An Analogy Of A Sting Operation Compared To A “Who Done It?” Novel!

An analogy of a sting operation compared to a “Who Done It?” novel.

An Agatha Christie novel of a who done it story amounts to a murdered victim, and a hotel of twelves guests, and one detective.

The one detective is alone in his investigation and is investigating the murder and is questioning the witnesses present on the scene, and the detective holds everyone there until he can piece together the crime and solve who the murderer is.

Out of the twelve suspects eleven are innocent and one is guilty of murder.

Now lets compare that to sting operations in a similar setting.

Imagine the same scenario as the who done it story, only instead of having an honest detective you have a corrupt detective, and you have twelve suspects, and eleven of them are under cover police and civilian sting operatives, and you have one target that is being set up by the eleven sting operatives and by the detective.

The detective and the eleven sting operatives are doing everything in their power to make their target look and appear guilty for their video surveillance cameras and are staging events in such a way as to make their target appear to be a bad guy in order to pin the murder on the target.

That is a simple explanation as to what sting operations are compared to other crimes people are aware of and demonstrates the lengths cops will go to frame/entrap innocent people.



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