Portland Police Officer’s Eric Carlson And John Ray Raped And Murdered A Female Child On March 26TH 2007 And No One Will Take A Complaint From Me!

On March 26th 2007 officer’s Eric Carlson and John Ray along with severtal other FEMALE officer’s staged/committed a early morning  break in and they raped and photographed and then murdered a female child/teenager!

I caught them in the commission of these crimes and caught them in the act on a audio recorder! They broke in through a bedroom winsdow and they carried the body out the bedroom window and then proceeded to plant evidence in apartment to frame the tenant for the crimes and before leaving the apartment those officer’s along with a Joan Wagar poisoned the tenants coffee pot and coffee cup before they exited the apartment!

No one will take a complaint from me because our whole system lies and covers for cops when cops get caught by citizens committing crimes!

Terry Wagar

6 thoughts on “Portland Police Officer’s Eric Carlson And John Ray Raped And Murdered A Female Child On March 26TH 2007 And No One Will Take A Complaint From Me!

  1. Reporting crimes is imposible in a Fascist country when it’s officer’s that commit the crimes because NO ONE WILL FUCKING TAKE,,,,,,A,,,,,,,FUCKING,,,.,,,,,COMPLAINT!

  2. I am very inclined to FORCE these people into court by ACTING IN SELF DEFENSE!
    I already proved their guilt and proved I cannot get help from 911 and I do NOT have to WAIT for another attempt on their part to kill me to JUSTIFY SELF DEFENSE!

  3. Where the FUCK is the FBI when Portland police officer’s are committing felony break ins and raping and photographing and murdering children/teenagers?

    Why the FBI is just TOO BUSY covering up victims 911 calls to care less if COPS are RAPING and MURDERING CHILDREN/TEENAGERS!

  4. I proved the police and coun ty sheriff’s were using officer Eric Carlson as a double to frame me as a pedophile and to frame me for murders committed by police officer’s!

    Al my 911 calls and calls for help are covered up by police and county sheriff’s therefore I have no way of getting help!


    Any action I take against them is JUSTIFIED and any bullshit charge they press on me is a joke since I ALREADY PROVED THEY USE DOUBLES!

    If I was a bad person I could really take advantage of that! GOOD THING FOR THEIR SICK ASSES I AM NOT THAT KIND OF A PERSON UNLIKE THEM!

  5. On March 26th 2007 officer Eric Carlson and officer John Ray were having a blast committing rapes and murders and photographing their victims and p0lanting evidence in victims home and poisoning their victims coffee pot!

    They could not WAIT to brag to a Vickie Rosales and to their superiors in law reinforcement!

    The very first thing officer John Ray said to Vickie Rosales was “We framed Terry as a pedophile!” and then he along with Joan Wagar and officer Eric Carlson and a black female officer named Adrian along with a white female officer named Erica EXPLAINED to Vickie Rosales HOW THEY DID IT AND EXPLAINED IN DETAIL!

    The way they all talked and acted gives the impression THEY HAD A LOT OF FUN COMMITTING THESE CRIMES and were enjoying DESCRIBING it all to Vickie Rosales!

    They admitted officer Eric Carlson was acting as a double to frame Terry and that he was in Terry’s daughters bedroom with his dick out and he was on Terry’s daughters bed and that they got PICTURES of it!

    When their superiors showed up the fist thing their superiors said was they wanted the photogenic photo’s they made, and it is at this time they part of their video surveillance, the part where officer John Ray broke in and helped officer Eric Carlson in the removing of a dead girls body is the part they wanted erased!

    I have them all on a audio recorder admitting to all this, and it also has them bragging to Walmart employees about how easy it is for officer Eric Carlson to impersonate Terry Wagar and that Eric Carlson was dressed that morning just like Terry Wagar and Walmart employees were cracking jokes about it!

  6. HEY Eric Carlson! why you need Joan Wagar’s help with Jessica’s body for?
    Is THAT why officer John Ray broke in there to remove Jessica’s body officer Eric Carlson?

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