OJ Simpson Being Framed Again! Police Do Not Hide Their Bonners Over Nailing Peope They Have It Out For!



As usual only the Fascist news media and police and prosecutors and attorney’s have any say in this Fascist country, no one wants to hear OJ Simpson’s side on anything!

How many times does OJ have to prove his innocence until the Fascist police and prosecutors stop harassing him!?

It’s personal on the part of our Fascist government to destroy people they have it out for, they tried framing OJ for murders, and when it was proved in open court he is innocent the news media spins everyone away from the fact that OJ was being framed by police and labeled the police and prosecutors as Hero’s for framing him!

Now here they are again targeting and framing OJ in a set up sting operation and once again here is news media and police and prosecutors once again trying to spin OJ into a bad guy!

America is a Fascist country and it’s officer’s and prosecutors and news media are Fascistly destroying people and not even hiding the fact they have iy out for OJ and will not leave him alone!

This is no different than the go9vernment targeting Michael Jackson and all the year5s police and prosecutors and news media spent destroying him!

This Fascist government and it’s Fascist officer’s get their sights on someone and that person is targeted for life by this government, and as usual the lap-dog news media caters to EVERYTHING our police and prosecutors want!

OJ’s face looks like he’s in shock over how badly his own government is screwing him over, he probably does not understand that no one even cares to ask him his side on anything!

Fascist news reporters sure don’t give a damn about his side on anything, to hell with justice and people’s rights to a fair trial and the right to face ones accusers and the right to defend 9ones name and reputation!

Fascist news reporters don’t even allow people accused by police to have a say in anything, so only police and prosecutors and attorney’s and news reporters themselves have all the say in everything and expect everyone to take their Fascist word on things!

OJ Simpson should just punch the prosecutor in the damn face! maybe that will draw enough attention to the problem of this Fascist out of control vindictive government! it’s not like he’s going to get a fair trial with all this planning and targeting done to him by so many many people!

I can see why people get fed up with this government and go postal, there is no such thing as justice in America, just Fascists running things here!


2 thoughts on “OJ Simpson Being Framed Again! Police Do Not Hide Their Bonners Over Nailing Peope They Have It Out For!

  1. Look like everyone wants to ignore the fact that corrupt

    cops plant evidence and their bros the prosecutors and

    crime lab rats will back up planted evidence to frame


    Go here and read some facts about your corrupt Fascist

    police force and remind yourself that your police and

    prosecutors and even crime lab techs are willing to lie

    and fabricate evidence out of thin air to frame innocent






    “LOS ANGELES — Former Detective Mark Fuhrman, denounced

    as a racist and rogue cop, returned to the stand

    yesterday and declined to answer whether he had planted

    evidence in the case against O.J. Simpson.

    In a five-minute appearance closed to jurors, a subdued

    and somber Fuhrman responded to three pointed questions

    by invoking his Fifth Amendment protection against self-

    incrimination. Simpson attorney Gerald Uelmen first asked

    whether Fuhrman had lied in court during last year’s

    preliminary hearing, then asked whether he had ever

    falsified a police report.

    The final question was at the core of the former football

    star’s defense.

    “Detective Fuhrman, did you plant or manufacture any

    evidence in this case?” Uelmen asked.

    Fuhrman paused. “I assert my Fifth Amendment privilege,”

    he answered.

    With that response, Fuhrman left the courtroom, where in

    March he told jurors he had found a bloody glove outside

    Simpson’s home the morning after the June 12, 1994,

    stabbing deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald


    It was an electrifying moment, played out before a packed

    courtroom and a nation of television watchers. Fuhrman,

    dressed in a dark-gray suit, his calm demeanor betrayed

    only by an occasional tightening of his lips, took the

    stand after almost two hours of arguments between

    prosecutors and defense attorneys. His appearance was a

    pivotal moment in the case, which in the last two weeks

    had focused on the former police detective.

    Simpson’s lawyers hailed Fuhrman’s refusal to answer the

    question about planting evidence as a victory for their

    client – proof, they said, that the former NFL running

    back is innocent and that Fuhrman planted the bloody

    glove to frame the celebrity suspect.

    “Today, you saw an unprecedented event,” said lawyer

    Robert Shapiro, flanked by others from the Simpson

    defense team moments after court concluded for the day.

    “You saw a lead detective, who is a person responsible

    for the discovery of the majority of evidence in this

    case, refuse to answer on the grounds that the answers he

    may give may tend to incriminate him,” Shapiro said. “It

    is unprecedented in the history of jurisprudence.”

    “We are not gloating,” added Johnnie Cochran Jr., who

    heads Simpson’s defense. “We are saying this is a very,

    very serious day for justice.

    “We trust this jury (today) will hear something about

    what this lead detective has done.”

    That decision is up to Judge Lance Ito, who may determine

    today whether to let the defense put Fuhrman on the stand

    with the jury watching. Prosecutors oppose the tactic,

    and spent a desperate day watching their case crumble as

    jurors listened to a second session of testimony damning


    If Ito grants the defense attorneys’ motion, Fuhrman may

    be their last witness – and certainly the most memorable,

    said David Rudovsky, a professor at the University of

    Pennsylvania’s law school.

    Fuhrman already has been proven a liar in earlier

    testimony, and putting him on can only bolster the

    defense, Rudovsky said yesterday.

    “It’s a no-lose situation for them,” he said. “They

    hardly care what he (Fuhrman) says as long as he’s on the


    Yesterday also was one of the most memorable days in the

    months-long trial – a day punctuated by sign-carrying

    protesters, by calls for Ito to release the contents of a

    controversial series of tapes and by more testimony about

    Fuhrman’s reputed racism.

    It began with Laura Hart McKinny, owner of the notorious

    Fuhrman tapes, who returned to the stand after jurors

    heard Fuhrman utter a racial epithet in a taped excerpt

    played late Tuesday. Fuhrman testified in March that he

    had not used the word in the last 10 years.

    McKinny, who recorded her interviews with the detective

    from 1985 to 1994, yesterday told the jury her tapes

    contain 42 repetitions of the epithet.

    “Who was saying those words?” asked Cochran.

    “Officer Fuhrman,” answered McKinny.

    Fuhrman did not like minorities, testified Roderic Hodge,

    a Chicago resident who lived in Los Angeles when Fuhrman

    arrested him in January 1987.

    Fuhrman and his partner handcuffed him, Hodge told

    jurors, and put him in the back seat of their patrol car.

    Fuhrman sat in the front passenger seat of the car as it

    headed toward a police district headquarters, said Hodge,

    who did not have to tell jurors why he had been arrested.

    “Officer Fuhrman turned around and looked at me and told

    me, ‘I told you we’d get you, nigger,’ ” Hodge testified.

    “When he made this statement to you, could you describe

    to the jury how you felt?” asked Cochran.

    Hodge responded with a single, curt nod. “Belittled,

    scared and very, very angry,” he answered.

    That anger spilled out yesterday onto the tree-shaded

    sidewalks lining the courthouse.

    At least 50 Simpson supporters circled the courthouse,

    grasping signs and slowing lunchtime traffic. Free O.J!

    Free O.J.! they chanted.

    “Justice is going backward!” declared Winston Cooper, a

    state employee who gave up his lunch hour to march. “It’s

    not right!”

    Despite all the furor, Fuhrman was the reluctant star of

    yesterday’s proceedings. Flanked by four or five

    bodyguards from the District Attorney’s Office, the now-

    retired detective entered the courthouse through an

    underground passage.

    He walked into the courtroom straight as a gun barrel,

    but lacking the confident stride he displayed in March.

    Fuhrman, who now lives in Idaho, also appeared slightly

    gaunt, and there were circles under his eyes.

    Neither defense lawyers nor prosecutors offered Fuhrman

    so much as a sidewise glance as he sat at the stand.

    Simpson did.

    He stared at the former detective, arching his eyebrows a

    couple of times and looking at the man his lawyers say

    cooked up a case against him.

    Then, as Fuhrman walked out, Simpson wiped his eyes, put

    his left hand to his mouth and shook his head, slowly,

    from side to side. Later, said his attorneys, Simpson


    I think that sums up our government and it’s corrupt

    officer’s and demonstrates what prosecutors and even

    police crimes labs are prepared to do to railroad

    innocent people into prison!

  2. OJ Simpson has already proven in open court police are framing him for crimes using fabricated evidence so he has already proven multiple people in law enforcement backed up planted evidence to frame him!

    He is justified in punching the fucking prosecutor now in front of the jury, stop putting up with their bull crap pretenses of justice because there is none in America!

    OJ you already proved police were setting you up, so beat the crap out of the police and prosecutors in front of their staged jury they picked and get it over with!

    Fuck their courts and fuck the police and their bros the prosecutors! such sham courts deserve no respect what-so-ever!

    You cannot get a fair trial for anything in a Fascist country and America is completely Fascist and police are the ones that fill the jury pools so they make sure their victims cannot get fair trials by controlling the jury pools!

    OJ Simpson you are living proof that it is possible to prove government officer’s and prosecutors are corrupt and framing people with fabricated evidence and they still get away with it and ju8st frame their victims with new fabricated crimes!

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