Gang-Stalking IS Sting Operations Done By Police/Sheriff’s And By Civilian Operatives!

There is a strong effort by thousands of people on the internet trying to conceal organized crimes committed by local authority’s and by their civilian operatives in the form of reclassifying their activity’s as “Gang-Stalking” instead of using the real term to describe the crimes such as “Sting Operation” and it is law enforcement themselves as well a civilian operatives that have replaced the term “Sting Operation” with the misleading term “Gang-Stalking” to hide and conceal local authority’s involvement in these crimes!

Victims of sting operations trying to find help and information on their situation are being led by search engines to “Gang-Stalking” story’s and news story’s and that is by design by our government to create this boogy man mystery group of “Gang-Stalkers” as a way of hiding and concealing police sting operations!

To further cover police sting operations all these websites that mention gang-stalking will bring up other topics that are non-nonsensical in order to give the impression that victims of gang-stalking are mentally ill, they will associate gang-stalking with terms such as “Mind Control” and “Energy Beam Weapons” as a way of making victims appear mentally ill!

All such story’s are written by police officer’s and by civilian operatives and are made to make victims appear mentally ill in order to discredit real victims of sting operations as mentally ill to discredit them as witnesses!

Police sting operations are no secret, everyone has heard of sting operations, prostitution stings and drug bust stings are commonly told over the news and are admitted to by news reporters and by police themselves!

What police and news reporters do not tell people is that police use sting tactics on anyone they target, if police have a single target living in an apartment they will use sting tactics to target that person!

Apartment managers and landlords cooperate with sting operations and will help police to take over surrounding apartments surrounding their target! therefore all apartment managers and landlords are civilian operatives for police!

Police will fill those apartments with under cover officer’s and with civilian operatives and they will set up video/audio surveillance of their target and their targets apartment!

Police and civilian operatives now have full control of the surrounding area around their target and will stage crimes and perform street theater tactics in front of their target and in front of their targets home for the purpose of framing target and building a case against target, just like police do in normal sting operations!

Police will pay civilian operatives to make false accusations about target while police build/fabricate evidence using doubles of target staging crimes for fuzzy video surveillance and for photogenic photo’s!

Police and civilian operatives do indeed kill people in these sting operations and none of these type of sting operations are admitted to by police, seldom do police admit to these tactics against individuals, but they have on rare occasion admitted to these tactics, they are just not common to find on the internet due to government wanting to cover up these tactics!

Gang-stalking is a term created by your government as a way of describing how people are being targeted but at the same time distract you from WHO is responsible, to call t a sting operation tells you who is responsible and how they get away with it and how it is funded!

13 thoughts on “Gang-Stalking IS Sting Operations Done By Police/Sheriff’s And By Civilian Operatives!

  1. Police sting officer’s and civilian operatives do indeed murder people and police cover up those sting operations where police kill people!

    Nine times out of ten every-time you hear about a killing at an apartment building you can bet the murdered victim was surrounded by under cover offi9cder’s and by civilian operatives, all of whom are faking a sting operation and have the blessings of apartment managers and landlords to be there, and their mouths always stays shut about such activity’s by authority’s which is why you can count them in as civilian operatives!

    Your news media will tell you about the killing/murder on the news, but are mums the word about law enforcements presence surrounding the murdered victim!

    Why so many people trying to hide this from the masses? because you live in a Fascist country! USA being one of the biggest Fascist country’s in the world!

  2. Coercive_Persuasion_SUX says:

    You have most of it right. But do not be fooled into thinking they do not attempt to employ “mind control” because they most certainly do. You may not have experienced it yet though. They didn’t start for many years with me. They spends many long years first trying to build a criminal case against you by using the sting operations you mentioned. I think it really depends on how long it takes them to set-up ALL of your friends and family members with crimes. Once they can control EVERYONE around you then they start the “mind control” or thought reform.

    The term “gang stalking” IS actually what is supposed to be happening. The cops use anti-gang initiatives along with every other form of invasion possible. The anti-gang initiatives funnel ungodly amounts into the areas and much of that money is distributed to non-profits, churches, home owners associations, project safe neighborhoods, neighborhood watch, the media, crime stoppers, hospitals, fire districts, schools, colleges, private businesses, and social clubs to help fight “gangs” and offer non-gang activities to local youth. When few/no gangs are present they find an enemy in order to keep the budget money coming. Like I said, the amount of money brought into an area is UNREAL and most people in the area benefit financially at the expense of those targeted endlessly.

    Combine all of those groups above with: the Regional Domestic Security Task Forces (RDSTF) we have here in Florida, the Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF), the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA), and the Joint Terrorism Task Force’s (JTTF) and you can now see that a VERY LARGE portion of society is involved. Then just for good measure you thrown in the counterintelligence/counter-insurgency military units and their support and HOLY S*^$!!! Everyone is involved!!!!

    It is something nobody should have to endure in a “free” society.

    Keep your head up.

  3. Coercive_Persuasion_SUX says:

    Also, this “poisoning” you say your wife did to you IS “mind control” in a sense. Food/drink being spiked or being sprayed with some sort of aversant from my air conditioner vent has happened to me probably 20 times or so in the last 2 years. It is a sick and highly unethical form of aversion therapy that is seemly employed at “their” leisure.

    I didn’t believe the other targeted individual’s accounts of this activity until it actually happened to me. Just like the Nazis.

    • In my situation there is no mind control involved at all, law enforcement uses that term as a way of discrediting victims!

      My wife putting antifreeze in my coffee has nothing to do with mind control and to imply is is suspect!

      Poison murders just like guns do, and guns have nothing to do with mind control either!

      You sound like you are familiar to police sting operations and their tactics yet you seem desperate to associate the term “mind control” with it which in my view is suspect!

      I will put it this way,,,, I caught a bunch of cops and their whores committing break ins and they were raping and photographing children and they killed one of the children!

      They all drove to Clackamas Walmart and bragged to my wife’s sister that they did it all and they described everything they did and they admitted I was asleep at the time and they admitted they were setting me up to get the blame!

      No mind control there, just a bunch of laughing pedophile cops and their whores getting their jolly’s raping and murdering children and bragging about how they are setting me up for it!

      Government officer’s and their whores enjoy framing and murdering people, and the female ones involved are using poison to debilitate their victims!

      Because I am a victim as well as a witness to their crimes I take great offense to anyone trying to discredit me with bull crap suggestions such as mind control!

      In my opinion only a corrupt cop would ignore all the factual evidence and vital information I have posted and bring up “mind control” as if it has any bearing on what I am reporting publicly!

      Maybe you should read Joan Wagar A,K,A, Mrs Dash’s diary and see how she flaunts the fact she uses antifreeze and pills as poison and how she flaunts the fact that I cannot get help from police!

      Joan Wagat’s diary is admissible proof she is a serial killer and admits my calls for help are covered up by police!

      ONLY a cop would ignore such evidence and instead focus on attacking my credibility as a witness by posting comments about “mind control” as a way of distracting from the ACTUAL MURDERS my wife Joan Wagar and her buddy’s/lovers in law enforcement are guilty of!

      • Coercive_Persuasion_Sucks says:

        Obviously the poisoning you get and that reported by my self and other TI’s is different. So yours may not be mind control. In mind control sleep deprivation is used to weeken the defense mechanisms of the target to get him to comply with their sadists schemes. That is easily accomplished by spiking food/drink since unlimited access is almost guaranteed when you are targeted.

        The term mind control does sound suspect but as I mentioned the term thought reform and my screen name are also terms used to describe the same process. The whole point is to get you to do what “they” want which means you are not controlling yourself at that point. I am a good, positive person who treats people with respect. The only reason they want me to change at all is to control me. I would rather be dead honestly. They may never use the process on you but you would be wise to study it because it is most certainly in their arsenal of scumbag tactics. After many long years of trying to set me up on charges from drugs to pedophilia, they changed tactics because I refused to comply. They even had an ex-special forces dude get a job with me and offered to show me how to make chloroform grenades and homemade ied’s. Real scumbags. I mean really.

        Because I wanted to make a difference in society by actually participating in the political process and was outspoken against the war I became fair game. I lost everything through the process. Though I have little now I am a much stronger person and way more independent.

        You are wise to question all motives so I take no offense. While some may chastise you for it, being hyper-vigilant is what will actually help keep you alive in the long run.

        Really, the only advice I could give in your situation is only eat/drink things you make yourself. I hope you are allowed peace. I personally found peace in Buddhism, checking that out may help you too. I certainly don’t want to push a religion on someone so take that advice or leave it, it helps me tremendously.

      • Well met, and I am glad that you seem to be aware of the severity of my situation to know exactly why my guard stays up and I question everything because of it.

        My situation is in the extreme because I am not their only victim, I am a man, not a coward, and I spent my whole life standing up to bully’s.

        Multiple people were being murdered systemically by my wife and her side of the family and this all started when she got a job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen.

        My wife and her side of the family got recruited by local authority’s in the crimes known as “Sting Operations” and from that point forward they became literally whores FOR local authority’s and were being trained as to how to PERFORM for video surveillance in order to frame/entrap people.

        They were not just targeting me they were also targeting my senior-aged parents as well, and they were terrorizing my parents while they were framing me, so there were a lot of people involved in it.

        My mother was battered by a dude that was a close look-a-like to me, and he worked for the very same people my wife worked for, and both my mother and father were poisoned after this by my wife and by her buddy’s in law enforcement/

        My mothers 911 call was covered up by the Portland police, and after I found out from my father that he was poisoned by plain clothed law officer’s that were terrorizing him, he ended up dead three days later after he warned me.

        I was getting threatening daily phone calls for the next five days after my fathers death from two different police officer’s that were lying about who they were and were making demands and threats.

        They were blackmailing me knowing I feared for the safety of our three daughters!

        These people absolutely do not hide their crimes and t6hey do not fear discovery at all, they flaunt their power to their victims because they WANT their victi8ms to REACT to it for their video surveillance cameras.

        Over t5he next decade there were several deaths in the family averaging around one death per-year.

        My wife and her female side of the family are poisoners, they debilitate their victims to cut their victims off from help, and they are taught by local authority’s to label their victims publicly as drug attics and as mentally ill to discredit them as witnesses.

        If their poisoned victims tries to leave the home/apartment to try and find help, they are debilitated and not able to walk well or talk well or normally, and their reputations have already been destroyed by the females in advance, so no one will help them!

        They murdered a Virgil Minor back in 2005 this way, they poisoned him, he was debilitated, he stated that way until he died, and police told the hospital to call it a natural death.

        So for police to cover up murders is nothing to them, they run all the hospitals in this town.

        In 2006 they murdered a Don Minor, and they pretty much did the same thing to him, and coincidentally in 2006 I was poisoned and debilitated as well and many times I almost died from being poisoned, and I was surrounded by family members that put on a bull crap show pretending nothings wrong and ignoring me.

        In early 2007 my wife and her side of the family and their buddy’s/lovers in law enforcement raped and murdered a female child/teenager and they were laughing and bragging about it and they admitted they got it on photogenic and they admitted that they got it on video surveillance as well, and they admitted they wanted 6:30 taken off of HER because officer John Ray broke in there.

        They admitted I was asleep at the time, they admitted they planted evidence in my home, they admitted they were going to be coming back to my apartment with a warrant, they admitted they were framing me as a pedophile.

        They admitted my wife’s lover officer Eric Carlson was acting as a double, they admitted those officer’s were in our daughters bedroom that morning, they admitted officer Eric Carlson was sitting on our daughters bed, they admitted they got pictures of his dick!

        They are doing all this admitting to my wife’s sister Vickie Rosales and to their superiors in law enforcement, and to a lessor degree to all the Clackamas Walmart employees and managers in the break room at Walmart.

        I know all this because I was poisoned and debilitated at the time, their break in woke me up while I was asleep on the couch, thinking I was catching my wife in her affair with a armed cop I put a audio recorder in my wife’s purse and then laid back down knowing my wife will leave for work soon.

        I caught the whole thing on a audio recorder!

        I have a ton of cops along with their whores bragging they murder people by poisoning and that they use doubles to frame people and that they even throw party’s after they frame people.

        They all spent three hours after this laughing and bragging about it to Walmart employees and they printed thousands of flyers using Walmart officer printers and supplies printing flyers giving me the blame for their crimes they already admitted they did, and they were recruiting Walmart employees to lie for them and to back up their flyers so that they can appear to have nothing to do with it!

        When they got done printing the flyers my wife and her lover the cop/double had sex behind the lockers in the back of that store, and during their sex they were discussing the FEMALE they murdered!

        Now maybe you can see why I do not tolerate people trying to change the subject AWAY from their crimes.

        Now you can understand why my guard is up, and why I am demanding justice and speaking up, someone has to speak up, no one else in Portland Oregon has the balls to.

        I know full well what type of people law enforcement and their whores are, and I know full well they already publicly backed up their charges on me for the crimes they committed and they know full well I GOT THEIR ASSES ADMITTING THEY DID IT!

        So I am very aware of any attempt by authority’s to try and distract from all that by their changes of subjects.

        They already poisoned me, I am not going to survive this, their threats are meaningless to me I no longer even have family’s safety to fear for any more.

        My acts are the acts of a mortally wounded pissed off angry man that demands justice.

        I am blunt and in constant pain and have no patience for crap, I say things as they are come hell or high-water and if I step on people’s toes in the process then so be it, because there are people that are dead because of these organized killers and someone needs to speak for those that have been unjustly silenced.

        I am being very honest in my recounts of this even though there is way way WAY more than what I am telling, this has been an ongoing attack by my wife and her side of the family and by local authority’s and by their civilian operatives and it has been continuous since 1999 up to today.

        My wife’s buddy’s in law enforcement right now have my apartment surrounded by civilian operatives that have been staging street theater tactics in front of my apartment ever since I moved in here.

        There here to harass me, to destroy my reputation to neighbors, to control the surrounding area in which I live, and should I at any time act in self defense they will immediately shoot me, and police will have their civilian operatives as their best witnesses after I am shot labeling police as justified in order for police to once again get away with murder, just like they always do!

      • Coercive_Persuasion_SUX says:

        Well…….I thought I had it bad, but you most definitely have it worse. They did also surround my home when this started. The actual homeowners left overnight and were replaced with perps. It is no secret they use actors in their street theater. You can Google “surveillance role players” and see tons of job listings for these street theater actors.

        I do not think that my perps necessarily want to kill me but they just kinda feel like if it happens it happens. Just collateral damage. The stress has already led me to attempt suicide once and may lead there again if I am not careful. Next time it will be no attempt. It is no secret these programs cause death. Two of my other friends knew they were targeted as well and attempted suicide. One did actually die. I’m sure they couldn’t care less.

        Stay strong and keep getting the word out. Murder is murder and they should be held accountable for this garbage.

      • Thank you for your support, and I am sorry for your plight, can I ask you a question?

        Why is it that you can describe their public actions and deem them “perps” when they clearly are getting permission if not direct direction FROM law enforcement to do so?

        Police admit to “sting operations” and admit they get civilians to help them, does it not occur to you that your “perps” are either plain clothed officer’s and or civilian operatives recruited into a sting operation?

        You can Wiki the definition of “Sting Operation” police clearly admit they have no qualms at all in organizing civilians into engaging in deceptive acts involving crimes for the purpose of framing/entrapping people.

        One more thing, most so-called suicides are murders that are covered up by police, they poisoned my father and he died but not before warning me who did it to him, and the county sheriff’s were smirking when they “IMPLIED” it to be a suicide by making a “MEDS” statement about my father.

        My father was not on any meds, he was murdered by plain clothed officer;’s that were terrorizing and stalking him.

        So I know full well police murder people by poison, then have their buddy’s at the hospital whip up phoney paperwork labeling the murdered victim as a suicide.

        I do not believe most so-called suicides are suicides, I believe most are murders done by authority’s and are officially covered up by the suicide label.;

      • Coercive_Persuasion_SUX says:

        I use the term “perps” because it is short for perpetrator and that is what many in the community of targeted individuals know them as, cop or not. Like I said originally, law enforcement of every variety is involved in some fashion. That does not mean all agree with it. They take an oath to uphold the constitution and many actually want to do so. Unfortunately, whistle-blowers know what happens to them and an honest cop would end up on the receiving end of this garbage. Not appealing.

        Those involved who are not cops/feds are 100% directed by them. Although my targeting started in 1997 or so it kicked into over-drive in 2006. A freedom of information act request to the state attorney’s office was published in the local paper not too long ago that showed pretrial interventions in the county increased 3000% since 2007. That is where a large portion of the informants that attempt to set you up come from. The old “give me three and I’ll set you free” comes into effect. There was link 3,600 cases in just one year!!!! That’s a lot of informants!!!

        As far as my friend who killed himself he was in his bedroom at home when he hung himself and his mom was awake in the living room so it was not murder. Why murder when you can drive to suicide though? Zero proof that way.

        At any rate this will be my final response. Take care of yourself and I wish you the best!!!

      • Coercive_Persuasion_SUX says:

        I will give you an example of the insane set-up attempts they have attempted to pull on me.

        So I started getting people at work coming up to me and telling me unsolicited stories of crimes they had committed in the past. Around the same time a forum that I frequent started a post called something along the lines of “What’s the most disturbing or illegal thing you have done but would never tell anyone in real life?”

        Then my mom directs me to join this paddleboarding group so that I can find friends to hang out with. I get to the paddleboard group and meet a hot chick that tells me about a great job I can probably get IF I first rely on God.

        A few weeks later my mom tells me about her “friend” going to this church down the road that she didn’t like but she just new I would LOVE and intimated I could join the Freemasons there to learn their secret knowledge. I don’t even know the lady first of all so how the hell would she know what I would love? On top of that I am Buddhist. My mom knows Buddhism is a very important part of my life. I have Buddhist tattoos and my home is decorated with all sorts of Buddhist items. Add to all of that the fact that my mom is not religious and it is coated in 12 layers of suspicion.

        Then, that’s when the poisonings started. Basically the posionings were supposed to wear me down due to lack of sleep/food. Combine that torture with the total isolation and continuous gaslighting that “gangstalking” entails and finding a church-full of nice people is supposed to sound appealing.

        At the church apparently they are expecting you to confess to all the babies you raped over the years because you have just recently heard all the stories about all the messed up things other people have done. It truly is a disgusting process.

        I have repeatedly offered to take a lie detector test but noooooo. There would have never been anyone to accuse me of such vile stupidity because kids make me nervous as hell and I just don’t really like being around them. Always tried to steer clear of my friends kids as much as possible and never dated anyone with kids. There would have been zero evidence of pedophilia trash on my computer that they have total access to. However, they don’t care about that. They have job security as long as I’m around.

        Honestly, it is all just a part of their psychological warfare campaign. They attempt to project as much negativity onto you as possible. They are masters of psychology and if you don’t know what is happening to you it is impossible to fight. It’s difficult enough to fight it when you DO know what is happening!!!

        When you combine the psychological warfare with the complete loss of your rights/privacy and no chance of due process it makes giving up seem almost acceptable at times. All of my friends that were targeted as well, and survived, are now participating in the garbage, but they are allowed to live a normal life. There is just no way I could live with doing this to another person after having gone through it myself. I will just suck it up.

        I can only hope some honest cop comes along and pulls a Snowden with this program. I know there are plenty of honest cops out there that cannot possibly agree with this but they just don’t really have a say in it.

        Good luck to you. I’ve said enough. I’m outta here.

      • You are describing exactly how they do it, they gang up on their target and try to solicit their target in activity’s that will make you look bad should they decide to prosecute you, it’s how police and civilian operatives do sting operations.

        Either your mom is involved in it or the police had you and your mom under illegal video surveillance and found out you would go to that website.

        It sounds as though your mom is involved in you being targeted.

        Many church people are highly involved in gang-stalking people and helping people in law enforcement to target people.

        Many religious people in the 1970s that owned police scanners were religious and they used those police scanners to find out who to target, if police had it out for someone then those religious people with police scanners would target that person.

        Church s brainwash people into thinking they are supposed to tell the church about their so-called sins, that’s just propaganda.

        It is common for police and church people and civilian operatives to pedofy people they want dead or arrested, watch the news, read newspapers, view your local news websites, their are hundreds and hundreds of local people anonymously pedofying people, and what the news does no6t admit to is most people accused of being pedophiles end up dead.

        Anyone police and their civilian operatives want dead they pedofy that person, no matter what, it is how these organized murderers isolate their victims, by vilifying their victim with false accusations!

        Police and church people and civilian operatives use the terms pedofy and pedofying and pedofied when they talk with one another about who they are targeting and framing, it’s their terms and they use it!

        Lie detectors prove nothing, anyone tells you lie detectors mean anything then they are lying to you or they themselves are fooled by propaganda!

        It is a psychological warfare on their part but it leads to psychical death of people, so it’s ultimately organized systematic murder on their part.

        I and others have been victimized by these tactics regularly since 1999, I lost all my family to these serial killers, I and other people in my family tried to find help from police, and what they got was murdered while police covered up their calls for help!

        I was blackmailed by the very officer’s, yes officer’s, that murdered my father, they made it very clear I had no way of getting help and they demonstrated that power by poisoning my parents and by covering up their calls for help and by murdering them afterwords!

        I have yet to find anyone on this planet with police powers that cares!

        Good luck to you.

      • You can view this video of several plain clothed officer’s along with their female civilian operatives doing street theater right in front of my apartment.

        Officer Eric Carlson and his partner Shannon brought over a couple of their girlfriends that have children and they were coaching those children to hand around the front of my apartment and officer Eric Carlson and Shannon and the females with them were coaching the children to call me a pedophile in front of my apartment!

        They are staging street theater tactics and staging crimes in front of my apartment and officer Eric Carlson is once again acting as a body double he was dressed up like me that day, and he was outside telling those children to look at his dick and such!

        The children were being coached by those officer’s and by the females with those officer’s to slap my window screen and to repeatedly harass me by ringing my doorbell!

        The children admitted in-between being directed by those officer’s that they were being paid ten thousand dollars to make me look like a bad guy and that I was going to be shot if I went outside to confront them!

        It is a long video, I turned on my camcorder to record their harassment because they were constantly hanging out in front of my apartmrnt for over an hour and were ringing my doorbell and were slapping my window screen, and my wife’s lover officer Eric Carlson was out there with them and he was dressed in a black shirt and blue jean shorts and was walking back and forth on the sidewalk outside my apartment acting as a double while female civilian operatives took photo’s of him from behind while he nears the children!

        The children admitted they were being paid to make me “Look like a bad guy” after one of the officer’s told the children to take a break because they were “Done with me for now”!

  4. Michelle howe says:

    I’m a victim of this right now. Michelle Howe

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