1999 Sting Operations Commit Murders And Use Doubles And Blackmail Witnesses!

1999 My wife was working at the Multnomah county jail kitchen, she was cheating on me with someone in law enforcement, the day she quit her job there the county sheriff’s took over the surrounding apartments surrounding ours, they coached and paid my wife and her side of the family to turn my yard into a playground with large multiple pools and large trampolines, then the county sheriff’s arranged to get a double onto my property and he look-a-like me!

I kicked that double OFF MY PROPERTY and two weeks later that double battered my mother on the other side of town, and when I got there to pick up my mother I was met two Portland cops AND by that double, they were WAITING FOR ME TO ARRIVE!

I was told by police I had to leave that motor home my mother lived in WITH THE DOUBLE, so I abandoned it there and brought my battered mother home!
About a month later my wife poisoned my mother and my mother called 911, police did not act on her complaint and covered up her 911 call!

Three weeks later I discovered my father was also poisoned and he risked his life to warn me about it and told me it was plain clothed cops that were harassing him that did it to him!
Three days later my father was dead!

From this point forward I was getting daily phone threats from people in law enforcement that were making THREATS and DEMANDS from me, and during these phones threats I was getting my wife and her sister at the direction of their buddy’s in law enforcement that were renting the apartment next door to me were filling my home with porn and life sized Barbie dolls!

Police just demonstrated to me how they recruit civilians into their operations and how they frame people using doubles and have no qualms what-so-ever using doubles to batter senior citizens and have no qualm granting their girlfriends permission to poison people and demonstrated how they cover up 911 calls and how they harass and terrorize people while they poison them, and THEN they start making threats and demands!

Because I was not doing from that point forward what they wanted they BACKED UP their threats and demands and PUBLICLY charged me with forty four felony charges that turned to ZERO TEN DAYS LATER because police had no intention of their being a trial, they just wanted to publicly pedofy me so no one would care if I get murdered off!

The entire time I did not defend myself because I was being blackmailed and feared for my family’s safety!

That’s what your local authority’s and their civilian operatives refer to as a sting operation, and it’s the cops and their civilian buddy’s and girlfriends that commit the crimes, and they set their victims up to get the blame!

Valerie Quigley was my mother, Don Wagar was my father, Joan Wagar was my cheating wife/civilian operative/poisoner, Multnomah county sheriff’s were my wife’s employer and were renting the apartment next door to mine and were directing my wife as to what to put in our yard and what to put in our home, Lonny was the double police/sheriff’s were using to stage crimes in and near my property and near my mother and father’s property! and the Portland police were always involved with their smirks and their threats and their cover up of 911 calls!

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