Police Sting Operations Used Doubles To Frame OJ Simpson And News Media Tries To Hide It From Public!

This bastard Kato Kaelin is a civilian sting operative and was planted on OJ Simpson’s property BY OJ Simpson’s wife Nicole Simpson BEFORE she left OJ Simpson to stage phoney 911 calls FOR the police to frame OJ Simpson!

Sting operations are always planned out by police and police set 5heir sting operation in motion when they had Nicole Simpson allow a civilian sting operative to live on OJ Simpson’s property BEFORE she moved out, typical of a sting operation, then police and Nicole Simpson STAGED several phoney 911 calls to make OJ Simpson appear angry and violent, then police and Nicole Simpson and her boyfriend at the advise and guidance of police, staged their deaths, and police gave them new identity’s to live elsewhere while police pin the staged/faked crimes on OJ Simpson!

This Kato bastard is a civilian sting operative PAID by police to fake being a wannabe movie star as a cover JUST SO police can have people on OJ Simpson’s property JUST SO he can testify against OJ Simpson!

That is typical of a corrupt police sting operation!

Corrupt prosecutors of the famous OJ Simpson trial being a Fascist dick blaming evidence tampering on the dead defense attorney long after the defense attorney is dead and unable to defend himself!

Somebody punch this prick, this fucking asshole helps police frame OJ Simpson using planted gloves with blood on them put their BY police, and whines like a fucking baby 17 years after it is proved in open criminal court that the gloves WERE NOT OJ SIMPSON’S and thus were planted there by police/civilian sting operatives WITH motive! *HINT HINT HINT!) and the corrupt police own crime labs BACKED UP those PLANTED GLOVES as used in the murders!

So you Fascist police AND Fascist prosecutors are already busted and exposed in open criminal court as corrupt liars and framers!

OH by the way when police use specialized sting operations to target/frame innocent people they always tend to use the same tactics over and over again, and just like they did to me, they were using a double to frame OJ Simpson, and news media is closed mouthed about that as wel!

You can go here to learn a little bit about it!


Wherever there are corrupt sting operations then you can bet they are planting civilian sting operatives near their target AND are actively using look-a-likes as doubles and dress up like their target! TYPICAL STING OPERATION!

Terry Wagar

6 thoughts on “Police Sting Operations Used Doubles To Frame OJ Simpson And News Media Tries To Hide It From Public!

  1. OJ Simpson is innocent, and all the media is showing us right now is the fact that when cops have it out for someone they never leave that person alone and neither do the media!
    The USA and it’s police forces along with it’s news media is openly Fascist and can care less if individual citizens get ganged up on by corrupt organized police!


    Does anyone in the system and news media care? HELL NO! They WANT that man NAILED NO MATTER WHAT and will say anything to make OJ Simpson look bad as possible!

    Police have never STOPPED targeting OJ Simpson even AFTER he proved in court police were framing him, police never stopped targeting the man, it was personal on the part of police to GET THIS GUY and they never let up, they never stopped harassing him, they never stopped accusing him of crimes he did not commit, and they continued to beset him and surround him with civilian sting operatives in order to NAIL him, frame him, for other crimes!

    The police are Fascist, police are already known to stage murders and even FAKE murders in sting operations in order to frame people, and our news media ALREADY KNOWS THIS and is mums the word to the public about the dirty tricks police use!

    As far as I am concerned OJ Simpson’s wife is still alive along with her boyfriend and that they joined into a sting operation WITH police in order to frame OJ Simpson, and that OJ Simpson’s wife along with her boyfriend are living it up in another country going by different alias’s given to them by the FBI!

    One of the strongest giveaways of a large police sting operation is that police get at least ONE of their civilian sting operatives to live on their targets property, so what’s that tell you about Kato Kaelin?

    Since it was OJ Simpson’s wife that got Kato Kaelin on OJ Simpson’s property it stands to reason OJ Simpson’s wife AND her boyfriend were a part of a police sting operation to FRAME OJ Simpson!

    Police sting operations ALWAYS WANT their target surrounded by their operatives so that the operatives can testify AGAINST their target, thus making it EASY for police to stage crimes in order to give blame to their target!

    Does any of this matter to police or to news media HELL NO! They WANT OJ Simpson’s ASS and they do not even try to hide it, AT ALL!

    WHO planted the gloves with blood on them on OJ Simpson’s property news media? Could it have been police themselves along with a civilian sting operative that goes by the name Kato Kaelin?

    Why you ignore planted evidence news media? WHO you trying to COVER news media?

    OH and one other thing, police sting operations that target SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALS ALWAYS tend to use BODY DOUBLES as a way of framing people!

    Doubles and photogenic photo’s are a favorite way of police along with planting evidence to frame people!

    What a surprise police are using DOUBLES in the OJ Simpson case and what a surprise police and news media DOWNPLAYS the HELL OUT OF THAT FACT!

  2. OJ Simpson is a victim of a corrupt sting operation and his wife Nicole Simpson was recruited into it which makes it and earmarks it as a sting operation!

    Nicole Simpson was having an affair with a sting operative, he recruited her into it and he and his buddy’s in law enforcement got together and hatched a plan to frame OJ Simpson for double murders!

    The first thing police do in these specialized sting operations is they surround their target (OJ Simpson) with civilian operatives, so they told Nicole Simpson to get Kato Kaelin living on OJ Simpson’s property, and after that police told Nicol;e Simpson to leave her husband so that they can frame OJ Simpson and make him appear to be angry and a bad guy with staged 911 calls made by Nicole Simpson at the direction of police!

    Police during that time was using a look-a-like of OJ Simpson to act as a double for photogenic photo’s and for fuzzy video surveillance, which is typical of sting operations where civilians are recruited into it!

    Police and civilian operatives along with Nicole Simpson was in regular contact WITH police BEFORE she was supposedly killed, which is ANOTHER strong sign that Nicole Simpson was working with and helping police to set OJ Simpson up!

    When it came time to frame OJ Simpson for double murders police just had makeup artists turn Nicole Simpson and her boyfriends into dead people and they POSED for photogenic photo’s of which police are SOOOOOO fond of using, and yes it is already known in police sting operations police ARE KNOWN to fake deaths in order to frame/entrap people!

    Look it up!

    After that police gave Nicole Simpson and her boyfriend new alias’s and they were flown out of country living a new life elsewhere while police finalize framing OJ Simpson!

    Police planted gloves on OJ Simpson’s property and even put blood on the gloves to pin OJ Simpson, very typical of police to plant evidence in order to pin crimes on someone, that’s been around ever since we had police in this world!

    Police have used these tactics over and over and over again and are USED TO GETTING AWAY WITH IT and news media never calls them out on it because their just as Fascist and corrupt as police are!

    Well it’s BECAUSE police use the same tactics over and over again that everything they do becomes half-assed! Because they forgot to notice before and during the trial that OJ Simpson’s hands are extra-extra LARGE, and when police planted the gloves they just used a regular pair of gloves!

    The police AND the crime labs AND the prosecutors BACKED UP THOSE GLOVES AS USED,,,,,,IN,,,,,,,,,THE,,,,,,,,DOUBLE,,,,,,,,MURDERS! and the GLOVES,,,,,,DO,,,,,,NOT,,,,,,,FIT,,,,,,,,OJ,,,,,,SIMPSON!

    So how did our Fascist police forces and our corrupt prosecutors cover their asses from THAT big booboo of theirs? why they just IGNORED IT and told the news media to ignore it!

    Since it was proved in open court police were framing OJ Simpson with planted evidence, OJ Simpson was acquitted and found not guilty!

    What did our Fascist news media do after this? WHY they ignored the fact the police were framing OJ Simpson and went on a crusade labeling the police involved AND the prosecutors AND even the civilian sting operative Kato Kaelin as Hero’s and glorified them and at the same time were shunning OJ Simpson!

    Our Fascist news media spent the next YEAR labeling those people as Hero’s even though it was proved in court police were PLANTING EVIDENCE and news m4edia WANTED EVERYONE to ignore that fact and avoided talking about OJ Simpson as though he do not even exist any more, and they just glorified and Herofied the prosecutors and police and even the police’s civilian operatives in order to cover for their half-assed job at framing OJ Simpson!

    Countless millions of dollars were spent by our Fascist news media to SPIN the prosecutors and police and the civilian operatives as Hero’s and some of THOSE people got5 to be TV celebrities hosting actually TV shows in order to further glorify these murderous framing bastards!

    OJ Simpson, thinking he is vindicated, rightfully so, starts writing a book about it all explaining his side of it and hoping he can at least recoup some of his loses from his defense of the case, ONLY to be met by a Fascist news media that can care less that he is innocent and pretty much IGNORED his book and even hinted ON TV that the system AND the news media can care less about anything he has to say in his defense!

    For the rest of OJ Simpson’s life he is constantly targeted and surrounded by police sting operatives and by civilian operatives trying to set him up for various crimes and not even hiding the fact police are against him and want him nailed on something, anything, and sting operatives on and off never really stopped targeting the man!

    OJ Simpson is living PROOF you can prove cops frame people and plant evidence and no one gives a shit, judges don’t care they look the other way, prosecutors don’t care they get away with railroading people this way all the time, police don’t care they have been framing people for many decades and are USED to getting away with it, news media does not care they are way WAY too busy brown nosing police to care, and the sheeple in this country are mindlessly hanging on everything it’s media tells it and ignores the fact OJ Simpson and his defense attorney’s ALREADY PROVEN police and prosecutors frame people!

    DO NOT EVER FORGET it was Nicole Simpson that put Kato Kaelin on OJ Simpson’s property BEFORE SHE LEFT OJ Simpson’s property, and she concentrated on framing her husband right after that with staged crimes making 911 calls over pretended events while police staged crimes using a double!

    That’s what Nicole Simpson was working on AFTER she got a civilian operative ON OJ Simpson’s property!

    Noe Google the fact that police/sheriff’s do indeed stage murders in sting operations and it’s the civilian operatives that usually stage their deaths at the direction of law enforcement!

    As a matter of fact their was some sort of cop show on TV once where I saw county sheriff’s and a civilian operative that was a priest staged his death at the direction of sheriff’s because the sheriff’s were framing the priests wife with hiring a hit man to kill her husband, and the sheriff’s AND the priest staged the priest death in order to frame/entrap the priests wife!

    Google it police do this shit to people and so do civilian operatives!

  3. Our news media is NOT watchdogs of our government! The news media is our constant propagandists that constantly keep the masses distracted with entertainments and with constant news distractions leading people astray from more important issues!

    In the USA the term “News” and the term “Propaganda” literally mean the same thing!

  4. You can report a serial killer in the USA and police AND news media will ignore it and cover it up if the bitch happens to be a whore for police!

    That’s how Fascist the USA is!

  5. In sting operations police do not investigate people, police IMPERSONATE people!

  6. Typical sting tactics police use in specialized target specific sting operations!

    Police recruit civilian relatives of target into the sting!

    Police arrange to get sting operatives to surround their target living/staying nearby to control the area and to plant evidence and to spread rumors about the target and to testify against the target when police arrest and prosecute the target!

    They spend several months staging crimes and commonly use doubles and photogenic photo’s when they do this, and lately they are starting to use fuzzy video surveillance as well while using doubles dressed as their target!

    Civilian operatives that get recruited in to police stings GET PAID IN CASH and in PROPERTY for helping police to frame target!

    News reporters are full aware of police sting tactics and are mums the word to the public about most of them thus keeping most people unaware and ignorant of sting tactics!

    Sting operations always plant evidence, evidence planting and double use with photogenic photo’s is the norm for most all police sting operations along with recruiting civilian operatives into the sting!

    Most sting operations are NOT admitted to by police, especially when police have a specific target in mind, and especially when police use civilian operatives, THOSE type of stings are NOT admitted to and courts tend to be silent about them and do NOT mention them at all!

    Most specific target sting operations are tailored and personalized SPECIFICALLY FOR their TARGET, which is why they try to HIDE these type of stings because their illegal and are setting people up!

    Many victims of these type of stings gets poisoned by police and or by the civilian operatives and are unable to find help unless they have lots of friends and relatives for support!
    If a target does not have many friends/relatives they can turn to then they are easy prey for being poisoned, and once debilitated from being poisoned they are too ill to make new friends to find help/support and police KNOW THIS!

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