Something is going on!

Something is going on and this may be my last post on here because of it, I recently discovered authority’s were still poison9ng me with a water filtration system they had connected to my water tap under the kitchen sink, and they told my apartment manager to lie to me telling me it was a broken garbage disposal!

When I next left my apartment I went to the bank to get my SSI money and to buy my grocery’s for the month, and when I got back it was gone, removed, and there were all new hoses connected to my faucet, when when it was my time to go to the bank a month later to get my SSI check I went to Best Buy store to buy a cheap cellphone so I could get video of the new hoses and hook ups under the sink!

I got video of it along with paraphernalia my oldest daughter has been planting in my home, and just this morning I ordered over the internet a USB cord so that I could get the video onto my computer for future upload onto this blog, well this afternoon my daughter left the apartment for an hour and then came back with several boxes and she went into her room and was loading them up with her stuff!

It appears she is getting ready to move out and has no intention of telling me or admitting to it, I cannot afford the rent at this apartment on my own and I may become homeless soon based on what my daughter is now doing!

Also this afternoon someone speaking Russian came to my door with a clip board and started speaking Russian at me after he knocked on my door, it is RARE anyone goes to my door, and along with that my wife’s lovers in law enforcement are at it again with directing children outside my apartment to pedofy me!

So there is a lot of activity of these organized poisoners and pedofyers today, I guess their not happy about me getting on video their poisoning handy work and getting all the paraphernalia they keep planting in my home on video!

So shits about to go down one way or another, and if my daughter leaves here I wont be able to afford rent and internet, and I am too disabled to find help and have no help!

Terry Wagar

2 thoughts on “Something is going on!

  1. gabfrab says:

    Stay strong in this fight Terry, they haven’t beat you yet. You’re onto them. I saw your comment to me and I will be alert of any police spying/interference on me but I’m not going to stop supporting you just because they try intimidate anyone who understands your plight. Are you familiar with gangstalking? Based off reading many of your entries it sounds like that’s what they’re doing to you. And yes I live in Portland, near 82nd and Division but I won’t divulge more than that because I’m sure the PDX police are monitoring this. Stay strong and don’t give up!

    • On 87th and Division in March 26th 2007 these people committed a murder, and they loaded up the body in one of their vehicles, they broke into my home that morning, their activity’s woke me up, and I put a audio recorder in my wife’s purse, I caught the whole thing on it.

      These people are dangerous, they pedofied me already in that neighborhood right after they committed the murder, and they used word of mouth and flyers to pedofy me.

      These people are very dangerous, and yes I am very sure they keep tabs at all times on my posts, especially the ones sleeping with my wife and daughters.

      If you rent an apartment then keep your eyes out on your apartment manager/landlord, those type of people help police in targeting people and have no qualms about letting police take over apartments surrounding their targets.

      I warn people for a reason, these people are killers, and I don’t want anyone hurt trying to support me, please be careful.

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