Police/sheriff’s Poison Off Witnesses To Their Crimes Using Water Filtration Systems And Recruit Apartment Managers To Lie For Them!

I have been poisoned and publicly pedofied by the Portland pedo police department and by the Multnomah county pedo sheriff’s and by their civilian operatives and I am not their only victim and their attempts to murder me off are never ending and very blatant and I am surrounded by people that do not give a damn!

Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Portland police are renting apartments surrounding mine and they have my oldest daughter and our apartment manager helping them to not only frame me for their crimes but also to slowly poison me off while they fill my home with paraphernalia!

I have lived in this apartment for three years, and the first day I moved into this apartment the apartment manager told me there was a broken garbage disposal under the kitchen sink that was on their repair list.

Recently in early 2014, three years later, and my health is deteriorated, I discover that so-called broken garbage disposal was actually a water filtration system not connected to the drain at all and was actually connected to the water tap lines!

So my wife’s f@@k buddy’s in law enforcement and our daughters and my brown nosing apartment manager were slowly poisoning me to death while they fill my home with paraphernalia!

More complaining from me!

Shawna Fills Home With Drug Parapgernilia

My daughter Shawna Wagar filling my home with drug paraphernalia while her f#$k buddy’s in law enforcement slowly poison me to death using a water filtration system under the kitchen sink connected to my water tap lines!

My daughter Shawna Wagar trying to get rid of evidence after I buy a cellphone and get video of all the paraphernalia she was filling my home with!

2 thoughts on “Police/sheriff’s Poison Off Witnesses To Their Crimes Using Water Filtration Systems And Recruit Apartment Managers To Lie For Them!

  1. The pedophile police department and their bros at the Multnomah county pedo-sheriff’s womanize with other people’s wives and teach those woman how to poison off relatives for life insurance moneys and how to fill their husbands/targets home with paraphernalia to frame them for the crimes or for any crime and they teach these females they sleep around with how to pedofy people they want dead!

    Pedofying is their term their slang term they use it all the time, and police/sheriff’s teach their bros and girlfriends and their relatives how to pedofy people, and they laugh and brag about how it gets people killed off and how no one complains about it because they took the time to destroy their targets name and reputation!

    By their own admissions and confessions and bragging they admit pedofying people gets people killed off therefore it’s premeditated murder on the part of the pedofyers to pedofy people, IT’S THEIR TERM THEY USE IT!

    How many people end up dead after police pedofy someone per-year? Does Michael Jackson come to mind? Does news media join in on pedofyimng people that do not get convicted in court but end up dead anyway?

    This is common practice all over America and all over the world, pedofying is run and organized by your government and your government has created agency’s that have the soul purpose of non-stop pedofying their targets until their target is dead regardless of court cases!

    An innocent person can prove in court their innocent but the pedofying continues regardless until the person is dead! THAT IS WHY PEDOFYING IS PREMEDITATED MURDER! AND YOUR GOVERNMENT AND NEWS MEDIA FUNDS IT AND RUNS IT AND ORGANIZES IT AND RECRUITS OTHERS TO JOIN IN ON THE PEDOFYING!

  2. The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s are pedophiles and womanize with other people’s wives and grant those women permission to poison off relatives and police/sheriff’s use sting operation tactics to frame innocent people and pedophiles by using officer'[s as doubles of their victims and those doubles dress up like their target/victim and stage crimes and they use photogenic photo’s of the doubles to give blamer to their target/victim!

    They publicly pedofy t5heir victims behind their victims back and they laugh and smirk about it and brag it gets their victims killed off and they te4ach their girlfriends (paid whores) to coach their children and to teach their children how to pedofy people and how to frame people usi9ng staged performances and doubles and coached accusations made by children and street theater tactics similar to a prostitution sting or a drug bust sting!

    They poison their victim to debilitate their victim and they destroy their poisoned debilitated victims name and reputation so no one will help the victim, police/sheriff’s will label their victim as a pedophile and as a drug attic and as mentally ill so no one will care if the target is murdered and no one will suspect the victim is poisoned and to discredit their victim as a witness!

    This is comm9on practi9ce4 in Portland Oregon they have been doing this to people for decades and have been getting away with it because no one takes complaints on them or their crimes and even news media refuses to take complaints!

    There is no such thing as a cop or a news reporter t5hat takes complaints, only propaganda TV tells you otherwise, but the reality is the whole system is a bro system where they all lie for one another and cover each others butts thus they cover up victims calls for help and destroy their targets name and reputation and they laugh about it!

    I see why so many people in the USA go postal! They have no other option other than self defense!

    Now the pedophile police department and the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Portland FBI are probably going to use a double to frame me for going postal as well, their so fond of using doubles and photogenic photo’s!

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