05-21-2014 Multnomah County Sheriff’s And Portland Police Up To Their Very Old Tricks Again They Are Ordering Their Girlfriends With Children To Not At My Door And They Have Their Children With Them And I Caught Them In The Act On Video!

The Multnomah county pedophile sheriff’s and their bros the Portland pedophile police department are at it again, this is not the first time they have sent complete strangers to my door, woman as usual, and they have children in tow with her!

Pedo police and pedo county sheriff’s do this over and over again for their photogenic photo’s and for their video surveillance hoping they can get something they can use that would make me look bad!

They don’t think in terms of court, they think in terms of “How can I make this dude look bad on video and photogenic photo’s so no one will care if he’s murdered?” and that is why cops and sheriff’s pay their civilian buddy’s and girlfriends with children to harass their target, me, so that they can make me look bad!

As usual these people ONLY knocked at my door, no one else’s, just to give me a card, yeah right!

If this woman was just a solicitor then she would be going door to door, but she is not, she just went to MY DOOR, and then was leaving because it took me about a minute to get to the door, so she is NOT s solicitor!

This took place on May 21 2014 at 8 PM in the evening, pretty late for so-called solicitors to be coming to my door while they hold children in their arms, and that woman was not knocking on anyone else’s door and she was heading down the stairs after she knocked, so she is singling me out and obviously NOT a solicitor!

Multnomah pedo-sheriff’s have a history of this crap they have framed people as pedophiles for decades using these type of tactics, they even call it PEDOFYING!

Terry Wagar


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