Unofficial Police Sting Operations Are Organized Crime Commited By Under Cover Police And By Civilian Operatives!

Look up the definition of sting operations! sting operations are all about organized multiple people in law enforcement acting in criminal activity and are actually committing organized crimes and even recruiting civilians into sting operations and that it is all about THEM being deceptive in order to frame/entrap people!

Wiki “Sting Operation” don’t take my word for it, the bastards \ADMIT by definition that they are organized and are acting in deception in order to frame/entrap people AND they recruit civilians into it!

Keep that in mind, now Google past unsolved murders withing your area over the last twenty years, look up all the so-called murder/suicides that occur from time to time, watch some old TV news footage about them, and notice how every time there is a murder suicide they always show a neighbor of the dead victims CLAIMING how quiet they were and how they act and how they pretend to know nothing about the murder/suicides and fake being shocked by it!

Every time that occurs it is a sting operative either a plain clothed cop, or a civilian operative that FAKES being a neighbor and FAKES not knowing how such a thing can happen!

Every time there is a murder/suicide it is actually a double murder committed by sting operatives and they fake the suicide part in order to frame one of the murdered victims to get the blame!

On rare occasion police will admit that there is a double murder such as with OJ Simpson’s wife and her boyfriend, normally when police murder more than one person police set it up as a murder suicide, but in OJ Simpson’s wife and her boyfriends murders police decided to frame OJ Simpson instead for the DOUBLE murder, either way it was a sting operation and it was a sting operation that committed the murders!

When police frame someone it is NEVER just one cop doing the framing, the whole.e department does the framing and crime labs help and contribute to framing people by backing up evidence that police plant to frame people!

When police planted the gloves on OJ Simpson’s property they planted it with OJ Simpson’s blood on them!

The crime labs backed up that planted evidence and even gave detectives some of OJ Simpson’s blood so they could put OJ’s blood on the gloves, and the crime labs tried to HIDE the fact they gave detectives some of OJ Simpson’s blood to use in his vehicle and on the gloves!

OJ Simpson’s wife and her boyfriend were murdered all right, but they were murdered by a sting operation, and that sting operation wanted OJ Simpson to get the blame, but just like all sting operations it was all done in a half-assed manner by police!

During OJ Simpson’s trial it became very apparent that police planted the gloves and even planted OJ Simpson’s blood on the gloves, and remember the crime labs BACKED UP THE POLICE ON THAT EVIDENCE! and surprise the gloves do not fit OJ Simpson!

So someone planted the gloves and wanted OJ Simpson to take the rap for double murders, so who was it? it was the very people that WANTED OJ Simpson to get the blame, the police, and OJ Simpson’s wife’s side of the family, and the prosecutors!

Now remember the definition of a “Sting Operation” because police admit in sting operations they are all about recruiting civilians into doing DECEPTIVE things in order to frame/entrap people!

Don’t you think police planting gloves on OJ Simpson’s property is DECEPTIVE? Don’t you think crime labs giving detectives vials of OJ Simpson’s blood so they can sprinkle it ON the gloves is DECEPTIVE? Don’t you think such over-zealous prosecution of OJ Simpson using planted evidence is deceptive?

That is the whole point of sting operations, sting operations ARE organized crimes committed by organized police and by organized civilian operatives! Why do your news media try to hide this from the public, do you think your news media is ALSO being deceptive in NOT telling people in more detail about sting operations?

Most sting operations are covert and NOT admitted to by police or by news media, that’s not an accident that is by design, now look up all the so-called unsolved murders in your area over the last twenty years, Google the information, and I will tell you right now the vast majority of murders in any town are done by sting operatives involved in covert sting operations!

But just like everything police do, they do half-assed, if someone is murdered and lived at an apartment, then you can bet within the next month after that person’s death that several people vacated the apartments surrounding the murdered victim, you know why? because the murdered victim was surrounded by under cover cops, and those cops are making a slow exit out of the apartment building so as to not draw suspicion from other tenants!

Their leaving BECAUSE they murdered that person, under the pretense of conducting an investigation, and are making a slow exit out of the apartment building on average of one apartment of tenants moving out each week until their all out!

How can they get away with such a thing? would not the landlord and or apartment managers KNOW police took over those apartments with WARRANTS? OF COURSE THEY DO!

Why don’t they say anything to the news media about it? because almost ALL landlords and apartment managers ARE CIVILIAN OPERATIVES FOR POLICE and help and assist police in ANY and ALL police covert operations and are FUCKING MUMS THE WORD ABOUT IT!


OJ Simpson’s attorney’s proved in open criminal court the gloves are NOT OJ Simpson’s and therefore they were planted, police AND crime labs already backed up the fact those gloves were used in the murders, they cannot take that back, and they are NOT OJ Simpson’s gloves, so WHO ELSE had OJ Simpson’s blood to put it ON the gloves? only the police detectives and the crime lab technicians!

OK so it was proved in open criminal court police in a oreganized fashion frame innocent people for murders and that they plant evidence and plant DNA in order to frame people, WHAT HAPPENED? NOTHING HAPPENED! The court and prosecutors and judge and news media glossed OVER the fact that police are caught framing OJ for murders, and the news media did it’s very Fascist best to ignore the fact OJ is being framed by police, and tried making the focus all on one detective instead as a way of distracting viewers watching the trial on TV from the blatant fact that the police department AS A WHOLE ALONG WITH THE CRIME LABS were framing OJ Simpson and backing up PLANTED EVIDENCE!

Ever since the glove fiasco the prosecutors and news reporters did everything in their power to DISTRACT people from the fact that everyone in our government was involved in framing OJ Simpson, and they tried to distract people from this fact by focusing on one detective so people could have an individual to point a finger at for blame!

For fucking sake the whole system is guilty of trying to frame OJ for double murders, and since it was NOT OJ Simpson that committed the crimes, then who? It was the entire police department operating under the pretense of a sting operation that murdered OJ Simpson’s wife and her boyfriend, and instead of using the ole murder/suicide tactics sting operations ALWAYS USE they decided to admit to a double murder, (rare for police to admit to that!) and to give blame to a LIVING person that has a POSSIBLE motive!

Remember that Kato dude living on OJ Simpson’s property? he is what you call a civilian operative, he is a part of the sting operation and was put on the property as a way of having a living witness on OJ Simpson’s property that could testify against OJ Simpson!

Sting operations always, ALWAYS, surround their target with their operatives so that their paid, willing to lie for cops, operatives, can stage crimes, plant evidence on targets property, testify against the target because he/she is a witness close to the target!

What happened after OJ Simpson was found INNOCENT by the jury? why the news media went on a huge propaganda spin telling everyone that the police and the prosecutors and even Kato are Hero’s! and the news media SHUNNED the PROVEN INNOCENT OJ SIMPSON!

The news media spinned Kato into a Hero BECAUSE he is a part of that sting operation, and media was doing everything in it’s Fascist power to protect the sting operatives from discovery by spinning everyone away from the fact that police planted the glove, police planted OJ Simpson’s blood on the glove, and police BEFORE the murders PLANTED KATO ON OJ SIMPSON’S PROPERTY BECAUSE OJ SIMPSON’S WIFE AND BOYFRIENDS MURDERS WERE PLANNED OUT BY THE STING OPERATION IN ADVANCE!

Kato is a member of the very sting operation that killed OJ Simpson’s wife and her boyfriend, it was THAT sting operation that murdered OJ Simpson’s wife and her boyfriend, and Kato was put on that property in advance of the murders by members of that sting operation BEFORE the murders took place because the sting operatives planned in advance to framing OJ Simpson for the crimes!

Cops do this to people, they did it to OJ Simpson, police all over the world do this to people all the time, most damn murders in this world are done by under cover officer’s!

Kato reeks so much as a sting operative that it is reticulated, he is either working as an under cover officer, or as a highly paid civilian operative paid to be the “Witness” and the “Connection” between what OJ Simpson wad up to at the time of the murders, and as a witness to OJ Simpson’s motive for murder!

Kato was treated the same way as the that framed OJ Simpson after the trial, news media spinned Kayo AND the police and prosecutors as Hero’s even though IT WAS PROVEN IN OPEN COURT POLICE PLANTED THOSE GLOVES TO FRAME OJ SIMPSON, and since the media was desperate to label Kato as a Hero they were desperate to cover up the POLICE STING OPERATION since Kato was a part of it they glorified him to cover up the fact he is a civilian operative and that the murders were planned and carried out by a sting operation!

There is litterally no such thing as an investigation, all we have is corrupt police and their civilian operative buddy’s that go after one target after another and they frame people, they murder people, they murder and frame people, and each and every time they plan it out in advance and they stupidly do and use the same tactics over and over and over again, witch is why they make stupid mistakes such as planting gloves on OJ Simpson’s property that clearly are too damn small for the man to be his!

All sting operatuions for the most part use the same tactics over and over again, they are organized, they have many people helping them and have many people that lie for them, so when they actively murder people and frame people they make stupid mistakes because they use the same ass tactics over and over, pretty dumb to use gloves that do not fit the man and to back up those gloves as used in the murders and to put OJ Simpson’s blood ON THOSE GLOVES!

Pretty fucking stupid of careless cops and their civilian operatives to overlook those huge hands of OJ Simpson’s when they plant gloves on the dudes property! well that’s a good example as to how stupid cops are, everything they do is half assed! but because no one with a badge cares they clearly do not fear prosecution, they only fear the masses waking up to the fact that police murder people and also frame people, which is WHY the big hoopla with the news media spinning them all into bullshit Hero’s so they could distract people from that fact!

In sting operations there are many people involved in the murders/framing, and many of them make stupid mistakes because everything they do is half assed, they don’t worry about PROVING someone’s guilt so much as they just want the people they are framing to LOOK BAD to other people!

In sting operations always, ALWAYS want their operatives as close to their target as posible, why? so they can testify against their target, and can even stage crimes near the targets home to give blame to the target, and can even plant evidence on the property over a long period of time so police can BUILD a case against their target!

Go Wiki the definition of a “Sting Operation” cops do not hide the fact that they aim to deceive people and that they recruit civilian operatives into helping them in sting operations!

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