Portland Police And Multnomah County Sheriff’s Use The Same Tactics Over And Over Again!

Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s pay their civilian sting operatives (their buddy’s and relatives and their girlfriends) TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to back up false accusations on police sting operations targets and I have them on video demonstrating it and doing it and have them ADMITTING to it!

Police sting officer’s will pay their girlfriends that have children TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to falsely accuse a target of the cops as a pedophile and to back up false accusations on the target and police even stage crimes using officer’s as doubles dressed as the target and their girlfriends children get directed by police as to what to say and do with the double and they do it for photogenic photo’s when they use doubles!

These are sting tactics police and their civilian operatives use to frame innocent people as pedophiles and they use these tactics over and over and over again and have used these tactics regularly since the early 1970s and they have a name for it they call it pedofying!

In a typical sting fashion police will surround their targets apartment using their police powers to evict neighbors and will take over the surrounding apartments surrounding their target and fill those apartments with under cover cops and with civilian operatives and will spend several months staging crimes in the targets neighborhood using an officer dressed as a double of the target and will use the civilian operatives to back up complaints on the target!

By operating under the pretense they are investigating their target the apartment manager will cooperate with any and all requests from authority’s and will be mums the word to the target about him/her being surrounded by sting operatives!

Police take their time setting people up this way and usually stage several crimes over a several month history in order to frame their target as a monster and as a person with a history of complaints on him/her!

Police try to hide this from the target, the target is usually unaware that their being set up, which is why they are not warning people about it, if the target suspects or finds out their being targeted and complains to the apartment manager then the apartment manager ignores his/her complaints and simply evicts the target as a way of getting rid of the problem!

If the target becomes homeless and has no access to TV then police usually stage multiple robbery crimes and publicizes the crimes on TV and of course gives the targets description and or name or both to the public and police pretends the person is on the run from the law, when in fact the person/target is simply homeless and unable to even hear about what is on TV news and is unaware of the staged crimes officer’s are setting him/her up for!

Police usually murder off people this way under these type of sting operations, and completely ignore the fact the person is not on the run at all, and news media will also ignore the fact the murdered target was not on the run and was just homeless!

Once the police’s target is dead then police and news media will just portray the murdered victim as a monster with multiple false accusations of which police will never back up in a criminal court, and police are never arrested or charged with these murders, so it is just a matter of police and news media vilifying their target to the point where no one will care and complain, and that’s how easy it is for police to get away with murder while operating under the pretense of a sting operation!

Police use the combinations of photo doubles and photogenic photo’s to portray their target as a bad guy and will use paraphernalia such a porn and or drug paraphernalia planted in the targets home or vehicle to make their target appear guilty of crimes, and they pay their civilian operatives to back up false story’s and false events to give police the appearance to the public that they are justified in the use of deadly force, and no one questions any of it, and news media assists police in destroying their targets name and reputations in order to help police appear justified when in fact they are nothing more than organized trained liars and killers, and they use these same tactics over and over and over again and get away with it!

Terry Wagar

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