Just A Reminder Of The Portland Police And Multnomah County Sheriff’s Constant Use Of Doubles To Stage Crimes!

I have already proved and established on multiple posts about how my wife was poisoning me while she was having an affair with a cop and that that cop was acting as a double to set me up as a pedophile!

What I have avoided discussing the most is our three daughters involvement in these crimes, I have pointed out in the past that our daughters joined into their murder conspiracy and were helping my wife and her lover the cop and his bros in law enforcement by constantly pedofying me behind my back while my wife kept me ill by repeated poisonings!

Not only was my wife sleeping around with these cops, our daughters were as well, which is why they decided to frame me as a pedophile, they had a willing double of me, and they turned my wife and daughters against me, so for them it was just a matter of staging crimes using a double, and constantly pedofying me and giving me blame for their crimes behind my back!

I am not the only person police and sheriff’s were doubling, one of our daughters was also being doubled, and I have her on video, but first I need to recap a bit!

My wife Joan Wagar’s infamous denial letter that might as well be a confession because she is pretty much lying about everything in it, Joan Wagar is trying to conceal her and her daughters sexual relations to three law officer’s she names off in this denial letter, both my wife and her daughters were sleeping around with these cops!

One of Joan Wagar’s daughters named Megan Wagar got pregnant by one of these men she names off, his name is David, she accurately describes him in her denial letter because she knows I already know what he looks like, the other two men, named Eric Carlson and Shannon, she lies about because she THINKS I do not know what they look like!

Remember the man named David in Joan Wagar’s denial letter!



Joan Wagar’s daughter Megan Wagar was sleeping with this David person and she was pregnant by this David right after Joan Wagar wrote her denial letter, this David person and our daughter had a baby together.

Here is a picture of this David and of our daughter Megan Wagar!


Now that you can see what our daughter looks like, take a very close look at a video of my wife’s lovers buddy’s in law enforcement were doing outside my apartment!

I caught these officer’s outside my apartment pedofying me, and low and behold, the female out there with this male officer that is partners to my wife’s lover, is a look-a-like to our daughter Megan Wagar!


So this is just one example of how police and sheriff’s use doubles, for them it’s an everyday thing, police commonly use doubles to stage crimes, or to stage fights, or to stage complaints, it’s how they build cases against their targets, in this situation they obviously wanted someone looking like our daughter outside my apartment calling me a pedophile for their fuzzy video surveillance cameras!

The use of doubles by authority’s is extremely common, and news media knows all about it, and looks the other way each and every time police use doubles!

I caught these people on video pedofying me outside my apartment about two weeks after I caught my wife’s lover the cop acting as a double of me! So yes double use is extremely common for law enforcement!

Terry Wagar

3 thoughts on “Just A Reminder Of The Portland Police And Multnomah County Sheriff’s Constant Use Of Doubles To Stage Crimes!

  1. Police/sheriff’s all over the USA use doubles to stage crimes in order to frame people, the USA is Fascist and so is the news media, courts are just as bad!

    Since the whole system id filled with Fascists that lie for one another it is near impossible to get police prosecuted, and news media does everything in it’s Fascist propaganda power to keep people in the dark about how corrupt the government is!

    Everyone knows police do sting operations, but most everyone is ignorant about the details of sting operations and are ignorant of the fact that sting operations are all about multiple people in law enforcement organized in a conspiracy to lie and to deceive people for the purpose of framing/entrapping people!

    News media deliberately keeps people in the dark about the details of sting operations, police and news media does not want people to think about the fact sting operations are all about police lying to people and deceiving people and staging crimes themselves in order to frame/entrap people!

    I got news for you, when twenty or thirty cops are working towards the goal of framing you and their using a double of you and they are staging crimes while using a double of you, then they can literally frame you for anything, and since government permits them to lie and to deceive for the purposes of sting covert operations they are free to lie in court and back up any lie they want with no fear5 of prosecution!

    I got more news for you, that’s not legal, that’s organized crime, and cops get away with this every day because news media always takes cops side of the story to air and never goes into details about sting operations, so our government and news media Fascistly conceals how police frame people!

    OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson are perfect examples of how police target someone and they never ever STOP targeting that person and they continuously bombard that person non-stop with sting operatives trying to frame/entrap that person!

    Police/sheriff’s have been doing this to people for fucking decades! DECADES! and they get away with it because news media is completely on board with cops in covering up their covert operations!

    Police/sheriff’s regularly pedofy anyone they want dead, they have a never ending list of girlfriends with children that will pedofy anyone police/sheriff’s want dead, and police/sheriff’s pay these girlfriends of theirs with children a minimum of TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to pedofy someone!

    If their target happens to be famous (such as Michael Jackson) then they get paid much much more for backing up false pedophile charges!

    In Portland Oregon police/sheriff’s are non-stop pedofying someone every given day, you cannot watch TV news or go to a local news website without seeing police AND news media pedofying someone!

    There was a dentist in SE Portland Oregon police murdered right after police and news media pedofied him, this is common practice in this town, and news media is mums the word on the death statistics on people that are accused of being pedophiles!

    For Christ’s sake I have the Portland police bragging on a admissible audio death threat they pedofied me using flyers and their laughing about how it will get me killed off!

    So I am a first hand witness to cops pedofying people and witness to them bragging pedoffying gets people killed, and guess what, THEY DO IT ALL THE TIME TO PEOPLE!

  2. Guess what police/sheriff’s use those doubles for, they use t5hem to make child porn!

  3. Every time your hear about a bank robbery or a pedophile in the neighborhood from news or from school flyers each and every time it is plain clothed cops/sheriff'[s staging the crimes using doubles dressed as their targets!

    Any time you see a fuzzy video on the new3s of a bank robber it actually is a local law officer dressed up like someone they are setting up, which is WHY they use fuzzy video surveillance cameras!


    The fucking police/sheriff’s have used that trick for DECADES to frame people! and the fucking Fascist news media alwa7ys lies for cops and backs up those bogus fuzzy video surveillance footage they show on TV!

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