Doubleclick The Body Double And Mrs Dash The Poisoner Frame And Kill People And Brag In Writing And In Death Threats! Part Two!

This is a audio recording of me confronting my wife Joan Wagar in early 2006 over her nicknames she and her lover officer Eric Carlson were ACTIVELY USING when I found one of their love letters with my wife’s clothing where she kept her cloths at!

I also am confronting her over a suspicious soiled shirt of hers but me arguing about it was not my main concern, I only wanted her to admit to their nicknames because she thought I did not know what they stood for when in fact I did know, so I am down-plying the love letter officer Eric Carlson wrote to my wife by making her soiled shirt the main focus of the argument!

By doing so I gave her the impression I now knew of the nicknames but did not know what they stood for, so she grudgingly admitted to it being her love letter, thus being their nicknames, but she is trying to cover her butt since she was poisoning me and I was a active plasma donor when she started poisoning me, so she really does not WANT to admit.

She is my wife, I know her pretty well, if I made the love letter the main focus of the argument she would have never admitted to it being hers, but because she thought I did not know what they stood for she did admit it was her love letter and starts making excuses as to why it was in our apartment such as forgetting about it and such!

Joan Wagar and her lover officer Eric Carlson got those nicknames from my wife’s coworkers at East Port Walmart around April 2005, it was Walmart employees that coined their nicknames, and my wife and officer Eric Carlson were using those nicknames actively in April 2005 in their cellphones and it love letters and my wife admitted in my presence in April 2005 of referring to officer Eric Carlson by the nickname Doubleclick, so yes I know she is lying to me and trying to cover her butt!

This is a short clip of officer Eric Carlson caught at Claclamas Walmart in March 2007 bragging to Walmart employees he is a twin and alter ego and that it is open knowledge at Clackamas Walmart he is a look-a-like to me and that everyone at Walmart thinks it’s amusing my wife is cheating on me with a dude that is a double to me!

Around July 7th 2009 I found a audio death threat that was formatted into a mpg file and when the audio file played it played a death threat made by my wife Joan Wagar and by officer Eric Carlson and by his buddy’s in law enforcement and they made it a mpg file because they also put a pornographic photo on my computer and when the death threat played the porno photo they put on our computer displayed while the audio played!

The audio death threat is cryptic and they are obviously using Simpson sound boards to give “Goodbye” messages over and over and are flaunting the fact they are going to kill me and are attempting to blackmail me by making and describing demands they wanted!

At the end of the death threat they use sound board to admit they have a surprise for me, the surprise being they are cops and they used their police powers to get apartments surrounding mine and that they were going to kill me soon!

I deleted that porno picture they put on my computer, and because of it the mpg format of their audio death threat does not work on most players, so I reformatted the file into a playable file people can listen to minus their sick-ass porno picture!

I still have their death threat in it’s original format minus that porno picture because I refused to keep that!

Terry Wagar

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