Simple Facts About Police Sting Operations!

I am going to point out simple facts about police sting operations that I am sure most people do not know about.

Fact 1, It is your governments that cover up covert sting operations by inventing other terms to describe the sting, Gang-stalking and Cause-stalking are examples as to how your government distracts people from police sting operations, governments use terms such as gang-stalking as a way of recognizing the problem WITHOUT admitting it is police doing it.

Fact 2, Police recruit civilians into sting operations and commonly recruit people that are close to their target.

Fact 3, Police pay civilians to help them in sting operations and pay them to lie for them as well as setting up the target, civilian operatives get paid ten thousand dollars to falsely label the target as a criminal.

Fact 4, Police are womanizers that recruit married women into having affairs with police and police usually grant such women permission to poison off their husbands for life insurance money’s.

Fact 5, All sting operations use Gas-lighting tactics on their targets and also use street theater tactics around or near their target, the Gas-lighting is because police want to terrorize their target, usually within the targets home, and all street theater tactics are for the purpose of PERFORMING for police video surveillance in order to frame/entrap the target.

Fact 6, All sting operations take full control of the area around/near their target, if target lives in an apartment then police will evict all tenants surrounding the target and will fill those apartments with under cover officer’s and with civilian operatives.

Fact 7, Most sting operations are covert6 and stay covert, which means most sting operations police will simply never admit6 to it.

Fact 8, Your news reporters know full well police do this to people and are mumw the word about it to the public, that should be enough for you to know that news media is just a Fascist part of a Fascist country.

Fact 9, Sting operations generally use body doubles and photogenic photo’s and may even use fuzzy video surveillance cameras to frame their target for crimes committed by the sting operatives.

Fact 10, Sting operations concentrate on staging crimes and on destroying their targets reputation at the same time, and they also concentrate on recruiting people that are close to their target.

Fact 11, Your police ans news media is deliberately vague about tactics police u8se in sting operations, and that’s by design, not an over-sight.

Fact 12, There are a lot of people on the internet that spin false story’s about sting operations and try to distract people from the fact that sting operations do this to people by using terms that distract people from who is responsible, terms such as gang-stalking and Cause-stalking are good examples of it, it describes mostly what I am describing, yet it tries to conceal the fact that it is police that are the ones responsible.

Fact 13, Most victims of these corrupt covert sting operations end up dead or framed/entrapped and railroaded into prison, and this is why most covert sting operations are not admitted to by police and by news media, and is why police destroy the targets reputation and recruit people that are close to the target, so they can get away with it.

Fact 14, Sting operations can last several month’s to several years, it can stop for a year and then just like that kick into full gear again, so sting operations are done and run and organized by the controllers of the sting operations, which is why there are variances in sting operations.

In other words some cops want to get it over with and are in a hurry, while others may want to take their time destroying someone slowly over a long period of time.

Fact 15, Most average citizens regardless of what country they are from know almost nothing about sting operations, and that is by design and all news media from all country’s are responsible for the public masses ignorance of sting operations.

Fact 16, Police do not give a damn about the law, the law to them is just like everything on a cops belt, it’s just another weapon they can use on you that they have no intention ever of using on one of their own, police do indeed think themselves above the law and even think of themselves AS the law.

Fact 17, Everyone wants to put blame for these crimes on special groups such as special FBI programs, everyone falls for that because there is a ring of truth to it, FBI do indeed do these things to people, but so do every other police agency in the world.

Fact 18, Police enjoy framing people in sting operations, civilian operatives enjoy framing people in police sting operations, to them it’s fun, and when their finally done with their target they are assigned to a new target. It is a way of life for them, they were raised to target people, which is why most children of police either become cops themselves when they grow up, or they get jobs that help police maintain their power by getting jobs as prosecutors or defense attorney’s or as doctors or as firefighters.

People that grow up in that Fascist mentality want to control their power and they tend to control professional positions, the kind of positions that’s helps police hold and keep their power.

Fact 19, If you have a professional job such as a doctor or an attorney or as a firefighter and you are not willing to lie for police, then you will not keep your job long because police will make sure those kind of professionals do not get to keep their practice.

Fact 20, News media is corrupt, I do not care what country it is, it’s all corrupt, news media either flat out lies to people, or they give you tidbits of truth with tons of lies as a way of selling their lies. corrupt government cannot get away with their crimes unless they have control of the news media, in other words people everywhere are fed constant propaganda by news media.

Fact 21, to be a victim of a sting operation means to be alone, no one will help a victim of a sting operation, most sting operations are covert which means the government will lie about it and fabricate documents to hide their illegal operations, and first responders are trained to treat victims of sting operations as mentally ill as a way of discrediting them as witnesses, this is common practice all over the world with pretty much all police and all first responders.


One thought on “Simple Facts About Police Sting Operations!

  1. More facts about police sting operations!
    Fact 22, Police have used sting tactics on people for many decades, it’s NOT new, and your news media goes out of it’s way to be vague about sting operations.
    That is intentional news media always lies for cops and always covers for cops.

    News media and Hollywood movies want you to believe propaganda that all police do when they investigate people is to follow people around, that’s the biggest lie ever portrayed about cops.

    Police have always staged crimes in order to frame and or entrap people, it is already common knowledge police do this in prostitution stings and drug bust stings.

    Well police do the same thing pretty much when they have a single target in mind, police will set up a personalized sting an individual, tailored specific to their target and tailored based on what the cops want to frame their target for!

    Fact 23, Many retired police officer’s help police in sting operations, many times retired police are used as civilian operatives and are paid cask by police to be a neighbor to the target.

    That is how police are able to get people on their side be near the target, so the target is surrounded by people that i helping police to frame him/her.

    Sting operations are always going on, if police are not targeting this person then their targeting another person, there are people in law enforcement that pretty much do nothing BUT sting operations, of course they do not refer to everything they do as sting operations, their favorite term they use to describe their actions is to just say their doing an investigation.

    Fact 24, The term investigation is a very common term most people have heard about, yet most people cannot describe in detail what that term means because police and news reporters are very vague intentionally about it.

    Fact 25, Many people victim to police end up dead, many are because the target is a victim of a sting operation, and THOSE sting operations police are completely mums the word about it as well as news media!

    Fact 26, Police have many friends and relatives and people they are associated with helping them in sting operations, and many of those civilian operatives get paid cash by police for helping them frame/entrap people, your news media is mums the word about that as well!

    Fact 27, There are women in this world that do lap dances for ten dollars, well their are women with children that are girlfriends to police and will falsely accuse a cops target as a pedophile for ten thousand dollars!

    Fact 28, Police always vilify their target in the eyes of the neighbors and commonly vilify their target on TV news stations even though police have no intention of having a trial!
    Police will commonly label innocent people falsely as pedophiles on TV news just so they can turn people against their target, police have a name for it they call it pedofying!
    Most people police pedofy end up dead with or without a trial, police get away with killing their target because they took the time to destroy the targets name and reputation before the killing.
    Police cover up the murder by pretending the death was a suicide!

    Fact 27, Police commonly poison their targets in sting operations and they cover it up at the hospital, police will just label the target a bad guy to the targets doctor until the doctor gets the hint to not take a toxicology test and to fake not knowing what’s wrong with the patient!

    Fact 28, The whole point of a sting operation is that multiple people, several on average, has made the decision they have it out for someone, and that they are willing and prepared to stage crimes in order to frame/entrap someone!
    Sting operatives are trained by law agency’s to put on a show for video surveillance in order to make their target appear on video to be a bad guy!

    To be surrounded by people that have the sole goal of making you look like a bad guy can and doe destroy your life, you cannot avoid them, they take over apartments surrounding yours, just to step outside you end up confronted by one or two of them putting on a show for video surveillance cameras!

    You have no say in what they do or say, so if they say something to your face that makes you look bad, you have no say over it, and since they do it for video surveillance cameras they are trying to make you look bad!

    Imagine being constantly confronted by pretenders that constantly put on a show for video surveillance cameras, that’s what it is like to be targeted by a sting operation!

    Fact 29, Trying to find help is impossible if you are a victim of a sting operation, no one cares!
    I am a victim of a sting operation, my wife and her side of the family joined into sting operations with police and county sheriff’s, and they were setting me up and they were also poisoning me!

    I was desperately trying to find help, I tried telling people on the street what they did to me, and I was talking to a civilian operative that was listening to me, and as I told him what my wife did to me he interrupted me and said “So,,,,you want me to kill her?” and I was flabbergasted!

    That son of a bitch was grinning when he said that, he might as well just admitted to my face he is either a plain clothed cop performing for video surveillance, or a civilian operative performing for video surveillance!

    That’s why it is impossible to find help, I described what my wife and her buddy’s in law enforcement DID TO ME! I told him my wife poisoned me and that police covered it up at the hospital, and this dick asshole cares less that I am a victim and tries to make me look like a bad guy for video surveillance by interrupting me and saying out loud “So,,,you want me to kill her?” while fucking grinning!

    That’s what it is like to be a victim of a sting operation! you are surrounded by pedophile cops and enjoy performing for video surveillance cameras to frame/entrap people! and they don’t even hide the fact they enjoy doing this to people!

    Framing people and murdering people is a sport to law enforcement they fucking enjoy staging crimes and committing crimes!
    They get a kick out of it, they enjoy seeing the facial reaction they get when they make it known their setting you up!


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