How The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Murder Off People!

This is how the Multnomah county sheriff’s murder off people!

They recruit civilians into helping them frame people and to poison off people and they cover up victims calls for help routinely!

They regularly use body doubles to stage crimes and use photogenic photo’s to photograph the double from the sides and or from the back so that they can give blame to their intended target!

They recruit family members of the target into helping the sheriff’s frame the target and the recruited family member will fil the targets home with paraphernalia while pretending to still be a loving member of the family towards the target, sheriff’s refer to such operations as sting operations!

The Multnomah county sheriff”s and the Dunham family have a long history of framing people as pedophiles and they ALWAYS use doubles and photogenic photo’s to do it with along with destroying their targets reputation behind their targets backs in order to cut off any help/support to the target!

The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family used doubles and photogenic photo’s in the very early 1970s to frame people as pedophiles, I witnessed them doing this in the eartly 1970s!

My family after the fact was targeted by the Dunham family and by the county sheriff’s and my older brother was their target, they poisoned him and they gang-stalked him and they harassed him and they staged crimes near our home and gave my brother blame for their crimes, they kept this up until they got my brother locked up in a rest home without any trial, and he died in that rest home and all his complaints were covered up and suppressed and ignored by all within our system of government because stonewalling people’s complaints is par for the coarse with this government!

In 1999 the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family had their sights set on framing me and they also targeted my mother and father, and typical for the sheriff’s they used the same tactics I witnessed them use in the early 1970s!

They turned my wife against me after they offered her a job at the county jail kitchen, and my wife in turn recruited everyone on her side of the family into it as well as our daughters!

When the county sheriff’s made the decision to frame me they told my wife to quit her job to HIDE HER CONNECTION WITH THE SHERIFF’S and the sheriff’s arranged to get the apartment next door to mine on the same day, and they arranged to hook my disabled mother up with a look-a-like to move in with her in her home!

Multnomah county sheriff’s coached my wife and her side of the family to turn my yard into a playground while the sheriff’s coached that double as to how to trick my mother into selling her home so that they could buy a motor home and visit me!

That double told my mother to not tell me about it he wanted it to be a surprise, and after my wife and her family turned my yard into a playground with multiple large pools and large trampolines and even a telescope in our yard, surprise my mother and a double shows up on my property both flat broke and needing me to allow them to stay on my property FOR A MONTH!

During that month under cover police/sheriff’s were gang-stalking and harassing my father who lived alone on the other side of town, they were staging crimes near him and basiclly making his life a hell, and on my property the county sheriff’s that were next door were secretly meeting with this double on my property and they were telling him what to do with our children and what to do with my mother for their video surveillance cameras.

They were also staging all kinds of disasters around my property, the county sheriff’s staged a full car fire just thirty feet away from my home that I had to deal with!

When my mother and this double got their SSI checks I asked them to leave, and that double sabotaged the motor home so it would not start, I had to fix it and I kicked him off my property!

Two weeks later that double battered my mother, my mothewr called me by phone and told me what he did to her and asked me to pick her and her motor home up, and when I got to where they were by bus I was met by that double and by two Portland police officer’s!

Those cops did not give a damn this look-a-like battered my mother and told me I had to leave that motor home with that paid for by the county sheriff’s double!

A month later my wife and her buddy’s in the county sheriff’s poisoned my mother and father at the same time, my mother called 911 and the police covered up her call for help, they refused to get her an ambulance, and they did not act on her complaint, three weeks later I discovered my father was also poisoned and he told me it was law officer’s that were harassing him and terrorizing him that did it to him!

Three days later my father was dead, and it was a county sheriff officer that came to my door to tell me my father died, and that fucking piece of shit pedophile sheriff smirked at me and said “Before I came over here to tell you of his death I entered your fathers apartment to remove his meds!”  and then that fucking piece of shit left!

For the next five days I was being blackmailed by phone BY LAW OFFICER’S that were making threats and demands!

An hour after I got the LAST threatening phone call from those officer’s I caught my wife and her sister filling my home with paraphernalia such as porn and life sized Barbie dolls!

Two days later I discovered that a female green jacketed county sheriff officer wad passing cards that had printed paragraphs on them to our oldest daughter THROUGH her bedroom window and that our daughter was copying the contents of those cards into9 her diary as though they are her own words, and all that was in that diary was my daughter labeling me as a pedophile!

So yes the Multnomah county sheriff’s recruit children as well into their murders and into their schemes to frame people!

I discovered also around this time that the Dunham family was also involved in this, the Dunham family’s children were secretly palling around with our children at our daughters schools, and NO ONE WANTED ME TO FIND OUT ABOUT THAT!

In 2005 the Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Portland police and my wife and her side of the family arranged to get me battered by the police and county sheriff’s, I got a broken rib and a messed up knee from that and I was not taken by anyone to a hospital because county sheriff’s and police always cover up their victims calls for help and deny their victims medical treatment, they have a history of that!

Two months later I discover that my wife was sleeping around with a Portland police officer and that that cop dyed his hair my collar and my wife cut his hair my length and that he was acting as a double to set me up and that my wife was hooking our daughters up with that cop and with his buddy’s in law enforcement!

I tried to warn people about that, and that’s when my wife poisoned me with antifreeze in my coffee!

The hospital repeatedly refused to help me because of police and county sheriff interference with my doctors! and once again the Dunham family was involved and were meeting with my wife and her buddy’s in law enforcement at my wife’s place of employment!

For the next two years my wife and her buddy’s in law enforcement repeatedly poisoned me keeping me debilitated while they destroyed my name and reputation behind my back and at the same time actively used a double to stage crimes to frame me and to build a case against me, and multiple family members died during those two years while my wife and her buddy’s in the county sheriff’s and the police flaunted their use of pills and antifreeze as poison!

In 2007 several police officer’s and county sheriff officer’s and their girlfriends/whores they recruit in these bullshit sting operations murdered a female child named Jessica and they broke into my home and planted evidence in my home, and once again they used a double and they used photogenic photo’s posing with children because they wanted to frame me as a pedophile, they got a double on their payroll that was sleeping around with my wife and the county sheriff’s have no qualms at all recruiting children so they posed for pictures while using a double and children!

Their break in woke me up and I caught the whole damn thing on a audio recorder! THEIR FUCKING ADMITTING TO THIS AND THEY ADMITTED THEY KILLED A FEMALE!

So as you can see this is nothing new to law enforcement these tactics are used by county sheriff’s and by police and they have used these tactics for fucking decades and they get away with it because too many people agree to lie for them and government in general cover up law enforcements victims serious complaints, and news reporters have ALWAYS BEEN LYING BASTARDS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT WHICH IS HOW EASY IT IS FOR FASCIST COUNTRY’S TO HIDE THEIR FASCIST CRIMES!

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