Victimized By A Lifetime Of Sting Operations!

1970 I was 5 or 6 years old and I witnessed the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family framing a neighbor as a pedophile by using a double and photogenic photo’s and the county sheriff officer was acting as the double!

I and my family members became targeted by the county sheriff’s and the Dunham family ever since, and they targeted me and my mother first because I witnessed them committing the crimes and made mention to it to my mother!

The Dunham family befriended my mother to get close to me and they took me to see movies with the Dunham family for several months and they were taking me to see very bad inappropriate movies and insisted on using the same seats over and over again and they insisted on me sitting with at least one empty chair between us because they were taking photo’s of me sitting in that theater once again using photogenic photo’s!

After repeating this process several times they began inviting my mother to come along to the theater, and then we watch decent Disney movies, and a Dunham family member would distract my mother while a man took a photogenic photo of her sitting next to me in the theater, photogenic photo’s and staging shit to frame people is their thing!

After this the county sheriff’s and the Dunham family were targeting my brother and father, my brother was getting into all kinds of trouble caused by the Dunham family, and they were trying to hide the fact from us they were destroying our names and reputations behind our backs!

They poisoned both my brother and my father, my father became disabled, and my brother was being gang-stalked by multiple people in law enforcement that were connected to the Dunham family, and they did basically to my brother what they did to a neighbor, they staged and faked crimes and then gave my brother the blame!

My brother was locked up without ever having a trial, my whole family was targeted, and county sheriff’s ordered the schools I went to to prescribe speed to me because they wanted my memory’s fucked and used prescriptions assigned and ordered by the school to do that, so I was also being poisoned at a young age!

1999 I am around 35 years old with a wife and three daughters, my wife got a job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen, and in only one and a half months time my wife and everyone on her side of the family were recruited by county sheriff’s into sting operations!

Their first assignment was to frame me and to help them to murder off my parents, they told my wife to quit her job to conceal her connections with authority’s and authority’s arranged to take over the surrounding apartments surrounding mine and my parents!

Three days after my wife quit her job her buddy’s in authority had possession of the next door apartment to mine, and they were at the same time bothering and pressuring my mother, who was disabled at the time living in her own home in another state, to take in a sting operative that was a look-a-like of me!

Law enforcement and my wife arranged to get me and our daughters out of town for a day, and that’s when authority’s bugged our apartment!

Then authority’s coached my wife and her sisters to fill my yard with paraphernalia such as cars and multiple pools, very large pools costing over three hundred dollars each, and a large trampoline also costing over three hundred dollars!

After my wife turned our yard into a playground spending thousands of mystery dollars she never admitted to it’s origin my mother and this look-a-like that moved in with her showed up for a claimed visit!

This look-a-like the county sheriff’s were using to frame me pressured my mother into selling her home to buy a motor home so that they could visit me!

While I had to deal with this situation, on the other side of town my father was being heavily gang-stalked and harassed by plain clothed officer’s that were using constant sting tactics to harass and terrorize my father!

Where I lived our daughters bikes during this time were constantly being stolen by my wife’s buddy’s in law enforcement, and they even staged a car fire, a FULL BODY CAR FIRE thirty feet away from my apartment of which I had to deal with!

I kicked this look-a-like off my property a month later, and two weeks after that that double battered my mother, and when I went to where they were staying to pick my mother up because she was frightened by this man I was met by that double AND by two Portland police officer’s!

Those officer’s were not hiding the fact they were on this double’s side WITHOUT ever hearing my mother’s side of things and they told me while smirking I had to abandon my mothers motor home to this double because the lease to the spot where the motor home sat was in the doubles name!

This double battered my mother, and when I show up to help her and to get her away from this batterer the cops WITH the double confront ME and treat ME like a criminal, and their fucking smirking!

A month later my wife poisoned my mother, she admitted to my mothers face she did, and my mother ran out of our home in a panic and went to a payphone to call 911 for help!

Police and county sheriff’s did not act on my mother’s complaint nor did they question anyone about it! they covered it up!

Three weeks later I see my father at a bus stop and pull over to talk to him and I found out he was also poisoned, around the same time, and he told me it was those plain clothed officer’s that were doing it to him!

Three days after warning me about them he was dead, and a county sheriff officer came to my door to tell me he died, and he hinted to the fact the county sheriff’s are responsible by saying to me “Before I came over hear to tell you he died I entered his home to remove his meds!” and the county sheriff officer was smirking when he said that!

My father was not on meds, any meds!

For the next several days in a roll I got threatening and repeated phone calls from too different law officer’s, each of them were making demands and threats and were lying about who they were! I was being blackmailed at this point and they were not hiding this fact!

An hour after I got the last threatening phone call my wife and her sister were filling my home with porn and with life-sized Barbie dolls at the direction of their buddy’s in law enforcement who were renting the apartment NEXT DOOR AT THE TIME!

Two days later I witnessed our oldest daughter copying a card that had printed paragraphs on it into her diary as though they are her words when they clearly are being directed by who printed the card!

I discovered our oldest daughter was labeling me as a pedophile in it and was being directed as to what to write in it by whoever gave her that card, she wrote down no actual events such as her grandmothers visit nor did she make mention of the look-a-like I kicked off my property, and she made no mention at all about her grandfathers very very recent death!

A month later I discovered the Dunham family was involved in this, they moved into my neighborhood after I moved into my neighborhood, they lived several blocks away, and their children were palling around with my children at our daughters school, and everyone was trying to hide that from me!

One month later I was formally charged with forty four pedophile felony charges that turned to ZERO TEN DAYS LATER because authority’s had no intention of having a trial, they always pedofy their victims before they murder their victims, and it was their way of reminding me I AM BEING BLACKMAILED BY THESE PEOPLE!

2005 After 6 years of constant harassment and being stalked and set up by authority’s constantly staging crimes and giving blame to their target, they eased up a bit, for a while!

But they kicked back into full gear in January 2005, I got battered by the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s on January 18th 2005 at East Port Walmart, my wife was inside Walmart at the time and was with officer’s inside that store when I was battered outside the store!

I got a broken rib and a messed up knee, and no one called 911 for an ambulance for me, instead since they had me debilitated they just took me to my wife’s mother’s apartment!

While I was at her apartment with no medical treatment or help I found out that my wife’s father was also debilitated at that very time and that he was in the hospital, and everyone on my wife’s side of the family admitted to me he will not come out of the hospital and that he will die there!

A week later in an attempt to find help I left that apartment and went to a plasma center to donate plasma so that I could get a little bus money and to find help, and I discovered I was being stalked by the county sheriff officer that was responsible for me being battered, and he had a plain clothed cop standing next to him that looked like a look-a-like to me!

Police/sheriff’s do not use exact twins to frame people, they just select from their own ranks people that mostly resembles their target, they do it so that they can stage/commit crimes and document the crimes using photogenic photo’s and then they just have their civilian operatives back up false allegations on their target!

I found out a month later my wife was having an affair with this cop that was acting as a double to frame me, and he dyed his hair blond in order to act as a photo double!

I discovered in April 2005 my wife was hooking our daughters up with this officer at East Port Walmart and that this officer dyed his hair blond and that everyone working at that store already knew about it!

None of them were sure if I caught them or not, but four days later I tried to warn people about it, and that’s when my wife poisoned me with antifreeze in my coffee!

Everyone that worked at East Port Walmart was calling this officer by the nickname Doubleclick because he was acting as a double and everyone there knew it and new my wife was sleeping around with him!

Two weeks after she poisoned me everyone at Walmart including the cop that was sleeping with her were referring to her by the nickname Mrs Dash!

I was a plasma donor, a regular plasma donor, I donated plasma on and off for over a decade!

Mrs Dash is a serial killer and her lover the cop admits she is a poisoner with her nickname!

Each time I went to the hospital police would show up in the hallway outside the ER room I was in and they never wanted to talk to me, they wanted to coerce my doctor out in the hallway into not helping me by verbally labeling me as a bad guy, and they said it repeatedly until the doctor got the hint to cover it up and to not take a toxicology test!

I repeatedly tried to find help, but because of police/sheriff’s influence with other people in the system I was blocked from any form of help, no one would take a complaint from me, no one would take an examination of me, no one would take a toxicology test!

2006 I repeatedly tried to find help, I was badly debilitated from being poisoned, and I was constantly bleeding internally and was weak from blood loss, I was literally bleeding out internally!

My wife started bragging and flaunting their murder conspiracy in writing, and she was deliberately admitting to certain crimes just to see if I could get out of bed or not, she was having fun toying with me because she had me so severely debilitated, and all attempts to call for help got no help!

March 2007 my wife moved the family to an apartment that was right behind an elementary school, I was so badly debilitated and had no where to turn to and no one I could call that cares!

March 26th 2007 my wife and one of her daughters along with several other people in law enforcement committed a break in and a rape and a murder of a child/teen and their break in woke me up, thinking I was catching my wife in her affair with officer Doubleclick I put a audio recorder in my wife’s purse, I caught them in the act of a murder and caught it on a audio recorder!

My audio recorder even caught them bragging about the crimes THEY JUST DID and bragging their setting me up for it, they admitted they planted child porn in my home and they admitted they poisoned my coffee pot and coffee cup and that they plant poison somewhere in the kitchen!

Their all, talking about it and bragging about it to my wife’s sister, and then they started verbally giving me blame for their crimes to Walmart employees, only the Walmart employees already knew about my wife’s affair with a cop and knew he was acting as a double!

My wife and her sister were bragging to their coworkers at Walmart about how easy it is for my wife’s lover to impersonate me and they all were cracking jokes about it, they were even talking about him being dressed up like me that morning the morning they committed a murder of a child/teen so there are witnesses to them bragging, and I have THAT also on my audio recorder!

I desperately tried to once again warn people, and once again I was severely poisoned, I was on the floor for weeks and could not do anything, the pain was so debilitating I could not talk let alone walk!

My wife and her lovers and buddy’s in law enforcement have bragged to me repeatedly on audio deaths threats making it known their guilty and flaunting it to me and taunting me because they know no one in law enforcement will help me!

I could not get off the floor, I could not talk, I could not walk, I had no phone, so I began blogging this everywhere on the internet basically calling out an SOS trying to find help, and no one cared!

They murdered a child/teen for Christ’s sake! I desperately tried to warn people!

2008 I get repeated threats via phone from county sheriff’s and from police, they ignore my complaints and make complaints of their own, and they were publicly pedofying me behind my back using flyers, they used flyers to give me blame for the crimes they all committed!

2009 the police and county sheriff’s had several apartments surrounding mine and were staging crimes outside my apartment building once again using my wife’s lover the cop as a double!

They spent months staging crimes near my neighborhood using doubles and they were even paying their girlfriends with children to stay in an apartment two doors from mine and police were in person coaching those children to hang out in front of my apartment and to call me a pedophile while the cop that slept with my wife was outside with them and dressed like me and was walking back and forth on the walkway outside my apartment!

After an hour and a half of this constant directing by authority’s to these children the cops told the children to take a break saying “Take a break,,,,,,,were done with Terry for now!” and the children, there were at least three of them out there, were jumping up and down saying “Terry’s done Terry’s done Terry’s done!

During the children’s break they earned after working so hard for the police/sheriff’s they talked amongst each other and admitted they were being paid to make me look like a bad guy, they also admitted they were going to shoot me!

Two weeks later I caught my wife and her lover the cop outside my apartment at 5:45 am on July 20 something and my wife’s lovers partner was also out there as well as another female, this female was the mother of one of those children!

They were waiting in ambush for me to leave my apartment, and I caught them in the act on video!

Terry Wagar


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