How Oregon Police Sting Operations Work!

Police/sheriff’s usually gang-stalk their targets/victims for several months operating under cover and police/sheriff’s will spend several months renting apartments surrounding their target/victim and will stage crimes near heir target/victims home using officer’s as doubles of the target/victim and police/sheriff’s will document the staged crimes of doubles using photogenic photo’s and will take side shots an back shots of the double!

Police/sheriff’s usually frame their target/victim for several crimes trying to create a false criminal history/complaints on their target/victim and will usually frame their target/victims for break ins and for sex crimes and for robbery’s and police/sheriff’s stage the crimes using officer’s as doubles and will pay their relatives/buddy’s/girlfriends to back up false criminal allegations on the target/victim!

Police/sheriff’s usually murder off the target/victim after they created/fabricate enough false crimes against their target/victim and claim/fake justification in the killing!
News media and even schools help police/sheriff’s in destroying their target/victims name and reputation and will falsely label the target/victim as a criminal and as a monster so no one will care that the person was murdered!

These operations are sting operations and covert in nature and police/sheriff’s either do not admit to them or they partially admit leaving out most of the details to keep people in the dark as to how they do this to people!

Police/sheriff’s are permitted by government to recruit civilians into sting operations and to stage/fake crimes in sting operations in order to frame/entrap people, so police/sheriff’s are free to recruit their target/victims family members against the target/victim as well as neighbors and coworkers and police/sheriff’s are allowed to recruit such people to lie for them as part of their sting operation!

Sting operations done by authority’s and their civilian operatives are allowed and permitted by government to lie to people and to deceive people and even permitted to stage crimes, it is already common knowledge police/sheriff’s do this in prostitution stings and drug bust stings, well they do it when they have specific targets in mind as well!

Because of governments view on sting operations and the non-oversight of police sting operations police/sheriff’s are free to recruit any civilians into lying for them including doctors and news reporters and landlords and apartment managers and store managers and motel managers, all for the purpose of doing sting operations and to maintain their covert operations and to keep them covert!

Because of this cooperation of police/sheriff’s and the recruiting of civilians into such operations police/sheriff’s are free to turn hundreds of people against someone and are free to frame people by staging crimes using officer’s as doubles and free to recruit schools and news media into backing up falsified charges against their target and this targeting and framing they do is permitted by government and news media is mums the word to the public of these practices!

Police/sheriff’s have used these practices for decades to frame people and the people they frame and paint as monsters are usually murdered, and there never is a criminal charge and it never goes to court, and police and news media never testify to their allegations they make on their murdered target/victim and are never cross-examined, so they are used to getting away with these crimes!

The civilian operatives police/sheriff’s recruit into their sting operations are paid by cash and by gaining high paying jobs and even get free houses or their helping police/sheriff’s in framing/murdering off people, these operatives tend to have a long history of being jurors for police/sheriff’s and polce/sheriff’s tend to fill jury pools with their buddy’s/relatives/girlfriends in order to railroad innocent people into prison and to insure an acquittal for officer’s or civilian operatives that are on trial!

For all intents and purposes only a Fascist government would allow such people to organize in such fashion and to allow they to frame/murder people!

Terry Wagar

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