I Just Gave My Two Cents On Local News Story Of Police Framing Innocent Man As A Bank Robber And After The Fact Police Murdered The Person!

Innocent man framed as a bank robber by police and then murdered by police.

In Portland Oregon local police and sheriff’s are corrupt and organize civilian operatives in framing/murdering people and it is common practice for police to use doubles to stage crimes to build false cases against their targets to make them look like bad guys and then to murder them!

Police use the same tactics of staging crimes using doubles, in this case bank robbery’s, and then murder the man when he visits his nearby library, and police and news media even tries hinting that the murdered victim is a pedophile even though NO ONE is even making that complaint!

It’s all about police and their civilian operatives doing and saying anything and everything they can to make their target appear to be a bad guy in order to justify the killing, and police and news media does this over and over and over again, they have a history of these murders!

I posted on this news webpage giving my two cents on the subject and local authority’s wasted no time at all in having a paid anonymous troll to harass me and to attack me repeatedly as a way of silencing decent and silencing witnesses by intimidation!

Terry Wagar

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