Just reminding people that several cops and their girlfriends committed a early morning break in on March 26th 2007 and they raped and murdered a child and they poisoned the tenants coffee pot before exiting the apartment!

All those copa AND their girlfriends drove straight to Clackamas Walmart where they bragged about their crimes to Walmart employees and admitted they were framing someone as a pedophile and that one of those cops was acting as a double while other cops photographed him from the sades and from the back so that they could give blame to an innocent man!

These several officer’s and their girlfriends spent the next three hours bragging to Walmart employees about what they did and who their framing it on and printing thousands of flyers giving an innocent man the blame and recruiting Walmart employees to back up their flyers FOR THEM so they can appear to have nothing to do with it all and were having sex with one another in the back of that store celebrating!

During their sex they discussed the female child they murdered and after the facvt they laughed and bragged about how they have their framed targeted fucked at this point and bragged that they already pedofied their target behind prison walls and laughed bragging that their target/victim will not get out of this one!

Their target they are framing lived in the apartment they broke into and their break in woke him up, knowing he was catching a bunch of pedophile cops having sex and framing him he put a audio recorder in one of the females purses and that audio recorder caught the whole damn thing, even when they all bragged at Walmart about their crimes!

Victims have yet to find help and police and news media covers up and suppresses any and all complaints against officer’s and their girlfriends!


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