Imagine Living In A Fascist Country What That Would Be Like!

Imagine living in a Fascist country where police are corrupt and do as they please and they run pretty much everything and that they have complete control over your news media!

Imagine the power they would have, imagine how they could do pretty much anything they want to in broad daylight and get away with it!

Imagine that Fascist officer’s are organized and work as a military force and will gang up on anyone at any time in order to silence or kill off people, imagine how such Fascist officer’s work as one in killing off people and imagine how they take control of any area at any given moment to commit crimes and or to cover up crimes the government is guilty of!

Imagine having a wife that is cheating on you with a cop, imagine all the terrible things your wife and her lover the cop can do to you to fuck you over, imagine how the cops wont give a damn if you get victimized by such circumstances because your wife has an affair with a cop!

Imagine how your wife can poison you slowly to death for life insurance money’s, and how police cover it up at the hospital which also is Fascist and will cover up any crime cops WANT covered up!

Imagine being harassed day and night by plain clothed officer’s and by their buddy’s and girlfriends, imagine how there would be no such agency you can even report such crimes to that would care!

Imagine how you get followed daily by police cruisers each and every time you drive to work or to home or to go grocery shopping, imagine how that would feel, imagine the terror they try to instill in you!

Imagine being shocked at how corrupt and Fascist your police force is, your wife is cheating on you with a cop, and EVERY COP IN TOWN is harassing you because of it, and no one cares!

Imagine trying to go to the police station to file a complaint over it, only to be met by officer’s that IGNORE your verbal complaint, refuse to give you paperwork to fill out, smirk at you, and attack your character by attacking you as a witness by labeling you to your face mentally ill, and they smirk when they do this!

Imagine leaving the police station angry and upset, and you get into your vehicle to go elsewhere hoping to find help, and within five minutes you notice once again there is a police cruiser following you, and a minute later there are two more police cars behind you!

They are following you, their lights and sirens are off, they are just following you, going your way, so you continue to drive but do so nervously!

Imagine a couple more police cruisers join in and follow you, and by this time one of the police cruisers speeds up behind you and rams the back of your car, no lights, no sirens, just a large armed organized group of people making it known to you THEY WANT YOU DEAD!

You know the hit was intentional, you KNOW the other officer’s behind you witnessed the officer rear end you, you know they want you dead, their communicating it to you with their actions, in fear for your LIFE you do not pull over and in fear you desperately decide to go some where where people know you hoping to find help!

It’s at this point in time where all the organized Fascist officer’s of your Fascist government turn on their lights and sirens and put on the bullshit appearance of them chasing a bad guy on the road!

You are not a bad guy, you did nothing wrong, but your Fascist officer’s KNOW how to provoke people into acting in self defense, fleeing dangerous people IS an act of self defense, and all you are doing is fleeing dangerous people that you just witnessed made it known to you they want you dead!

Your not trying to speed, your going down the street at a reasonable speed, it is the police that are driving dangerous and ramming vehicles, you are just trying to find help FROM these people!

Imagine one of the cruisers rams you again from behind while another cruisers speeds up and gets along side of you and rams your vehicle from the side causing you to spin and lose control, so you stop!

All the police cruisers swarm around your vehicle and officer’s begin pointing guns at you ordering you out of the vehicle, you obey and step out of the vehicle, you hear an officer ordering you to spread your legs, their were other orders but too many officer’s were ordering orders at you at the same time, and with the loud sirens it’s near impossible to hear anything but sirens and undistinguishable yelling from multiple people!

Your TRYING to comply with these crazy yelling officer’s orders, but you are sandwiched by all their vehicles, all of which have blaring sirens, and multiple officer’s are yelling at the same time conflicting orders, so to comply with one order is to disobey another order!

You are standing in the street next to your car, multiple cops have guns aimed at you, you were ordered to spread your legs, you complied with that, there is more yelling, then you hear officer’s opening fire on you!

You are scared shitless, THEIR FIRING 0N YOU! your gut instinct tells you “DUCK AND COVER!” and it’s the first reaction you give! You try to duck into the back of your vehicle, YOUR BEING FIRED AT! FUCK OFFICER’S ORDERS!

But then your rational brain with decades of propaganda you have been subject to your whole life tells you to stop and raise your hands HIGH IN SURRENDER! SHOW THEM YOU ARE SUREENDERING, IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!


Imagine how horrible it would be to live in such a Fascist country, imagine how the police take over the whole neighborhood to restrict neighbors from seeing what happened, imagine that your Fascist police force is so organized in murdering people that officer’s are PRE-SELECTED to act as blockers to prevent citizens from witnessing the crimes, and to block witnesses from getting closer!

Imagine your Fascist news media showing up in a helicopter to film the AFTERMATH of the murder, and to once again paint the Fascist officer’s as justified, and to paint the murdered victim as dangerous and criminal, all the while EVERYONE IGNORES THE FACT THE VICTIM WAS UNARMED AND NEVER GAVE OR DID ANYTHING DANGEROUS, but police and news media being Fascist and all, will just fake and pretend you are!

Good thing we all live in a free country where Fascist’s do not control our lives and murder us off at their whim!

Strong Sarcasm Intended!

Terry Wagar


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