Out Of Control Sting Operations Are Killing Off People For Sport! Civilians Recruited Into It By Authority’s!

My wife Joan Wagar and her buddy’s in law enforcement coached our daughters to make false pedophile accusations about me after they murdered my father Don Wagar and they poisoned my mother Valerie Quigley and the police covered up my mother’s 911 call!

Our daughter admitted in writing after the fact her charges were false!


Officer Eric Carlson starts calling my wife Joan Wagar by the nickname Mrs Dash in love letters he writes her AFTER she poisoned me with antifreeze, I was a active plasma donor at the time!


Joan Wagar admits she is a poisoner of a plasma donor in her diary and she also admits to her affair with a cop and admits I cannot get help from police and I cannot get a toxicology test at the hospital!


After my wife bragged she is a poisoner in her diary and she battered me and her buddy’s in law enforcement assaulted me and covered up my 911 call Joan Wagar writes her infamous denial letter where she denies being a poisoner!
Everything in her denial letter is a lie, the three men she names off as coworkers are actually the cops she and her daughters were sleeping around with, and at the time Joan Wagar wrote this denial letter one of her daughters was pregnant by one of those officer’s at the time of writing this denial letter!


My wife brags she is a poisoner and admits she uses antifreeze as poison!
I was bedridden at the time my wife wrote this, she tossed it at me like a Frisbee knowing I was so badly poisoned that I could not even read it at the time let alone get out of bed to find help!


The hospital admits I had abominable pain and internal bleeding but fakes not knowing what’s wrong!



OHSU hospital and police threatening me and covering up all my calls for help, even my 911 calls!
Sgt Walker of the Portland police admits to covering up my 911 calls and calls for help and is admitting I am not welcome at my hospital.
Sgt Walker is pretending nothing is wrong with me and is covering up the fact I was poisoned and is ignoring the fact my wife already confessed she is a poisoner and Sgt Walker is ignoring the abominable pain and severe internal bleeding I suffered!



Police made sure I could not get help from any other hospital as well and no one will take a toxicology test!



Officer Eric Carlson’s Death Threat He Put On Our Computer!


Officer Eric Carlson And Joan Wagar Caught On Video Trying To Kill Me They Are Armed With Guns And Recording Devices And Their Caught Hiding In Ambush By My Front Door at 5:45 am and they are armed with guns and recording devices and flashlights and are using hand signals!

Officer Eric Carlson and her lover my ex-wife Joan Wagar, now Joan Carlson were waiting in ambush on stairs next to my doorway!
They would have shot me if I had not noticed people were diving behind that van and trailer across the street!

Officer Eric Carlson stepped into sight after he realized I am not coming out while my wife continued to hide to shoot me if I did step outside, and after officer Eric Carlson got out of sight and in a shooting position my wife stepped away from the stairs and at first walked wanting me to recognize her and then she bolted into a run!

Joan Carlson had a gun hidden inside her shirt in her left hand and she is recording with her cellphone in her right hand!

The tall dude in the baseball hat is officer Eric Carlson’s partner Shannon and he is in law enforcement a well and he is not even hiding his face nor is he hiding the fact he wants me dead!

None of the people in this video live there they were waiting for me to step outside to shoot me!


Eric Carlson’s Buddy’s Caught Pedofying Me Outside My Home!
These people were being paid by Portland police to pedofy me outside my apartment!


Officer Eric Carlson and his partner Shannon brought over a couple of their girlfriends that have children and they were coaching those children to hand around the front of my apartment and officer Eric Carlson and Shannon and the females with them were coaching the children to call me a pedophile in front of my apartment!

They are staging street theater tactics and staging crimes in front of my apartment and officer Eric Carlson is once again acting as a body double he was dressed up like me that day, and he was outside telling those children to look at his dick and such!

The children were being coached by those officer’s and by the females with those officer’s to slap my window screen and to repeatedly harass me by ringing my doorbell!

The children admitted in-between being directed by those officer’s that they were being paid ten thousand dollars to make me look like a bad guy and that I was going to be shot if I went outside to confront them!


No one will take a complaint from me, all my calls for help are covered up and suppressed by police/local authority’s, and doctors refused me emergency services because of my wife Joan Wagar’s affair with a cop!

I am not their only victim on average one family member per-year died during my wife Joan Wagar’s use of pills and antifreeze as poison, and three plasma donors lived under Joan Wagar’s roof when she tossed her written confession to using antifreeze as poison at me while I was bedridden!

Terry Wagar

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  1. Officer’s Eric Carlson and John Ray along with other female officer’s and their girlfriends committed a early morning break in and raped,photographed, and murdered a female child!

    They then proceeded to plant evidence in MY APARTMENT with intent of framing me for their crimes!
    They then poisoned my coffee pot before exiting my apartment!

    They all got into their vehicles and drove to Clackamas Walmart where they bragged to FEMALE Walmart employees about what they just did and admitted they were framing me as a pedophile and admitted officer Eric Carlson acted as a double for video surveillance AND for photogenic photo’s and they admitted they got pictures of his dick while in the girl’s bedroom with the girl!

    They took over the printers in the office in the back of Clackamas Walmart and spent three hours printing flyers giving me the blame for the crimes they all just confessed to, and were recruiting FEMALE Walmart employees to lie for them and to back up their flyers FOR THEM so they can appear to have nothing to do with it all!

    After they got done with the flyers and got everyone in the softlines department to lie for them officer Eric Carlson and a Walmart employee named Joan Wagar were having sex in the back of that store behind the locker area and they were talking about the FEMALE officer Eric Carlson murdered DURING THEIR SEX!

    Shortly after this officer Eric Carlson bragged to his female superior in law enforcement that he had ALREADY pedofied me behind prison walls and laughed and bragged that I am not going to survive this one referring to multiple attempts by police,sheriff’s to murder me off, and his superior responded as a statement “CAN HE WALK ON WATER!”


    This took place on March 26th 2007,, and I am still trying to find help and no one with a piece of shit badge gives a damn if cops are raping and murdering children!

    I have to publicize this just to prove I am reporting this because police cover up all my calls for help!

    Terry Wagar

  2. The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s womanize with other people’s wives and grant those whores permission to poison off their husbands for life insurance money’s and authority’s make sure victims 911 calls are covered up and deny victims emergency services at any hospital!

    Multnomah county sheriff’s and Portland police commonly use officer’s as body doubles to frame people as murderers and bank robbers and as pedophiles and every time they use doubles they also use photogenic photo’s and fuzzy video surveillance cameras!

    Multnomah county sheriff’s and Portland police pay their whores with children to bring their children to the officer that acts as a double and they PERFORM for video surveillance and for photogenic photo’s in order to frame people as pedophiles and they have a name for it they call it pedofying!

    Multnomah county sheriff’s and Portland police brag to their girlfriends/whores they pedofy people and laugh and brag it gets people killed off!
    They use flyers and they use news media to pedofy people and they pay their girlfriends/whores with children to back up false pedophile accusations against their target/victim and they pay on average TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to their girlfriends/whores with children to help them pedofy people they want dead!

    Multnomah county sheriff’s have a history of using doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people as pedophiles or as rapists or as murderers and have done this to people as far back as the early 1970s!

    People in the 1970s that owned police scanners helped police/sheriff’s to frame people by using doubles and photogenic photo’s!

    NOBODY takes complaints on these crimes including news reporters and attorney’s let alone law enforcement!
    Victims of such crimes have to report these crimes publicly just to prove their reporting it because of complete and total stonewalling by government and by the system!

    Terry Wagar

  3. On March 26th 2007 several Portland police officer’s and Multnomah county sheriff officer’s along with their girlfriends/whores committed a early morning break in and raped, photographed, children in a under-aged teenagers bedroom and were PERFORMING for video surveillance cameras and one of the officer’s was dressed as one of the tenants of the apartment acting as a double!

    Their sexual escapades woke up the tenant inside the apartment, and suspecting that he was catching his wife in her affair with a armed cop he put a audio recorder in his wife’s purse and laid back down on his couch knowing his wife will be leaving for work any minute!

    Those officer’s ended their sexual escapades suspecting the tenant woke up and they sneaked out the of teenagers bedroom into the tenants wife’s bedroom and listened to see if the tenant woke up or not, suspecting the tenant went back to sleep the wife of the apartment along with those officer’s proceeded to sneak a body out of the wife’s bedroom window and then the wife and one of the officer’s started sneaking quietly around the apartment and were planting evidence in the apartment!

    The tenant was lying on the couch pretending to be asleep and listening to what was going on and can hear his wife whispering to the officer and the officer whispering back to her and could hear them quietly moving about the apartment and handling things in the apartment!

    They whispered to each other some more and then the wife of the apartment booted up the computer and she plugged something into the computer, it sounded like she was plugging something into a USB port, and then the male officer whispered to the tenants wife “Copy!” and then about two minutes later the tenants wife got up from the computer and she and the officer sneaked past the tenant that was lying on the couch and the both of them went into the kitchen!

    The officer (Officer Eric Carlson) started messing with the coffee pot and with something else while the tenants wife (Joan Wagar) opened the patio shade but not the patio!

    The officer pored something into the coffee pot, and at no time was the kitchen sink turned on, and at one point Joan Wagar was pointing out to the officer which coffee cup was her husbands!

    After a minute of them messing around with the coffee pot and the tenants coffee cup Joan Wagar closed the patio shade and picked up her purse and the both of them sneaked past the tenant Terry Wagar while he acted like he was sleeping and both officer Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar quietly sneaked out the front door together, Officer Eric Carlson the trespasser stepped out the door first!

    After Joan Wagar and officer Eric

  4. Sting operations are misleading to the public because police and news media go out of their way to give the impression that sting operations are just nets designed to catch anyone committing crimes!

    That’s the impression police and news media gives everyone when you hear about prostitution stings or drug bust stings.

    The reality is almost everything police DO is a sting operation, all so-called investigations done by police ARE sting operations, but when police target a selected individual for a sting operation THOSE type of stings are rarely admitted to by police or by news media!

    It’s a big dark dirty ass secret police and news media keeps from the public, the reason why is because sting operations are not at all about catching bad guys, it’s about targeting people and framing people and even murdering people and pinning the crimes on their targets!

    Everyone thinks the laws apply to everyone, well police dirty secret is they don’t give a damn about the law and they do whatever they have to to make their target APPEAR to be a bad guy, and police have no qualms at all breaking the laws themselves in order to frame/pin crimes on their targets!

    Everyone knows police do sting operations, everyone knows police dress up like prostitutes and or drug dealers and stage crimes in order to bust John’s or drug buyers, that’s common knowledge and police and news media and Hollywood portrays that all the time to people!

    What is NOT common knowledge to the masses is that when police dress up like criminals they usually dress up like someone they are targeting and are impersonating that person FOR video surveillance in order to frame someone for a crime!

    It is common practice for police to dress up like their target while they stage/commit felony crimes in order to build cases against their target, and police have been doing this to people for several decades and news media knows all about it and is mums the word to the public!

    Hollywood knows cops dress up in sting operations, Hollywood glamorizes police when they dress up, like having two under cover black male cops dress up like two white female chicks for comedy purposes for example!

    What the masses do not realize or are aware of when police target someone they dress up like that target and stage/commit felony crimes to frame that target, and the whole system knows this goes on and looks the other way and allows police to get away with this and even covers for police!

    Call 911 and report you are being framed by a sting operation and that officer’s in that sting operation are committing crimes dressed like you, and see what happens, every and all first responders are trained and taught to treat anyone that complains about sting operations as mentally ill and will not act on your complaint and will not take your information and will not assign a case number to your complaint!

    Complaining to the system about corrupt sting operations is like complaining to a wall, because nothing will be done about it, and if you try complain g you will notice the unwillingness of first responders to help you and they may even smirk at you to make it known, just to you, that they can care less what you are a victim of or what you have witnessed!

    Notice how Hollywood constantly glamorizes sting operations as good things, good deeds going after the bad guys, that’s propaganda!

    The reality is if you get targeted by a sting operation, those sting operatives will recruit your wife into an affair, they will turn her against you and teach her how to set you up for video surveillance cameras!

    They will teach your wife how to poison you to death and how to destroy your name and reputation behind your back! they will tell your wife to continue to pretend to love your husband and continue to poison his coffee pot and tell your wife to switch over to an espresso machine!

    They will tell your wife to turn everyone against you over time with behind your back slander and made up lies designed to turn people against you!

    All the while when your wife leaves to go shopping or to go to work she will be sleeping around with those officer’s! they will put you under illegal video surveillance within your own home and your wife will do anything to make you look bad for her lovers video surveillance cameras, and they will use it against you behind your back and have no fear of prosecution because their cops!

    Those sting operatives along with their civilian accomplices will pedofy you behind your back with constant slander/lies calling you a pedophile and will even admit to other people you are under investigation and they will tell people to not tell you about it or it would ruin their investigation, and they will just continue to pedofy and pedofy and pedofy you until they have hundreds of people turned against you!

    Does that sound legal to you? no it’s not, but everyone stupidly cooperates with any and all police investigations/operations and will blindly believe cops and your wife when they go around behind your back and label you as a bad guy and no one will tell you this is happening!

    Now what’s that got to do with doubles police COMMONLY USE? It has everything to do with it, because almost all sting operations stage crimes in order to frame their target and to build a case against their target, and the easiest way for police to do to use doubles that perform for photogenic photo’s and for fuzzy video surveillance cameras!

    Police do not have to prove anyone of guilt in anything, all they have to do is label you publicly as guilty of this or that without any trial and the masses mindlessly believe them, and when cops release a fuzzy video of a dude that is dressed like you committing crimes and it is played the tv news the masses mindlessly falls for it every time!

    Noe in the minds of the masses, without any due process or even a trial, police have convicted you with public opinion by using doubles and staged crimes and slander, and their is no one you can turn to or report this to that gives a damn!

    Does that sound like justice? does that sound legal? hell no it’s not justice and hell no it’s not legal, but this is how the system works and police have been doing this to people for several decades and continue to get away with it because our whole system is corrupt!

    A corrupt system protects it’s corrupt officer’s no matter what or they risk getting targeted by a sting operation themselves, which is why most people within the system look the other way and cover up and suppress complaints!

    It is flat out common knowledge police dress up in sting operations and they call it under cover work, now did it ever occur to the ignorant controlled by propaganda masses that when cops dress up in sting operations that they may be impersonating one of their targets?

    This problem, this organized crimes committed by police, is everywhere and going on all over the country, even around the world, and are Fascist minded corrupt police and our Fascist minded news reporters that cover up police crimes with propaganda and selling these tactics to the masses as a effective way of fighting crime get away with framing anyone they want to!

    Did it ever occur to people that police are braking the laws when they do sting operations? did it not ever occur to people cops frame people using doubles? did it not occur police recruit civilians into sting operations in order to frame people? did it ever occur to people that police murder people during sting operations which is why most sting operations are not admitted to by police?

  5. How many innocent people sit behind prison walls because police put them their by using doubles and photogenic photo’s and fuzzy video surveillance cameras?

    How many innocent people sit behind prison walls deserve a retrial because police brag to their girlfriends/whores that they commonly use doubles and photogenic photo’s and fuzzy video surveillance cameras to frame people?

    How many innocent people sit behind prison walls have a million dollar lawsuit against their government for allowing and aiding and abetting police while police use doubles and photogenic photo’s and fuzzy video surveillance cameras to frame people?

    Guess what I have several officer’s on audio bragging to their girlfriends they use doubles and photogenic photo’s and video surveillance and they were discussing the parts of the video surveillance they wanted erased because one of their officer’s was on it, and this is right after they all raped,photographed, and killed a female child!

    How many innocent people sitting behind prison walls deserve a get out of jail free card thanks to bragging cops that brag to their girlfriends/whores?

  6. Out of control sting operations are committing murders and framing people and they just grow and grow because so many people get recruited int6o sting operations and fuck over people that it becomes impossible for singled out victims of sting operations to get help and many victims of sting operations go postal seeing it as their only option because no one will help them!

    FBI always covers up corrupt sting operations and labels victims of sting operations that go postal as mentally ill to discredit them as witnesses and to give an explanation to the people why they did it when in fact they are simply for the most part acting in self defense of organized backed by law enforcement sting operations that target individuals and destroy their lives systematically!

    People that get targeted by sting operations have no way of getting help, no one will take their complaints, they are denied the basic human right to be treated as equals and are systematically destroyed by government sponsored sting operations which have nothing to do with catching bad guys and instead focuses on simply destroying people and framing people and murdering off people!

    Does FBI allow people that go postal to explain themselves to the public? does FBI show the public video surveillance of people going postal? the answer to both is no!

    Does FBI want people that go postal to tell people why they did it? or do FBI speak FOR the person that goes postal and explains to the people via propaganda TV why he or she did it?

    Victims of sting operations have no way of getting help, when Fascist USA government officer’s target out someone they never give up they keep harassing that person, they keep framing that person, they keep hurting people that person cares about or they turn people against that person, and no one cares, no one takes complaints, calls for help get covered up by police, and when victim gets sick of it and exacts revenge on the people that destroyed them they get labeled as postal and labeled guilty as murderers!

    How do victims of corrupt sting operations get help in this world? no one helps victims of endless groundless sting operations where the officer’s involved are sleeping around with the targets wife and daughters! Everyone in government ignores their blatant motive for groundless endless sting operations!

    I have already proven my wife’s affair with a pedophile cop that is fond of dying his hair my collar and impersonating me while he rapes children dressed as me for police video surveillance cameras!

    I am more than happy to force a trial in self defense since everyone in law enforcement brags on death threats they covered up my calls for help!

    Would I get a fair trial? HELL NO! WHY? Because of a dirty secret your government AND your news media hides from you all your life, it is law enforcement that decides WHO goes into the jury pools!

    So anytime police want to insure a conviction on someone or an acquittal for a cop or a cops bro they just fill the jury pool with relatives/buddy’s,civilian sting operatives and they get what they want every time and the prosecutors and defense attorney’s do nothing but put on a bullshit show for everyone!

    So if I exorcized my fucking right to self defense and acted in self defense against the people that organized this endless sting operation against me I would be just labeled by Fascist TV as mental and my story would never maker the light of day!

    What a fucking Fascist country this is!

  7. Are Fascist TV shows want the ignorant masses to believe that people can get fair trials by a change of venue by going to different jurisdictions!

    That’s a propaganda lie! no matter WHAT jurisdiction a person goes to you are subject to the jury pool law enforcement selects FOR you!

  8. I wonder if I should threaten to go postal? the pedophile cops are ignoring my complaints and ignoring my wife’s written confessions she is a serial killer using antifreeze to poison off relatives and police are ignoring officer Eric Carlson of the Portland police departments love letter where he refers to my wife as Mrs Dash in it!

    If I threatened to go postal would that get attention to my wife and her lovers crimes along with their personal never ending sting operations they beset me with?

    Notice how I am merely asking myself a question, not really making any threats at all, and police are probably shitting themselves right now!

    Technically I made no threat at all and just asked myself a question, watch how pedophile cops will make a mountain of it to try and cover their asses!

  9. Officer Eric Carlson And Joan Wagar Caught On Video Trying To Kill Me They Are Armed With Guns And Recording Devices And Their Caught Hiding In Ambush By My Front Door at 5:45 am and they are armed with guns and recording devices and flashlights and are using hand signals!

    Cops and their whores caught on video armed with guns and recording devices and flashlights and waiting in ambush in plain cloths right by my fucking doorway at 5:45 am!

    If it were not for me noticing that cap wearing tall cop that is partners with my wife’s lover dive behind that van and trailer when I opened my door I would have been killed if I stepped outside to potty my dog!

    I had to let our dog potty inside our apartment because I would have been shot by these people if I stepped outside!

    Joan Wagar is hiding her hand gun inside her shirt in her left hand, and she walks before running away because she wanted me to recognize her hoping I would get pissed off and step outside into their ambush!

    It all happened so fast I did not get a chance to see their faces to know who they were but suspected it was my wife and her lover, and my wife’s lovers partner the cap wearer is not even hiding the fact he is there as well and not even bothering to hide his face!

    Typical of the Portland police they brag and flaunt their crimes to their victims, they gave me this audio death threat like two weeks before I caught them on video and their saying goodbye on their audio death threat in many different words!

    Now look at this video again and look at the black car next to my wife’s lovers partner’s car, the black car has the license plate “SAYLVU” on it, so they are flaunting the fact they are the makers and backers of the audio death threat I got!

    The car with the “SAYLVU” license PLATE BELONGS TO THEM!

    Like I keep saying under the pretense of doing sting operations cops are actually womanizing with other people’s wives and recruiting those women into killing off people and are ganging up on people and killing people!

    This is attempted murder caught on video, they were going to shoot me and were getting into position to do just that when I opened my front door!


  10. I was poisoned by my wife! I am severely disabled from it and in debilitating pain and partially paralyzed from being poisoned!

    My 911 calls are covered up by police a Sgt Walker of the Portland police admits in writing to covering up my calls for help!

    I have no phone and stuck at my apartment and surrounded by cops and their whores that wait in ambush to murder me right outside my apartment!

    This is government funded organized murder and it is personal on their part since my wife and her daughters became whores to and for these officer’s!

    Police flaunt their guilt because there is no one I can call that cares! organized killers with badges have so many whores that lie for them that they just don’t give a damn if their caught on video in attempted murder!

  11. In a matter of one and a half months my wife Joan Wagar and everyone on her side of the family were recruited into a sting operation in cooperation with the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Portland police!

    My wife Joan Wagar got a job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen in 1999, and in only a month and a half the county sheriff’s and police recruited my wife and everyone on her side o the family into a sting operation, who were their targets? ME AND EVERYONE ON MY SIDE OF THE FAMILY!

    After only working at the county jail kitchen for a month and a half the county sheriff’s recruited my wife into a sting operation and told her to quit her job and that they will help her frame me as a pedophile!

    The day my wife Joan Wagar quit her job at county jail is the same day she and everyone on her side of the family CELEBRATED the county sheriff’s decision to frame me!

    The same day they celebrated is ALSO the same day the county sheriff’s filled out paperwork to get a 72 hour notice to evict our next door neighbors!

    The same day the county sheriff’s filled out that paperwork is also the same time they arranged to hook my disabled mother up with a look-a-like of me and planned on getting the both of THEM onto my property so that they can frame me!

    A week later after county sheriff’s took over the apartment next to ours the county sheriff’s PAID my unemployed wife to take me and her and our daughters out of town for a day, and while we were out of town fat ass heavy county sheriff officer’s broke into our home and bugged our home and put hidden cameras every in our home including in the attic!

    Their fat donuts sucking asses cracked our ceiling from one wall to the next when they were in our attic!

    This is hoe blatant their conspiracy was, and it gets even more blatant when we get back to our apartment from that day trip the county sheriff’s paid my wife to take us out on!

    As I looked at that crack I knew how it got there and why it got there and was in shock at how blatant this all was, as I looked at the crack and felt shock over this THAT’S when my wife Joan Wagar notices it!

    She saw the huge crack, grinned at it, and hurriedly grabbed her cellphone and went straight to the bathroom and called her sister up, and she was gleefully telling her sister about the crack and was stiffiling laughing when she told her sister about how THEY cracked the ceiling and she was extremely amused at the thought that

  12. I DID NOT NOTICE IT YET! SHE WAS TELLING HER SISTER THIS IN THE BATHROOM! and when she stepped out of the bathroom she put on a show of not noticing it and said nothing about the crack to me!


    This bogus sting operation of theirs was nothing but a murder conspiracy where they wanted to frame me for crimes and they wanted to kill off my parents in the process!

    So in just a month and a half of being whores for the county sheriff’s and police department their all recruited into bogus sting operations where their taught how to poison off people and their taught how to use doubles and photogenic photo’s and are taught how to pedofy innocent people and are taught how to coach their children to perform for law enforcements illegal video surveillance cameras!

  13. Joan Wagar was cheating on her husband Terry Wagar with a Portland police officer named Eric Carlson, and they arranged to get Terry Wagar battered by the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s!

    Two months later Terry Wagar discovered that the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s gave officer Eric Carlson permission to impersonate Terry Wagar and that Joan Wagar was hooking her daughters up with that look-a-like and that it was open knowledge at East Port Walmart that officer Eric Carlson the double and Joan Wagar was framing Terry Wagar as a pedophile!

    Terry Wagar tried to warn people about this, and Joan Wagar poisoned Terry Wagar to silence him and to debilitated him and to prevent him from warning people!

    The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s in their topical Fascist manner used their influence with doctors at the OHSU hospital to deny Terry Wagar ANY FORM OF EMERGENCY HELP AT ANY HOSPITAL by labeling Terry Wagar verbally as a “Bad Guy” repeatedly until the doctors get the hint to NOT take a toxicology test and to ACT like they do not know what’s wrong with the patient/victim Terry Wagar!

    Joan Wagar knows her husband is debilitated from \being poisoned by her and knows police made sure Terry Wagar could not get any emergency help because of police influence with other first responders, and was enjoying toying with her debilitated husband and is flaunting this in writing in her diary and in a denial letter she wrote and she even at one point wrote a written confession admitting she uses antifreeze as poison!

    All the while officer Eric Carlson the double/look-a-like and Joan Wagar the poisoner are flaunting their affair in front of Walmart employees! and it was Walmart employees that coined the nicknames Doubleclick and Mrs Dash and both officer Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar adopted those nickname!

    The Portland police and the OHSU hospital cover up poisonings by denying the victims emergency services and cover up 911 calls of victims and brag in writing to this effect to their victims and threaten their victims with arrest if they try to get help at any hospital!

    Nothing screams Fascism more than bragging admitting Fascist cops and Fascist hospitals admitting to covering up victims calls for help and threatening their victims in writing to flaunt their Fascist power to cover up poisonings!

    Joan Wagar is a serial killer that uses poisons and she sleeps around with cops, officer Eric Carlson is a Portland police officer that is fond of committing crimes dressed as Joan Wagar’s husband and officer Eric Carlson gave Joan Wagar permission to poison her husband!

    Portland police use complete denial of emergency services to isolate their targets/victims and debilitate their victims with poison and they taught this to Joan Wagar and she uses these tactics to murder off relatives!

    Joan Wagar is a confessed poisoner, officer Eric Carlson confessed to his affair with Joan Wagar and confessed to calling Joan Wagar by the nickname Mrs Dash!

    Sgt Walker of the Portland police admits in writting to covering up Terry Wagar’s calls for help including Terry Wagar’s 911 calls and the OHSU hospital ALSO admits to this along with Sgt Walker of the Portland police!

    So the Portland police protects their serial killer/whores from prosecution by denial of emergency services to victims and by covering up and suppressing complaints and calls for help!

  14. The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s teach their whores how to poison off people and how to frame people with staged crimes by using doubles and photogenic photo’s!

    It’s such common practice that they have a name for it they call it pedofying!

    Several people each year are framed and murdered this way by police/sheriff’s and by their civilian operatives/whores and it’s all done under the pretense of THEM doing an investigation/sting operation against their targets/victims!

    Only law enforcement and their civilian operatives have any say in news media and everyone Else’s complaints are Fascistly ignored by government and news media!

  15. Here is how the Portland pedophile police department and the Multnomah county body double using sheriff’s launch and organize and run a sting operation in Portland Oregon!

    They WOMANIZE with OTHER PEOPLE’S WIVES and recruit them into affairs and recruit them into becoming civilian sting operatives ( PAID CASH LIKE WHORES!) For any and all SERVICES they pride to the police and county sheriff’s and for any other law agency that WANTS their SERVICES!

    Once they recruit someone’s wife into THEIR operations they teach her how to frame her husband and how to murder off her husband for life insurance money’s!

    County sheriff’s and or Portland police will use eviction notices to acquire apartments/homes near their target ( THEIR WHORES HUSBAND!) and they make arrangements to get a double/look-a-like onto the targets property, and they coach the woman to turn the children against their father and will tell them to not tell him about it!

    This has the effect of surrounding the target with people that have it out for him and amounts to a sting operation!

    The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s will train and teach their whore how to direct their children’s behaviors for their video surveillance, and they will and do use body doubles after the children are turned against their father and will happily PERFORM for their mother and for the police and county sheriff’s video surveillance and STAGE CRIMES with a double FOR their video surveillance!

    Government refers to such actions as “conducting investigations” or “conducting sting operations” but most NORMAL people that come aware of these activity’s that are not involved and helping them think of them as a bunch of pedophiles for hooking children up with doubles and paying them to PERFORM for video surveillance!

    If the target becomes aware enough of these crimes to act in self defense such as kicking off their property the fucking DOUBLE law enforcement and his wife are using to frame him it will not deter the police and county sheriff’s at all!

    They just switch over to plan B and they wil batter the targets disabled mother and will smirk about it and make it known any and all your complaints as well as the targets mothers complaints will be ignored by police/sheriff’s with smirks on their faces!

    After THAT the county sheriff’s and the police will coach the targets wife to start poisoning off people in her husbands side of the family and police and county sheriff’s will do the same thing and it happens all at once!

    The targets parents will get poisoned, and any and all 911 calls they make will be covered up and not acted upon and police and sheriff’s with a smirk will fake after the fact NOTHING is REPORTED!

    It’s at this point the targets wife and anyone on her side of the family that may be in on it along with these officer’s/detectives will start making THREATS/DEMANDS of their target BLACKMAILING their target and will STRONGLY HINT as to what will happen if the target does NOT COMPLY with THEIR DEMANDS!

    It is at this point the targeted did-nothing-wrong husband is facing the fsact that the whole fucking system is corrupt and that framing people and murdering people is SPORT to the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s and that there is no one a victim of them can turn to for help!

    While the target is in shock over the death of his parents and the BLATANT THREATS and DEMANDS made by police and sheriff’s, the sheriff’s will use this time of hurt and pain and fear for the family’s safety to coach the targets wife to fill his home with pedophile paraphernalia such as putting porn in the targets closet and bringing into the home life sized Barbie dolls that actually look like small children!

    So the Portland pedophile police department and the Multnomah county always uses doubles sheriff’s are very organized in these sting operations and for them it’s all fun and games, they do anything to fuck over their target and it is a non-stop onslaught by them against their target!

    Any attempt by police and sheriff’s to hide their so-called sting operations (Organized Murder Conspiracy’s) from their targets are HALF-ASSED at best, because they never REALLY GIVE A DAMN IF ANYONE FINDS OUT!
    WHY? Because their is no one anyone can report these crimes to that GIVES A FUCK!

    Now you KNOW how the Portland pedophile police department and the always use doubles Multnomah county sheriff’s conduct sting operations!

  16. What do people know about sting operations? People know that sting operations consist of around and even way over a dozen people and are done by plain clothed officer’s that STAGE crimes in order to frame/entrap other people by mere association WITH the STAGED crimes committed by police!

    Prostitution stings and drub bust sting operations are the most familiar stings the public is aware of, and to a lesser degree it is publicly known that police/FBI stings will recruit people into bombings to frame/entrap anyone connected with THOSE sting officer’s!

    Everything I just described up to this point is common knowledge with the general public to one degree or another, and this is ONLY possible because police and news media and even Hollywood movies admit and make it known police/FBI do this to people!

    Would it surprise you to know that almost everything police DO IS a STING OPERATION?
    Under the pretense of doing sting operations police/FBI are free to do whatever they want to whomever they want anytime they want to and never be held to account for it!

    Because of this police in large scale are in a constant state of conducting sting operations!
    There is one big nasty dirty secret about sting operations try to hide from the general public even though it has already been admitted to publicly BY law enforcement and by news media and even recognized in our courts, that secret being police/FBI recruit civilians INTO STING OPERATIONS for the purpose of deception in order to frame/entrap their target!

    There is another dirty nasty secret about sting operations that police and news media and courts are completely closed mouth about, and that is the use of photo doubles and photogenic photo’s and the use of fuzzy video surveillance so that they can frame innocent people for staged crimes committed by under cover officer’s!

    THAT DIRTY NASTY SECRET is NEVER admitted to by police or by news media and is completely ignored and suppressed in courts, and even Hollywood is for the most part closed mouthed about it, but HAS hinted at it from time to time!

    THAT is the under-belly of sting operations that most people are unaware of, but keep in mind just because they are secrets to the general public does not mean that the secret is kept hidden well, it just means our corrupt police and corrupt news media is just mums the word about it to the masses, but it’s not a HUGE secret since there are thousands and thousands and thousands of civilians that are aware of it!

    Just mentioning a sting operation to anyone in public what do you think will flash in their mind about it? will prostitution stings and drug bust stings pop into their minds the instant you say “What is a sting operation?” pretty much that’s the picture most people have of sting operations!

    Did you know stings NOT ONLY stage crimes by doing prostitution and selling and doing drugs, they also stage break in’s and stage robbery’s at gun point!

    Did you know sting operations stage rapes and murders too? Did you know that? You name the crime and I can tell you flat out police do in fact stage every imaginable crime you can think of, you name it and they stage it!

    Do under cover cops dressed as a double to one of their targets stage robbery’s at 7Eleven’s or at banks at gun point? Yes they do!

    Do under cover police pay females to act as prostitutes to frame/entrap people? Yes they do!

    Do under cover police pay females and under cover police acting as a double to their target to stage rapes, which is ALMOST IDENTICAL to prostitution stings? Yes they do!

    There are females in this world that do lap dances for ten dollars, so it is NOTHING for police to find women that will stage/fake rapes in order to frame someone police have it out for!

    Police usually pay such females around ten thousand dollars to twenty five thousand dollars for their SERVICES in staging rapes in order to frame someone FOR rape!


    Technically such crimes are done under the pretense of police sting operations, and it is very common for police to recruit civilians into these sting operations!

    There is a network of people, civilian people that are buddy buddy’s with law enforcement and have a history of helping police and assisting police in sting operations!

    Because of this there are so many people that are willing to lie for police that police simply never fear prosecution what-so-ever, not to mention there is no such thing as a cop that will arrest cops for corrupt sting operations!

    Are there people in this world that fake rapes? Of course there are, Hollywood LOVES hiring women that are good at faking rapes and are willing to show their breasts while they fake rapes for cameras!

    Well there are a lot more women out there than Hollywood stars that fake rapes, and almost ALL of them do it for money!

    Because there are so many females out there willing to fake rapes for money, how easy do you think it is for police to frame someone for rape?

    Do you realized that police have unlimited funds to buy off people this way? do you realize under the pretense of conducting sting operations police are ALLOWED BY the GOVERNMENT to break the law and assign assets and money to such stings?

    Did it ever occur to people that when one or two dozen officers get together to do a sting operation that they are paying people to dress up and perform crimes FOR video surveillance cameras? Did it ever occur to people that when police do this they may be dressing up like someone they are targeting and impersonating that person FOR video surveillance cameras while that officer stages crimes?

    When police get THAT MANY PEOPLE involved in a sting operation then they WANT people to get set up, and they do whatever they have to to make their target appear as bad as possible FOR THEIR VIDEO SURVEILLANCE!

    A sting operation is much like a movie production in the sense that dozens and dozens of people are working towards the same goal and are doing it FOR video surveillance cameras!

    So appearance and putting on a show is important to them, and they always plan everything out, every scene, every stage, the places where they do their stages crimes, scouting out locations to set up their video surveillance cameras, recruiting the locals to assist them, in many many ways a sting operation resembles a movie production in the sense of their coordination and their setting up of things!

    Just for the sake of humor I will give you a link to a comical video of a staged rape scene done by people for comedy purposes!
    This IS a legal video no one was harmed in the making of this scene it was a staged scene for comedy!
    But it does demonstrate how EASY it is for women to portray rape and how easy it is for them to FAKE RAPE and to PRETEND for video!

  17. Here is a video honoring a very corrupt piece of shit Oregon state police detective name Brian Assmus!
    This DICK is very much connected to the deaths of several of my relatives including the deaths of my parents and he along with other law officer’s are fond of doing sting operations to frame/entrap people!

    Detective Brian Assmus is connected to the murders and poisonings officer Eric Carlson and officer John Ray committed from 2005 thru 2007!

    This video is honoring detective Brian Assmus for the most drug related arrests made in Roseburg Oregon in 2006!
    What a coincidence that this detective was stalking me and my relatives in 2006 while my wife was having an affair with a cop and was poisoning me and others in my family while the cop my wife slept around with was calling my wife by the nickname Mrs Dash in love letters!

    Detective Brian Assmus is one of the detectives that ordered officer’s Eric Carlson and officer John Ray on March 26th 2007 to commit a early morning break in and raped and murdered a child and took photogenic photo’s of those officer’s raping a child!

    Detective Brian Assmus is one of the officer’s that arrived at Clackamas Walmart to pick up the child porn officer’s Eric Carlson and officer John Ray were ordered to make for them!


    Staged crimes are common with these officer’s and staging crimes using doubles and breaking into victims homes to rape and murder people and to plant evidence is common practice for these pedophiles!

    Everyone working at Clackamas Walmart the morning of March 26th 2007 is witness to this dick arriving at Walmart to pick up the photogenic photo’s officer’s Eric Carlson and John Ray MADE THAT MORNING!

  18. This is Joan Wagar’s denial letter where she lies like crazy in it knowing I had no way of getting help from 911!

    The bitch is flaunting their murder conspiracy with this denial letter, she admits to her affair with Eric Carlson but Deny’s sexual involvement with two other men named Shannon and David and claims to never even see these people!

    Those three men she names off are fucking cops! Portland police officer’s, and not only is my wife sleeping around with them but so were our daughters as well!

    Joan Wagar’s daughter was pregnant by one of those men AT THE TIME JOAN WAGAR WROTE THIS DENIAL LETTER!

    So what’s that tell you when she also Deny’s being a poisoner with antifreeze!??!??!?!?

    This is Joan Wagar bragging after the fact SHE IS INDEED USING ANTIFREEZE AS POISON!


    I was ,loosing family members like crazy during Joan Wagar’s active use of antifreeze as fucking poison, and fucking cops were sleeping around with her ass and with our daughters and it was my wife that hooked our daughters up with these pedophile/poisonous cops!

    While Joan Wagar spread her fucking legs for Portland police officer’s and actively used antifreeze as poison and hid that poison in seasoning shakers I was loosing multiple family members that were kept debilitated until they died!

    The fucking police and the obeying corrupt doctors that obey every corrupt command of a cop just covers up the murders by faking bull crap natural deaths on their bull crap paperwork!

    People died because of these poisoners!

  19. The most misunderstood thing that people have about law enforcement is the sting operations police do!
    Most people don’t know jack-shit about sting operations or what they are about or how police even DO sting operations!

    There are no guide lines police have to follow, there are no rules police have to follow, their free to do whatever the fuck they want WHILE DOING their sting operations!

    In other words cops are allowed to break laws and commit crimes that you would think only the Mafia are capable of, and police have no fear at all over being prosecuted for crimes, so they are FAR WORSE than the Mafia!

    Cops murder people during sting operations, murders occur all the time during sting operations, and your news reporters know damn well it is cops that are committing many surprise murders in your town!

    Ever hear of someone being shot in their car at an apartment building parking lot before? Ever hear your news reporters report such executions on the news before? do news reporters and police fake not knowing who is responsible? does the news story end RIGHT THERE and you NEVER HEAR ANYTHING ABOUT IT ON THE NEWS EVER AGAIN?

    When police murder off someone execution style like that it goes on the news once for basically ONE DAY and from that point forward the murder is ignored by police AND by news reporters!

    When that happens then you can bet that it was a police sting operation that murdered the person, which is WHY the news story dies along with the victim!

    Ever hear a news story about murder/suicides on the news? Does your Fascist news reporters ALWAYS manage to find so-called willing neighbors to talk for the news cameras and to label the murder/suicide couple as “Quiet neighbors they were, they seem normal.” and fake not knowing what led up to the murders?

    Any time there is a murder/suicide reported on the news then you can bet it was a sting operation that did the crimes and st it up AS a murder/suicide case by planting evidence and by planting civilian sting operatives surrounding the victims to back up the police departments lies!

    It is ALWAYS a civilian sting operative that news reporters question and it is those civilian sting operatives job to give the public the impression that it is a murder/suicide in order to cover up the double murders committed by sting officer’s!

    There are a lot of ongoing/running things in this world, there are a lot of things that are traditional, Hollywood for example loves to use the Wilhelm scream in movies over and over again, it’s traditional on the part of Hollywood to use that scream over and over again.

    Well it is traditional for police sting operations to label double murders they commit as murder/suicides and it is traditional for news reporters to talk to civilian sting operatives that fake being neighbors to label the two murdered victims as “Quiet neighbors!” to give people the impression that there were no warning signs of trouble!

    Anytime there is a so-called murder/suicide story on the news there are news reporters talking to people that claim to be neighbors of the victims and they ALWAYS say “They were such quiet neighbors.” and this tactic is traditional with our police departments and news reporters!

    In the future you ever hear about a murder/suicide on the news then you can bet news reporters will question so-called neighbors of the victims and those so-called neighbors WILL use that tactic to describe it, they do it EVERY FUCKING TIME!

    If a Hollywood movie has a scene where a man falls to his death they say, “Use the Wilhelm scream for it!” and when police sting operations murder off two people they say “Set it up as a murder/suicide and have some civilian operatives to act as witness/neighbors and label the victims as quiet neighbors!

    Sting operations use the same tactics over and over again because they have a system where news reporters are in league with cops, so cops use the same tactics over and over again so that their accomplices such as news reporters and or other first responders will know what’s going on WITHOUT tipping off the general public!

    Most murders that occur there are never any real trials that take place, shocker is it not? police just label double murders as murder/suicide and declare with no fan=fare at all “Case Closed!” and everyone without question accepts the bullshit story police tell, and it’s the news reporters that SELL the bull-shit story to the public, and it is the sleeping public that let them get away with this!

    If people actually took the time to understand police sting operations then you would know their tactics and can identify their sting operations by the shear fact that they use the same tactics over and over again!

    If someone gets murdered at an apartment building in their car by being shot then you can bet he/she ids a victim of a sting operation and that that murdered person was surrounded at the time by sting operatives WITH full knowledge of the apartment manager/landlord!

    Why is it anytime someone is killed at a apartment building the news reporters NEVER NEVER EVER question the apartment manager?

    News reporters ONLY question neighbors, and what a coincidence that the neighbors they question also happen to be civilian sting operatives, THOSE are the only so-called neighbors news reporters question on cameras!

    ANYTIME THAT HAPPENS you can bet within a month those so-called neighbors (civilian sting operatives!) are moved OUT OF THAT APARTMENT BUILDING because they are no longer NEEDED THERE to back up the cops bullshit!

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