Pocatello Police Department Flaunts Their Fascism On Their Own Webpages And Wants It’s Citizens To Fear Them!

Victims of crime in Pocatello are not welcome to report crimes to police on their crime tip webpage, victims of crimes wanting to report crime tips are met with this image when they go to the crime tip page!

Fascist Pocatello Police Flaunt Their Fascism On Their Website!

Now that image sure does not portray the Pocatello police as nice people now does it, it portrays them as shoot first and smirk about it later and shows how cocky police are in terms of their powers.

So why on Earth do they WANT this picture on their crime tip page unless they WANT people to fear them and to NOT report crimes!

Pocatello police are using this picture to scare away people that WANT to report crimes!

You can go here to view their crime tip page for yourself.


Or you can view a screenshot of it here.

Pocatello Website Page Flainting Their Muerous Fascism!

Fascism all over the USA and our government run schools have people so dumbed down that they are unable to recognize Fascism when it’s right in front of their faces!

Terry Wagar

3 thoughts on “Pocatello Police Department Flaunts Their Fascism On Their Own Webpages And Wants It’s Citizens To Fear Them!

  1. 2007 I witnessed the cops and their whores murder a child and witnessed them laughing and bragging about it to even more of their whores and no 9one in this fucking Fascist country gives a shit enough to even take my complaint!

    This Fascist country can go fuck itself!

  2. I have a history of saving lives! the police have a history of taking lives while they womanize!

  3. When cops want to frame someone they do not investigate! THEY IMPER5SONATE!

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