This Whole Time I Posted On WordPress I Was Still Being Poisoned!

I have lived in this apartment for almost three years and the whole time there was what I was told by the apartment manager a broken garbage disposal under the kitchen sink, she said it was a broken garbage disposal!

Well a couple months ago I happened to actually get a better look at it and it was NOT a garbage disposal, it was a water filtration system connected to the water lines under the sink!

After I made this discovery I had to leave the apartment to go to the bank to get my SSI check and to do my grocery shopping, I am disabled badly from being poisoned and I only leave my apartment one day out of a month to get my SSI money!

During that time I was gone on that one day they entered my apartment without my knowledge or permission to remove it, and now their acting like there was nothing there and acting like nothing happened!

They were using that water filtration system to poison my tap water the same way people treat their toilets with those tablets people put in the back of toilets to color the water blue!

It’s the same concept only they were trying to hide it from me, and when I found out it was NOT what the apartment manger SAID IT WAS it disappeared and everyone is acting like nothing happened!

Just goes to show how common it is for apartment managers to lie for police and to help police to victimize people!

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