I’m Still Waiting,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!

I’m still waiting for people to take my complaint and to give a damn, I witnessed the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Portland police along with their whores and their under-aged whores making child porn and they murdered a child!

They all drove straight to Clackamas Walmart after they planted evidence in my home to frame me for it and they poisoned my coffee pot, they all bragged to Clackamas Walmart IN DETAIL to their crimes and they laughed while doing it and acted like they enjoyed themselves!

Everyone working at Clackamas Walmart that day on March 26th 2007 is witness to them all bragging about their crimes and they even admitted THEIR FRAMING ME FOR IT and was recruiting Walmart employees, mostly female employees, to LIE FOR THEM!

One of the officer’s that committed the murder was celebrating after this and was having sex with one of the female Walmart employees behind the Walmart lockers near the break room, and other Walmart employees walked in o0n them while they were having sex, they were discussing the FEMALE they murdered that morning!

How do I know all this? BECAUSE THEY BROKE INTO MY,,,,,,,APARTMENT! They were making their porn IN MY APARTMENT! Their sex activity’s woke me up, thinking I was catching my wife in her affair with a armed cop I pit a audio recorder in my wife’s purse to prove their affair and to prove they broke into my apartment!

My audio recorder CAUGHT THE WHOLE DAMN,,,,,,,THING!

Officer’s Eric Carlson and John Ray were the MALE officer’s involved and committed the crimes, WITH the assistance of SEVERAL FEMALE officers and a couple of their whores/girlfriends! The females names were Joan Wagar, Kayle Wagar, Erica, Adrian, there was another female officer involved but they never said her name.

They did name their victims, a female named Jessica, and they mentioned a missing runaway, last name Hunter!

Terry Wagar

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