Portland Police Are Known To Change Out License Plates On Unmarked Cars!

The Portland police use unmarked black cars in their bullshit investigations and are known to change out license plates on those vehicles!


Portland Police Already Known To Change License Plates On Unmarked Police Cars!

So what does that tell you when cops brag to me on audio death threats they put in my home and they break in when doing that!


And after that I catch these Portland cops on video in plain cloths hanging around my doorway at 5:45 am and their armed with guns and recording devices and they have black cars of theirs in my parking lot and one of them reads on the .license plate “SAYLVU” on it!

The Portland police are organized murderers that operate under the pretense of sting operations and they gang-stalk their targets and terrorize their targets and poison their targets and they brag on death threats they put in their targets h0me and they flaunt their criminal ways and intent to murder with l.license plate “SAYLVU” advertising to their victims their intent to MURDER!

I am still to this day trying to find help and no fucking agency of any kind with TAKE A COMPLAINT FROM ME!

Terry Wagar

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