Portland Police Give Their Whores Permission To Be Serial Killers And Cover Up Victims Complaints And Deny’s Victims Help At Hospitals!

Officer Eric Carlson was having an affair with Terry Wagar’s wife Joan Wagar and officer Eric Carlson gave Joan Wagar permission to poison her husband Terry Wagar to death and Terry Wagar was a regular plasma donor at the time! Their murder conspiracy was so blatant the officer Eric Carlson referred to Joan Wagar in love letters as Mrs Dash!

Joan Wagar admits she is a poisoner of a plasma donor in her diary and she also admits to her affair with a cop and admits I cannot get help from police and I cannot get a toxicology test at the hospital!


Joan Wagar flaunts her affair in her denial letter and is flat out lying about everything in her denial letter, Joan Wagar is hiding the fact she and her daughters were sleeping around with three different police officer’s and Joan Wagar lies about them being cops claiming they work with her at Walmart!

One of Joan Wagar’s daughters was pregnant at the time by one of those cops when Joan Wagar writes this denial letter!

After Joan Wagar has her husband so badly poisoned and debilitated she starts taunting him by tossing signed confessions at him like they were Frisbee’s!

OHSU hospital covers up the poisonings by refusing to examine Terry Wagar and by refusing to take toxicology tests and by pretending nothing is reported about Joan Wagar being a poisoner and pretend those signed confessions of Joan WEagar’s does not exist and pretends to not know what’s wrong with Terry Wagar even though the hospital admits to symptoms consistent with poisonings such as abdominal pain and internal bleeding!



OHSU hospital and police threatening Terry Wagar in writting and covering up all of Terry Wagar’s calls for help, even his 911 calls!
Sgt Walker of the Portland police admits to covering up Terry Wagar’s 911 calls and calls for help and is admitting Terry Wagar is not welcome at his hospital.
Sgt Walker is pretending nothing is wrong with Terry Wagar and is covering up the fact Terry Wagar was poisoned and is ignoring the fact Terry Wagar’s wife already confessed she is a poisoner and Sgt Walker is ignoring the abominable pain and severe internal bleeding Terry Wagar suffered!



Police made sure Terry Wagar could not get help from any other hospital as well and no one will take a toxicology test!



Officer Eric Carlson’s Death Threat He Put On Our Computer!


Officer Eric Carlson and his lover my ex-wife Joan Wagar, now Joan Carlson were waiting in ambush on stairs next to Terry Wagar’s doorway!
They would have Terry Wagar if he had not noticed people were diving behind that van and trailer across the street!

Officer Eric Carlson stepped into sight after he realized Terry Wagar is not coming out while Terry Wagar’s wife continued to hide in ambush to shoot Terry Wagar if Terry Wagar did step outside, and after officer Eric Carlson got out of sight and in a shooting position Terry Wagar’s wife stepped away from the stairs and at first walked wanting Terry Wagar to recognize her and then she bolted into a run!

Joan Carlson had a gun hidden inside her shirt in her left hand and she is recording with her cellphone in her right hand!

The tall dude in the baseball hat is officer Eric Carlson’s partner Shannon and he is in law enforcement a well and he is not even hiding his face nor is he hiding the fact he wants Terry Wagar dead!

None of the people in this video live there they were waiting for Terry Wagar to step outside to shoot Terry Wagar!


Eric Carlson’s Buddy’s Caught Pedofying Terry Wagar Outside his apartment!
These people were being paid by Portland police to pedofy Terry Wagar outside his apartment!


Officer Eric Carlson and his partner Shannon brought over a couple of their girlfriends that have children and they were coaching those children to hand around the front of Terry Wagar’s apartment and officer Eric Carlson and Shannon and the females with them were coaching the children to call Terry Wagar a pedophile in front of his apartment!

They are staging street theater tactics and staging crimes in front of Terry Wagar’s apartment and officer Eric Carlson is once again acting as a body double he was dressed up like Terry Wagar that day, and he was outside telling those children to look at his dick and such!

The children were being coached by those officer’s and by the females with those officer’s to slap Terry Wagar’s window screen and to repeatedly harass Terry Wagar by ringing his doorbell and by making constant pedophile accusations!

The children admitted in-between being directed by those officer’s that they were being paid ten thousand dollars to make Terry Wagar look like a bad guy and that Terry Wagar was going to be shot if he went outside to confront them!


Pedofying people and poisoning people is the norm for Portland police and their whores and there is no such thing as a government agency that gives a damn that people can report these crimes to!

Terry Wagar



3 thoughts on “Portland Police Give Their Whores Permission To Be Serial Killers And Cover Up Victims Complaints And Deny’s Victims Help At Hospitals!

  1. Police and county sheriff’s recruit females into sting operations and womanize with them while they stage crimes using doubles and stage crimes to frame innocent people and it is common for police to do this to people!

    Anyone that complains or is victimized by these corrupt sting operations gets poisoned by police and by the women they recruit and they label the disabled victim mentally ill to discredit the victim as a witness!

    If anyone tries to complain and to try to get justice to get those corrupt cops and their civilian operatives arrested they end up getting battered to death, and police just release a bullshit statement to the press labeling the person mentally ill to discredit them.

    News reporters totally go along with this injustice and help police to cover up their crimes by pushing a bullshit story about an unarmed person police battered to death and will publicly label that person as mentally ill as though that alone justify battering him to death!

    Police sting operations victimizes someone, that someone complains, his complaints are ignored in a malicious manner by police, the victim tries desperately to warn people about what police did, no one cares, then the person gets battered to death by police, and then police and news media spend the next several years publicly referring to that person as mentally ill and demanding that tax payers increase taxes for the mentally ill.


  2. Joan Wagar and her side of the family were working in sting operations in 1999 and they were actively poisoning people and were using body doubles at the direction of the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s!

    Joan Wagar poisoned my mother in 1999 and police covered up my mothers 911 call and around the same time plain clothed officer’s broke into my fathers apartment and poisoned his fods and he got poisoned as well!

    The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s at this time had a look-a-like of me living in my mothers motor home and they were staging crimes using him s a double, and Joan Wagar and her family along with their buddy’s in law enforcement were destroying my reputation behind my back labeling me as a pedophile so no one would care if I was murdered!

    I am a witness as well as a victim of these tactics, they batter people using doubles, they cover up victims 911 calls, they poisoned people and covered up their 911 calls, they pedofied me behind my back turning hundreds if not thousands of people against me, and the whole time my wife and her side of the family along with their buddy’s in law enforcement just smirk!

    My father died after he warned me it was law officer’s that broke into his home and poisoned him, and for five days straight after the death of my father I got daily multiple phone threats from two different officer’s that made threats and demands!

    In sting operations they use doubles and they use paraphernalia and they poison people and cover up their victims calls for help, and they get away with this shit because they operate under the pretense of an investigation so other people will cooperate with them!

    They have a history of using doubles to stage crimes to frame people, and they use poison because their is no way the victim can prove it when the hospital, at the direction of police, refuse to take toxicology tests!

    Bullets cause visible wounds a victim can show people, but poisonings do not leave visible wounds, and when COPS and their WHORES do the poisonings, then it is impossible to get help from a hospital!

  3. This blog is proof reporting crimes publicly does not get victims help and still gets ignored by authority’s, just like they covered up my fucking 911 calls, a Sgt Walker of the Portland police brags in writing to covering up all my electric calls for help!

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