A Typical Fictional "Who Done It?" Mystery Story Compared To A Modern Day Sting Operation!

A typical fictional “Who Done It?” mystery story compared to a modern day sting operation!

In a A typical fictional “Who Done It?” mystery story a master mind criminal arranges to get his/her victims of around twelve people together at a secluded area to trap them there and to kill them off one by one!

The master mind criminal arranges and stages events in order to get his/her targets at the secluded area, such as a desert island where they are trapped on and cannot leave due to a storm.

Once the twelve victims are trapped on the island the criminal master mind begins killing off his/her victims one by one, while the victims themselves are trying to solve the mystery as to who the killer is, and is suspecting everyone around them!

There is usually one leader i8n the group of twelve that is acting as the Hero and trying to find out who the killer is!

Near the end of the story all the living people get together in one room and they reenact the crimes in order to solve the crimes and discover who the lone killer is!

In a sting operation the sting operation consists of eleven sting operatives of which use their police powers to acquire several apartments surrounding their one victim, a sting operation has multiple master minded criminals and are organized and surround their target with shear numbers so as to frame their target for their crimes!

The sting operation consisting of eleven guilty criminals surrounds their lone innocent target and begins staging crimes near the targets home and near the targets place of employment and even at places the target goes shopping!

The sting operatives spend several months staging crimes using look-a-likes dressed like their target in order to frame their target!

When it gets near time for their lone innocent target to be charged with a crime, the sting operatives will either commit a murder, or use one of their operatives to fake a staged death, in order to frame their target for the murder!

So in our pop culture literature “Who done it?” story’s usually consist of around one bad guy, and everyone else being innocent and victims, while in sting operations their usually is only one victim and the rest are organized into a sting operation in order to frame their target! and the majority of people involved are guilty of the crimes themselves but because they are ORGANIZED and willing to lie for one another they as a group can easily frame an innocent person!

Sting operatives in court will reenact the cr5imes and give their target the blame of course, but it makes perfect since that sting operatives reenact the crimes since they are the ones that did it using doubles to act as look-a-likes and such!

Our modern day literature ignores the fact that throughout history people organize and gang up on people!

Modern TV and modern movies and even most books ignore the historical fact that people do indeed organize in order to get what they want, when people working in a coal mine want more salary they tend to organize and go on strike and even attack other workers for crossing the picket line!

Many people in the USA in the 1920s organized into a murderous group known as the KKK and they pretty much ruled the streets and used torture and even death to terrorize community’s and to keep people “In-Line” with what they as a group wanted!

Well everyone in America for the most part is ignoring just how organized our law enforcement is, and are ignoring the crimes these officer’s are committing!

In the 1920’s the KKK was organized and killing unarmed people on the streets and were getting away with it, well in 2014 our law officer’s are killing unarmed citizens on the streets and are getting zaw3ay with it!

Police in 2014 are operating 24/7 as though they are involved in sting operations, and because of that pretense they operate on they believe they are free to stage any crime they want or to even commit a crime that they want to do and that they are free to tell any lie they want, and they act like that’s legal, and they act like it’s their job!

The whole concept of police using sting operations to catch bad guys is ridicules, because in sting operations it’s the police themselves that commit the crimes, and then police set up their target to get the blame, and they pretend that’s crime fighting!

Terry Wagar


One thought on “A Typical Fictional "Who Done It?" Mystery Story Compared To A Modern Day Sting Operation!

  1. The Multnjomah county sheriff’s and the Portland police targeted me and members of my side of the family when my wife Joan Wagar got a job at the county jail kitchen!
    My wife was recruited along with members of her side of the family into sting operations!
    First thing they did was they planned out my parents death and they planned on turning my yard into a playground to make me look like a pedophile, and they immediately BROUGHT I9N A LOOK-A-LI8KE and they arranged to get multiple people to pressure my disabled mother into taking 9n that look-a-like into her home! and the county sheriff’s themselves arranged to take over the apartment next door to mine to DIRECT my wife and members of HER side of the family as to how to frame me and how to perform for their video surveillance cameras!

    End result of their murder conspiracy was they harassed my father relentlessly on the streets, the double deliberately arranged to get himself and my mother onto my property and they both were homeless and wanting me to let them stay with me, they performed for county sheriff’s video surveillance on my property using that double, that double battered my mother and police were on the doubles side of course and police allowed that double to keep my mothers motor home!

    They poisoned my mother AND my father around the exact same time and both lived apart from each other, my wife poisoned my mother while her buddy’s in law enforcement that were terrorizing my father poisoned him!
    Police and sheriff’s covered up my mothers 911 call and did not act at all on her complaint, and three weeks later I discovered what they did to my father and he tried to warn me about them, three days later MY FATHER WAS DEAD and the county sheriff’s were the 0ones to come to my door to tell me he died, and with a smirk on his face he hinted that he was RESPONSIBLE FOR MY FATHER’S DEATH!

    For the next five days after my fathers death I was being threatened and blackmailed daily by phone by the very OFFICER’S THAT MURDERED MY FATHER!
    My wife and her side of the family at this time was not even trying to hide their guilt from me and were all grins while they filled my home with paraphernalia such as porn and LIFE SIZED BARBIES DOLLS!

    It was like a month or two later I was charged with FORTY FOUR PEDOPHILE CHARGES BY POLICE and I NEVER GOT A TRIAL,I was arrested and held for ten days and then released WITHOUT EXPLANATION from police or from prosecutors!

    So poisoning people and framing people and staging crimes using doubles and blackmailing people and hinting at their crimes and womanizing with other people’s wives seems the norm to our law enforcement and how they typically do their STING OPERATIONS!

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