OJ Simpson Is Innocent Of Double Murders And Was Framed By Sting Operation!

OJ Simpson is innocent of double murders charges and was framed and set up by a sting operation run by local police, and many civilians were recruited into the sting operation including Nicole Simpson herself!

That’s a strong statement made from a man that is not a first-hand witness to OJ Simpson or witness to anyone else involved in that sting operation, but I AM a WITNESS as to how police do sting operations and can recognized based on my own experiences the signs of a sting operation, not to mention what police did to OJ Simpson ALMOST mirrors what my local police and county sheriff’s did to me.

If I was able to research the OJ Simpson case more thoroughly I could probably prove it was a sting operation, but since I proved I was a victim of a corrupt sting operation and nobody cares then that;’s enough for me to know proving it wont change anything.

I do know for a fact that OJ Simpson is a victim of a sting operation organized by police and as usual police recruited civilians into it, just like they always do.

I will not bother with looking up dates or departments and getting into the nitty-gritty of it all, I will spare the readers by simply getting to the point and let everyone else decide for themselves!

Nicole Simpson was recruited into having an affair with a sting operative named Ronald Goldman, and it was him and his buddy’s in law enforcement that made the decision to set up and frame OJ Simpson, and Nicole Simpson and everyone on her side of the family were recruited into it!

Police sting operations tend to be generic meaning police tend to use the same tactics over and over and over again, which is the biggest factor that gives this whole situation away AS a sting operation, and because they tend to use the same tactics over and over again they tend to do things in a half-assed manner, in other words THEY SCREW UP!

After Nicole Simpson was recruited into an affair with a sting operative and turned against her husband OJ Simpson, they hatched their plan to frame OJ Simpson for double murders, and the first thing they did was to tell Nicole Simpson to get one of their operatives onto OJ Simpson’s property, and that sting operative is none other than Kato Kaelin.

After they planted civilian operatives on OJ Simpson’s property Nicole Simpson was coached to cause marital problems, in other words to pick fights with OJ Simpson, BEFORE she leaves  him.

After Nicole Simpson leaves OJ Simpson she moves into a condo police pre-selected as perfect for their set up, because the condo had tons of tall bushes and trees surrounding the property, and police intended on staging crimes using a double of OJ Simpson!

While Nicole Simpson was living-staying at that condo she was in regular contact WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT along with contact with Ronald Goldman who happens to be a sting operative, and it is during her time living at that condo Nicole Simpson AND police staged crimes using a double around the condo and Nicole Simpson staged 911 calls to police giving blame to her husband OJ Simpson!

Police did NOT arrest OJ Simpson at that time BECAUSE police were framing OJ Simpson for up-coming murders, they were building their “case” against OJ Simpson knowing they were going to set OJ Simpson up for double murders, so this was the building phase of the sting operation where crimes were staged and complaints were staged, all directed by authority’s!

When it came time for police to frame OJ Simpson for double murders they just brought in a makeup artist that slepped some makeup on Nicole Simpson and her sting lover Ronald Goldman and they laid down on the ground while dertectives took PHOTOGENIC PHOTO’S of their body’s on the ground!

After which Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman were given new identity’s and given residence in another country under new aliases while police fake going after OJ Simpson for the double murders that NEVER HAPPENED!

Sting operations tend to recruit as many people as they can against their targets, they recruit targets wives, they even recruit targets best friends, and it was OJ Simpson’s best friend driving the WHITE BRONCO that was directed by police tell to OJ Simpson lies and to get OJ Simpson to fear for his life and it was this best friend Al Cowlings that was driving the white Brono putting on this BIG SHOW for police to further the propaganda campaign that was launched against OJ Simpson!

Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman are still alive somewhere in this world living off tax payers dollars and are under cover using aliases given to them by authority’s and laughing their asses off at the misfortune of OJ Simpson, and it was the coordinated deeds of many people that set the stage for OJ Simpson to be framed!

Because of the complete and total corruption of our government and because of the shear numbers of people that lie for cops, there literally is no one a person can turn to for help, no complaints about sting operations are allowed, no one recognizes corrupt sting operations and corrupt organized police and no one cares if police recruit civilians into sting operations!

A whole bunch of people planned this out, OJ Simpson is the target of it all, too many people joined into it, and when someone with enough balls has the presence of mind to call them out on it they just get ignored, why? because the whole system is corrupt, no one really cares, it’s all a game to police anyway they love doing this shit to people, for sting operatives framing people is a sport, and they enjoy the hell out of it!

I can recognize the signs of the OJ Simpson case being a very large and blatant sting operation with many civilians recruited into it, but that is not proof, what is proof? lets just put it this way, VITAL INFORMATION means a lot, and quite often leads to proof!

By the way did you know when Nicole Simpson lived at the condo SHE was in regular contact with law enforcement? Did you know that police at that time were palling around with a OJ Simpson look-a-like during the times Nicole Simpson made 911 calls? Hmmmm,,,,,,,Hmmm,,,,,,,,,HHHMMMMMMMMMMMM!

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