Online StingOperations Are All Over The Internet Provoking People And Attacking People To Silence Peple’s Complaints!

I have recently tried Googling “Sting Opreration Forums” trying and attempting to find other victims of corrupt sting operations, and I THOUGHT I found one called “Governing,us” forum.

It gave the impression it was a forum of people trying to fight back against corrupt sting operations, so I registered their as username “wifepoisonedme” and started giving my side of the story to introduce myself to this forum.

Their were a little over fifty members of this forum as I checked it out, and after I posted part of my story on their forum making myself known and making it known I am a victim of a corrupt sting operation.

At first their was one person, ONLY one person, that responded to it and acted like he/she was on my side and acted supportive, everyone else in the forum ignored me.

Then I posted a story about how corrupt sting operations frame innocent people as pedophiles and I described how police do it and even provided a slang name that police use when they frame innocent people as pedophiles, police call it pedofying.

THAT story launched an all-out attack on me by virtually EVERYONE in that forum, and when I say ATTACK I mean a ATTACK!

I was beset by constant emails from those forum members ridiculing me and making fun of me and attacking my character and making even death threats against me, and during their attack one of them chimed in saying their under aged, and pointed that out for the soul purpose of saying it!

At one point during their attack one of them chimed in ADMITTING their a sting operation, which explains why one of them are acting under-aged in that forum!

After I challenged them over that so-called forum member faking being under-aged they started making death threats about poisoning me with antifreeze, and they were doing a whole lot of Lolling over it all!

Within about eight hours I got around thirty emails from them attacking me with taunts and threats and even admitting they wanted me dead!

I took some screenshots of SOME of their emails, mostly the worst ones, and took screenshots of my story that launched their attack on me.

The site is so corrupt that all their emails they sent me were supposed to show up on my post as responses to my post, but most of their responses/threats did NOT show up on my post so they were tampering with how THEIR threats made it to me but NOT on my post!

Here is the webpage where I posted my story on “What Is Pedofying?”

Now I will post screenshots of that page the day their attack kicked in in full along with screenshots of these admitted sting operatives admitting they want me poisoned/dead!


Some of their attacks showed up on other mysterious page not connected to my “What Is Pedofying?” post!


They lauched an all-out attack on me besetting me with a flood of threatening emails, all their comments were supposed to go on my post of which these attacks are connected to, the the forum moderator made sure most of their attacks did NOT show up on that page, so most of their attacks were by email sent to my email address!















So as you can see this forum CLAIMING to be a group of people FIGHTING corrupt sting operations is in FACT a sting operation in and of itself and sits there waiting for unsuspecting victims of sting operations to join so that they can concentrate on framing that person.

During their ATTACK on me they had a forum member jump into the attack for the soul purpose of labeling them-self as under-aged BECAUSE THAT is a common tactic sting operatives use in setting people, and it was so blatant that THAT was the ONLY reason that person commented, which GAVE THEM AWAY AS A STING OPERATION!

I challenged them on it which is what launched their all-out attack on me!

Their not hiding the fact they are cyber-bullying me and threatening me and admitting they want me dead and name off the weapon of their choice, sting operatives ALWAYS use poison on their targets to debilitated their victims, and these blatant sting operatives are admitting their sting operatives and admit to their choice of weapon, POISON!

They are no different than the KKK! Their organized, they target people, they are anonymous, they make it known to their victims no one will help them, and they do not even HIDE their crimes from the public, only instead of hanging people they frame people and poisoning people!

I recommend REAL VICTIMS to AVOID website!

Terry Wagar

7 thoughts on “Online StingOperations Are All Over The Internet Provoking People And Attacking People To Silence Peple’s Complaints!

  1. The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s womanize with other people’s wives and recruit those women to coach their children how to pedofy (How to frame innocent people as pedophiles!) people FOR police and sheriff’s and police and sheriff’s pay these women with children TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for every man they pedofy for the police and sheriff’s!

    For reporting this to a forum on a sting operation forum that claims it’s against corrupt sting operations I got heavily targeted and harassed and ganged up on and threatened repeatedly and generally mobbed by everyone on that forum wanting to SILENCE ME and they even admitted they wanted me dead!

    Pedofying is a common form of murder and framing in this country and around the world and it’s active practice is guarded and protected BY corrupt police/law enforcement and by their bros and girlfriends (civilian operatives) and they do NOT hide the fact and neither do news reporters that pedofying of people are always done publicly and the people they pedofy usually end up dead!

    It is a FACT most people that publicly get pedofied by police/news media usually end up dead, that’s no secret, what is a secret is the fact police/law enforcement COMMONLY use doubles and their girlfriends children to pose for pictures in order to JUSTIFY pedofying innocent people that end up dead afterwords!

    I have been repeatedly battered by police and poisoned by my wife and by police and I have evaded multiple attempts on my life by these people and I have received hundreds of threats while authority’s and news media covers up all my calls for help including my 911 calls!

    Poisoning off people and pedofying people and the use of doubles and the recruitment of police officer’s girlfriends that have children to perform WITH doubles for the purpose of photogenic photo’s and fuzzy video surveillance cameras seems to be a common practice all over this country, and they seem to get away with it by news media’s desire to look the other way on these crimes/activity’s done by police and their civilian operatives!

    In general police and their civilian operatives refer to these practices by the slag term “Pedofy” and “Pedofying” and “Pedofied” and it usually is a higher up officer such as a detective that gives the order to his/her officer’s to pedofy someone, and it is the job of the lessor officer’s to stage crimes and use doubles in order to frame their target as a pedophile!

    There is no one within our government that will even take complaints on this because law enforcement is so corrupt, government would rather murder off dozens of innocent people than to arrest one corrupt murderous cop, so you can imagine to what lengths they will go when several of their officer’s are pedofgying people for the purpose of getting away with murder, NO ONE WILL DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

  2. Corrupt sting operations are common place in this world and for the most part most people are completely unaware that police organize sting operations as a way of framing people and setting people up and are unaware that sting operations ROUTINELY RECRUIT CIVILIAN’S into sting operations and many civilian operatives get PAID for lying to people and for setting people up!

    Church people tend to join in on sting operations, landlords and apartment managers are strong supporters of sting operations and ALWAYS help police in sting operations, that means your apartment manager will look you in the face and bald-face lie to you to let a under cover cop enter your home for an inspection of your apartment, and that your apartment managers have no qualms at all lying to you telling you the under cover cop is just a maintenance man doing an inspection!

    This is fucking common practice! and try complaining about it and watch your apartment manager smirk at you while lying saying the man is a maintenance man, they don’t even care if their caught! because no one will take a complaint on it and no one will act on your complaint!

    Sting operatives, even civilian sting operatives, are free to lie and to plant evidence and to stage crimes all they want to WITHOUT EVER BEING HELD TO ACCOUNT FOR IT BECAUSE NO ONE IN THE SYSTEM GIVES A DAMN!

    School teachers and school councilors are also heavily involved in sting operations and ALWAYS cooperate with any police OPERATION INCLUDING STING OPERATIONS!

    Many children related to adult sting operatives are taught by their parents how to frame people, and those children are trained how to plant drugs and to pedofy people in their schools, so sting operations tactics are used in schools targeting innocent children!

    Have you ever noticed how certain children in schools are allowed to DESTROY other children’s names and reputations and how those certain children’s accusations go all over the school and that the school officially does nothing about it? well that’s a sting operation being done by teachers and councilors and by certain students related to sting operatives!

    The POPULAR people in schools tend to run the schools and it’s the popular students that tend to be related to government people or related to police officer’s or people that have great political power and sway over other people!

    Some childere3n in schools are permitted to do whatever they want with no consequences while most children are just THERE trying to get by and trying to get an education, and many children in schools get selectively targeted by these so-called popular students and picked on the entire time they are in school!

    Sting operations, whether they target adults or children, tend to be ignored by news media thus sting operatives are used to ganging up on individuals and getting away with it!

    Schools commonly target individuals in school yet ALWAYS IGNORE organized targeting of students by popular students that tend to have relatives in law enforcement, and news media deliberately turns a blinds eye to such organized targeting and ignores the fact such students that target others in this way are acting as though they are in a sting operation!

    Most of the time government and even news reporters will NOT ADMIT to such sting operations, but from time to time they hint or imply such sting operations are going on!

    The only type of sting operations are government admits to are the type of stings where police set a trap and wait for others to step into it, giving viewers the impression that the accused trapped people deserve it!

    Well MOST sting operations are secret and are done by officer’s NOT sitting around and waiting and instead actively commit crimes in the presence of other innocent people so that police can charge the innocent people as accomplices while the officer’s that commit the crimes are not charged at all!

    When female cops dress up LIKE PROSTITUTES and LITERALLY WHORE THEMSELVES on the streets while engaging men AND women in the streets in conversations, that’s not really a trap, that’s a set up, because no matter HOW INNOCENT the bystander is the female officer can make the person APPEAR to be a bad guy for video surveillance by just dressing like a whore and acting like a whore!

    As far as I am concerned, anyone framed in this manner IS framed, because police are actually staging crimes in other people’s faces and doing so in such a way that you as a pedestrian cannot avoid the person!

    Imagine trying to walk home from work, or walking to your local grocery store, and that you are confronted in conversation on the sidewalk by females dressed like whores and they just approach you and start flirting with you, you said nothing, you did nothing wrong, you have to walk PAST these females to get to where you are going, but you do not WANT to be rude, so you talk back in an innocent way!

    All the while hidden cameras are aimed at you by police and the TRAINED FEMALE OFFICER TRAINED ON HOW TO MAKE PEOPLE LOOK BAD FOR VIDEO SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS continues to put on a phoney act FOR the video cameras\!


    As far as I am concerned EVERY POLICE STATION and EVERY COUNTY SHERIFF DEPARTMENT is guilty of running and organizing brothels and prostitution and trains their WHORES how to frame people using video surveillance, and the mere fact that law enforcement does this in locations where many people are simply unable to avoid these people is just down-right unjust and down-right framing of people!

    Everyone knows damn well police do this to people EVERYONE! and everyone knows damn well news reporters know about this and are just fine and dandy about it and cooperate with these sting operations too, so as far as I am concerned they are guilty too by association and as accomplices IN the crimes police stage/commit!

    Well guess what, everyone knows cops LOVE to dress up FOR sting operations and PUT ON a show for video surveillance cameras, what most people do NOT realize is the very simple fact that in sting operations police tend to dress up LIKE their targets WHILE they stage crimes for video surveillance!



    This is why I get ATTACKED on the internet or out in the streets because they want me dead for catching them admitting they regularly do this to people!

  3. It is impossible to defend oneself from a sting operation, when several people in law enforcement along with several civilians that are buddy’s to law enforcement make the decision to frame someone and operate under the pretense of a sting operation then there is NO ONE a victim of such people can find help!

    You try reporting corrupt sting operations and watch how peo9ple will just smirk at you and fake your mentally ill as a way of covering up your complaints!



    They instead will smirk at you and pretend your mentally ill and will FUCKING SMIRK WHILE DOING IT AND THEY WILL DO IT IN YOUR FACE!

    This country is so fucking Fascist that it’s officer’s and their relatives and their buddy’s flaunt it! and when people complain no one TAKES the complaints and they immediately label the person that complains as mentally ill, no court ruling, no several doctors evaluations, they just SAY IT and they just PUT IT IN THEIR PAPERWORK as though a cops paperwork amounts to a formal final decision!


    People going postal in the USA is the only way many victims of a corrupt government can get justice any more because NO ONE FUCKING TAKES COMPLAINTS AND ACTS ON THEM!

  4. The Multnomah county sheriff’s and their civilian operatives (Their relatives and buddy’s and their girlfriends and their children) sijnce early 1970s have used doubles and photogenic photo’s and civilian operatives children to frame innocent people as pedophiles and I witnessed them doing it in the 1970s and witnessed their double performing for photogenic photo’s and witnessed a mother telling the children to hang around the double and take candy from the double while the mother took photogenic photo’s of it all and then put the photo’s in an envelop!

    The double was a Multnomah county sheriff officer in uniform and was inside someone Else’s home and had his arm hanging out the window and was tossing candy bars to the mothers children while the mother stood on the other side of the street and took photo’s of it all!

    When the uniformed county sheriff officer was done he told the children to go back to the mother across the street!
    The only part of the county sheriff that was visible to the mothers camera was his arm, that’s it, and he was trying to hide the fact he was a county sheriff from the children and when one of the children got too close to the window the county sheriff officer ordered the child to stand back further trying to hide the fact he is a county sheriff officer!

    This took place in the Sellwood neighborhood in S,E, Portland Oregon around 1970 to 1971, around that time frame!
    So the county sheriff’s and their civilian operatives have a long long ass history of using doubles to stage crimes and use photogenic photo’s and doubles as a way of framing people AS pedophiles!

    I know the names of the children AND the mother that were party to this pedofying crime they committed!
    They were neighbors in the neighborhood that lived a little over a block away FROM the house where the county sheriff was acting as a double!

  5. person says:

    this isn’t a sting operation; i think people may have mistook you as a troll. i didn’t follow what happened but saw this pingback on your forum topic there. people seem to have had a bit difficulty following the substance and topic of your posts on the florida scandal group; florida scandal is dedicated to law enforcement’s’ child solicitation stings being conducted exclusively on adult dating and sex sites under the guise of adult solicitations and advertisements; happens everywhere but florida law enforcement has made it a staple in their policing. the common thread we have is exposing law enforcement, and garnering attention of the (federal, probably) government.

    • It is a sting operation and they ganged up on me and made death threats and admitted it was a sting operation and one of them jumped into the fight for the soul purpose of labeling themselves as under-aged!

      So they were FLAUNTING the fact they are there to entrap anyone that joins the site because of being a victim of a corrupt sting operation!

      In other words their a bunch of cops and FBI agents that sit around and FAKE fighting corrupt sting operations to lure victims of sting operations into their group, then they gang up on that person and try immediately entrap9ing their target by engaging their target in conversations.

      I have a lot of threatening emails sent to me by email that does NOT show up in their forums, they ADMITTED their a sting op and they admitted they wanted me dead in emails!

      Their liars and corrupt and their sting ops just sitting their waiting for victims of stings to try and find help, and they gang up on that victim!

      Googling sting operation forums brings THEIR corrupt ass site up right away, and they try faking out visitors by PRETENDING their opposing corrupt sting operations when in fact they ARE A STI9NG O0PERATION!

      I got threatening emails from them ALL DAMN DAY LONG THAT DAY and they FLAUNTED the fact it was a sting op and admitted they wanted me dead, confessions are just that, THEY CONFESSED!

      Confessions are admissible in court and so are death threats!

      And unlike all those anonymous sting operatives I DO NOT HIDE WHO I AM!

    • Trolls do not normally identify who they are, I IDENTIFIED WHO I AM, UNLIKE all those sting operatives at that forum.

      THEY picked a fight with ME! I did not start it but I finished it by leaving their forum and posting their illegal email/death threats they gave me, along with one of their emails admitting their a sting operation.

      Confessions and death threats are admissible in our courts and they gave me BOTH!

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