Police And County Sheriff’s Have Targeted And Murdered Off My Family Members Ever Since I Was A Kid In The 1970s!

All my life me and my family have been targeted by local police and county sheriff’s and by their brown nosing buddy’s and girlfriends since the 1970s!

My father and my oldest brother were being targeted and stalked and poisoned and framed by police and county sheriff’s in the 1970s, and the rest of the family including me were partially targeted by them!

Police and sheriff’s and their civilian sting buddy’s and girlfriends have an insatiable need to target people, they have already killed before, they were already organized, and they were always on the lookout for people to target, and right after they get rid of one person they go to their next target!

They were targeting someone in my neighborhood when I was like 5-6 years old, and I happened to witness several of them, one a Multnomah county sheriff officer, and the rest were civilian operatives, a mother and her children, and they broke into someone’s home when the home owner/renter was not there and the county sheriff officer was acting as a double of the person that lived there and was tossing out candy bars out the window of the house, and the mother that was across the street ordered her children to cross the street and go play in that yard and to pick up the candy bars!

While the children picked up the candy bars the county sheriff officer tossed out the window the mother was across the street taking photogenic photo’s of the sheriff’s arm hanging out the window with the candy bars in his hand and was getting the children on photogenic photo’s!

The camera the mother used belonged to the county sheriff’s it was all metal and big and heavy looking and it had the sheriff emblem on it!

After I witnessed this my family became targeted by these very same people, it began with that specific mother and her children befriending my mother and me and my brother.

The mother made friends with my mother, and then she asked her if she could take me to the movies with her and her children, and my mother agreed.

I was too young at the time to understand what was happening, this woman would take me to a movie at a theater and the movie would have boobs and sex scenes in it, looking back on it now I have to assume they wanted to destroy me as a witness to their crimes and was probably trying to frame me and my mother for those crimes, but I did not realize it at that time!

After several trips similar to this where they took me to a inappropriate movie this mother then began pressuring my mother to go with us, so I am going to have to assume this woman and the county sheriff’s were trying to frame my mother as a pedophile, they take me to a bad movie, get photogenic photo’s of it, then they invite my mother along and we watch Disney movies and the county sheriff’s then get photogenic photo’s of me and my mother in a theater after these people made sure I saw bad movies!

This may not seem relevant to some hearing about it, but this is just the beginning of their shit, they have been targeting me and my family for decades so they have a history of this!

After this theater stage where these neighbors that frame people for the sheriff’s there were a series of situations where what appeared to be stolen property being put on our property.

I was only like 7 years old at this time, and I saw a stereo system slide under our back porch, our back porch in the back of our house had a area where you could crawl under the porch area, and in there there was a stereo system, I ran inside the house and told my dad about it, he came out to look at it and was puzzled as to where it came from, he asked me if I knew how it got there and I told him I do not know, so my father called the police and reported it!

I was only 7 years old at the time, so I did not understand sarcasm or rudeness or hints very well, when the cop showed up to take my fathers report and to surrender the stereo to the cop, the cop was implying with a smirk that my older brother may be responsible!

My older brother was like 12 years old at the time, but this was the beginning of cops and county sheriff officer’s targeting us directly, we all knew it was not my brother, and we never heard from police anything about that stereo again!

There was another time around the same time that a plain dressed county sheriff officer came to our door and was demanding from my mother to inspect our basement!

My mother was not happy about this at all, but my father was at work at the time, and my mother did not know the law very well, and because it was a law officer using his power of influence my mother agreed to let him inspect the basement!

Now this was organized stalking on the part of these people and they directed their time and energy into this, I was too young to understand what was going on at the time, but I knew when I grew up what they did!

From this point forward that woman and her children that helped county sheriff’s to frame a neighbor as a pedophile were hanging around me and my family, and they began paying a lot of attention to my brother, I did not know it then but I know now they were poisoning my brother, and they were staging crimes over a long period of time and were giving my brother the blame behind our backs!

The whole time I had more than enough vital information about them but I was too young to understand everything I witnessed.

After a while my brother was telling me and our family he was being stalked by people, my brother was retarded and it was not easy for him to express himself.

I was not retarded, but because of my age it was not easy for me to express myself either, I never mentioned to my parents what the county sheriff and what that mother and her children did to another neighbor, because at the time I myself did not realize someone was being framed by them, I was ONLY 5-6 years old when I witnessed it, and nobody asked me about it, so I never talked about it.

Around mid 1970 my brother and my father were being poisoned, how or by who I do not know, my brother tried telling me about it, but he himself did not know he was poisoned, all he could do was describe the symptoms to me, he told me it felt like there was glass inside him that was cutting into him, he said he could feel little mini explosions inside of him, and he was holding his side where his liver and kidney’s are.

I did not know what was wrong with him, I never heard of being poisoned before, I have never in my life at that point heard about symptoms of poisoning, and my neighbors at this time were labeling my brother mentally ill at this time, he was being gang-stalked by the very people that were labeling him this way.

My father was in the hospital, and no one would tell me what happened to him, and when my father came home from the hospital he did not tell me what was wrong with him, it was years later when he told me he was poisoned!

My brother ended up being locked up at a place where people with mental disorders go, and I was still too young to understand what was going on, our whole family fell apart and I did not understand why, but I always knew those neighbors played a role in this, and the constant interest law enforcement had with me and my family began after I witnessed those neighbors and a county sheriff officer framing a neighbor as a pedophile!

These people are murderers and target people in neighborhoods, they are already organized and work as a group in targeting people, they heavily rely on slandering their targets and staging events and using photogenic photo’s and doubles and they even plant evidence as a way of framing people!

So they slander the hell out of their targets labeling their targets as criminals and as mentally ill and they stage crimes and document their staged crimes using doubles and photogenic photo’s and they plant evidence on their targets home and or in their targets home to frame!

They even poison their victims so their victims cannot communicate effectively to find help and it makes their targets appear mentally ill when they poison their targets, and police/sheriff’s just use their power of influence to cover up poisonings at the hospital!

These people have a history of framing people and pedofying people and poisoning people and slandering people and organizing people against their targets and they have a history of destroying people’s lives and they always work as organized groups and plan out how they frame people, and when anyone complains then cops or county sheriff officer’s just smirk and pretend your mentally ill for trying to warn people!

They have a history of this!

Terry Wagar

One thought on “Police And County Sheriff’s Have Targeted And Murdered Off My Family Members Ever Since I Was A Kid In The 1970s!

  1. After I witnessed the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family frame a neighbor as a pedophile me and my family became targeted by these people and they took great interest in setting me and my family up and poisonings started happening to my family members!

    They have a history of staging crimes using doubles and photogenic photo’s and they slander their victims behind their victims backs and they stage crimes and give blame to their targets and they poison their victims and then label their victims mentally ill to discredit their victims as witnesses and police and county sheriff’s cover up their crimes by denying their victims help at hospitals by using their power of influence with doctors!

    After the county sheriff’s and the Dunham family framed a neighbor as a pedophile the county sheriff’s and the Dunham family took great interest in me and my family because I witnessed them framing a neighbor!

    So they just go from one target to the next and then to the next and so on, death’s occur, poisonings occur, and no one in Portland Oregon gives a damn!

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