Just A Reminder!

Just a reminder, on March 26th 2007 several people in law enforcement along with their girlfriends/whores committed a early morning break in and they raped and photographed and murdered a female child/teenager!

I caught them in the act of their crimes and I caught it all on a audio recorder!

To make a very long story short they spent the whole day bragging about their crimes to Walmart employees and admitting to their guilt while laughing about it and they admitted they used one of the boffi9cer’s as a double so that they can frame an innocent person for their crimes!

They spent three hours printing flyers giving blame to an innocent person while the double sat in a break room several feet away with his whores and bragging about how easy it is for him to impersonate people!

They spent the whole day recruiting Walmart employees to lie for them and to back up their flyers FOR THEM so that THEY can appear to have nothing to do with any of it!

After they got done recruiting a large section of that Walmart store of employees to lie for them and they got done printing the flyers, the officer’s and their whores had sex in the back of that store!

They were discussing the female child/teenager they murdered WHILE they had sex!

That was March 26th 2007, and here it is February 11th 2014 and I haver still yet to find anyone that gives a damn, and all my complaints repeatedly get covered up and suppressed by police, and I have contacted all police agency’s WITH jurisdiction and I have even contacted hundreds of law enforcement agency’s with no jurisdiction and I am met by being ignored or told they simply will not help me and generally ignore all my complaints and fake and pretend after the4 fact nothi9ng is reported!

The two officer’s involved in the killing/murder of a female child/teenager was officer Eric Carlson and officer John Ray, and there were several female officer’s and female civilian operatives involved in the killing and were aiding and abetting those officer’s directly in that murder!

They mentioned the names of two female victims, one they said was named Jessica, the other was a missing runaway and they said her name, last name was Hunter!

They said her first name as well but I forgot it, I was poisoned and debilitated at the time when I tried to listen to that audio recording, but because of my debilitated state I was not able to remember the first name they said.

I wrote down the last name because I forgot her first name, otherwise I would have forgotten that as well!

Still waiting for help, and no help 9n sight what-so-ever!

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