakest defense possible to make it easy for police and prosecutors and news media to vilify you and to railroad you into prison, which is why the best defense is to warn people BEFORE it gets to this point, because once police have you incarcerated it’s near impossible to warn anyone, and police and news media will vilify you all over TV news and all over the internet!

If you are innocent and have reason to believe you are being framed and have reason to believe your being railroaded in court while news media and local police vilify you, and no one cares your saying your innocent, then you may need to take drastic steps to draw attention to the fact you are being framed and railroaded!

Maybe kicking the cops buddy the judge in the nuts in open trial may draw attention to the fact your being framed!

Terry Wagar

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