Police Don’t Investigate People! Police Impersonate People!

All those sting operations you seen on TV news where cops are dressed like drug dealers selling drugs on the streets or dressed like prostitutes and engaging men in conversations on the streets for video surveillance, we’ve seen it on TV news dozens of times throughout our lives, and not once has the general public realized that when cops are doing this, their dressing up like real people that live in those neighborhood in order to frame people!

How would you like it if several cops had it out for you and maybe had it out for some of your family members and maybe even had it out for your friends, how would you like it if several cops decided to use their bull crap police powers to stage a sting operation in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD and dressed up like you or maybe like people you know and impersonated them while they perform for cop video surveillance cameras!?

All these years cops have done this to people, cops are no different than Hollywood movie directors, they want to get their shots, on video, and they have no qualms at all in using doubles!

Almost every time police release some bull crap fuzzy video footage of some dude robbing a bank it’s a double, every time police use plain clothed officer’s to stage drug deals they use doubles, every time police use female plain clothed officer’s they dress up as doubles!

For several decades police have used these tactics to frame/entrap people and their accomplices the news reporters are mums the word on their dirty ass secret!

COMMON EVERYONE KNOWS BANKS HAVE WAY BETTER CAMERAS! Yet our police are so used to getting away with framing people as bank robbers with fuzzy video that they just keep using that same dirty ass trick over and over again!

Cops do have relatives and wives and friends working in banks, it’s nothing for cops to stage a robbery at a bank using a double and using fuzzy video surveillance and have their bros at the bank testify that it is their target they are framing that did it!

This is fucking common practice in this corrupt world, cops don’t even care if their caught on a audio recorder admitting they use double to commit crimes FOR video surveillance and even for photogenic photo’s!

There is no legitimate part of government a honest person can even report these crimes to, because no one in this corrupt government gives a damn, it’s just business as usual for them, they have after all been getting away with these type of crimes for several decades!

Police even stage rapes and even  murders and break ins all for their fuzzy video surveillance or for their photogenic photo’s when they use doubles, so side shots and back shots are very common when police use doubles!

When police are teaching their new girlfriends how to frame people using doubles they make a SPECIAL POINT to tell their new girlfriends to get side shots and back shots of the double!


3 thoughts on “Police Don’t Investigate People! Police Impersonate People!

  1. It’s AMAZING what’s on that “Original” as Detective Brian Assmus refers to it!

  2. armedrobberyadvice says:

    this is something to think about, if you’ve always wondered why a lot of cctv of bank robberies is fuzzy

    • Banks have cameras everywhere in banks and they have cameras right at everyone’s faces right at the teller windows!

      There is no reason why police only use fuzzy video surveillance footage to air on TV UNLESS they are using doubles!

      Banks get crystal clear video surveillance on everyone that does business at banks, only COPS use fuzzy video surveillance because they are in the habit of using doubles to stage robbery’s to frame people that they are targeting!

      I have fucking cops admitting on a audio recorder they use doubles and photogenic photo’s and video surveillance cameras to frame people, they do it as a group, in other words the whole police department is involved and it is common practice for police to STAGE crimes using doubles!

      Because news media has always been corrupt police are able to use the practice of doubles to frame people and are used to getting away with it!

      Use common sense, Google some Youtube video’s of bank robbery’s, look at all the fuzzy video police use to give blame to someone as a bank robber, we all know banks have way better cameras than that and that banks even have cameras right at our faces when we as customers stand at a teller window.

      Police get away with it because NO ONE QUESTIONS IT and takes cops at their word on everything, it is that blind trust people have in cops that enable cops to flat out get away with framing people!

      The courts and prosecutors and even defense attorney’s know damn well police do this to people and our mums the word to the public, so the whole system is corrupt and lies for and covers cops butts when cops use doubles!

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